What did Shri Krishna lack?

What did Shri Krishna lack then to attain which he needed to have practised Yoga? 
"Radhe, what is that you did even Shri Krishna the Lord of heaven, stood next to you?" 
What was that excellent spiritual endeavour as a reward for which Shri Krishna attained the higest godhood and heavenly sovereignty? 
There is another famous saying "man attains the status of Shri Narayan and woman that of Shri Lakhsmi through Godly Gyan."
It is clear that Shri Krishna would have been an ordinary person in his previous birth during which he had imbided Gita Gyan to merit the status of Shri Narayan in the following birth. Gita has the words emanating from God: "Oh, child, through this Gita and Yoga thou shall become the kong of kings on Satyuga; by winning the battle against "Maya" thou shall enjoy the indivisible sovereigntyy of the world". 
Even, if thou die before attaing victory in this battle of Gyan, thou shall then take birth through this yoga in a respective family. 
It is thus clear from these Godly Versions that prior to attaing the divine title "Shri" as also the deity status, Shri Krishna has, in his previous life, imbibed Gita-Gyan, pracised Yoga as part of his spiritual endeavour.
People often say: "who knows in what ordinary form Narayan may appear"? This also indicates that Shri Narayan would have come into an ordinary person and prompted him to make spiritual effort so as to attain the status of Shri Narayana.
Hence, when people observe the festival of "Janamashtami" they should remember that it was Godly Gyan and practice of Sahaj Ray Yoga that Shri Krishna has attained tha status of Shri Narayan. Instead of devoting any thought to this, what people do today is simply to pay lip-homage to the greatness and glory of Shri Krishna.
They totally forget the means i.e. Godly Gyan and Yoga by which Shri Krishna had, in his previous life as an ordinary person, put forth the highest spiritual endeavours to elevate homself to that status.
They do not take lesson from his example.
They should feel persuaded to follow it so as to make their own lifes sublime and great.
Brahma Kumar Jagdish Chander  
Mahabharat Aur Gita Ka Sachcha Swaroop Aur Sar