Think & Do in Positive Way


1. Do Not spread even little roumors, please do not tell others, what is not confirmed.

2. Do Not panic, as one can not do anything right, while being unstable 'mentally’.

3. Do Not get involved with anyone, whom you can not trust, this will keep you 'Safe’, many a times.

4. Do keep your senses active & alert, keep an eye & ear around, to keep yourself & people 'Safe’.

5. Do keep 'Imortant Information’ handy, contacts, Ambulance, Fire, Hospital…etc in a 'Ready to use format’ & don’t be a gadgets-dependant.

6. Do help people, without getting disturbed mentally & phisically, as 'this way’ only, you can help most.

7. Do „Build Trust” among people, Keep hopes & help people to keep hopes, But be 'Vigilant’ as well.

8. Do think for alternatives to help get help, ex. phones may not be working – sms may serve the purpose.

9. Do 'Remember’ Almighty GOD, in the form you beleive 'Him’. Just even 'Remembering Him’ with a 'True Heart’ & even for seconds will definately „Strenghthen Us”, in our Hearts & Minds….eventually Emotionally & Physically.

10. So This is High Time… Let us all 'Think & Do’ Positive ONLY, all the times all the ways we can.

Let us all 'Think & Do’ Positive ONLY

BK Karuna