Happy Valentine

Dadi Janki:

I am God’s Valentine!
Today is said to be Valentine’s Day. We are all the lovers of God! What do the lovers of God do when they come together? We share spiritual love with each other. Because we love the One, we know how to truly love each other. We are all souls, we are brothers. We never thought previously that we would think of each other like this or see each other like this.

We are all the children of the Supreme Soul… The master of all is One.

We received God’s love and due to that love we could become detached and very loving to others. It works like this for some, whilst for others the process is more that they become detached and then experience His love and thus can be truly loving to others. Check and see what your experience was… In fact, it through receiving love that the soul can become detached. Ultimately we have to become detached and beyond… This is what we have to do in order to take a number. What does it mean to become detached? It means to understand and accept that each one has their own personal role to play and that no-one is the same as anyone else. In the whole cycle only I can play my own part. That part cannot possibly be the same as anyone else’s part. . Our parts vary the whole way through the cycle… We play so many different roles. Why does it become difficult for us to be detached because originally the soul is beyond and detached? It is beyond the body, relationships and various worldly aspects. But because we got totally caught up in the body, bodily relationships and the world we became separated from God and look then what happened to our condition. We then started saying that we no qualities and no virtues. When nothing is left in the soul then God has mercy… Actually, He feels pity for the soul. There is a difference between mercy and pity. When one sees someone who is sick they feel pity. Some souls are unfortunate; they suffer due to one karmic account or another through the body, mind or relationships. There is one reason or another for everyone’s condition. The most wonderful and merciful soul is God. He comes to finish all suffering. He gives the medicine, the injection of having One Baba and no-one else. This is the solution to all suffering: One Baba and no-one else. The soul then becomes free from all bondages and can move towards the karmateet stage.

Do you still have any bondages? Remember the Father and the inheritance. Baba has made us His children… His own. He has actually shown us how to be free from all bondages and how to attain liberation in life. It is a double task that He performs. Do you enjoy total freedom in life or do you remain in those old bondages with human beings of ‘I am yours and you are mine’? Have you made Baba yours? Are you His? Make this pact and your inner voice will sing ‘thanks’ to Baba from the heart… You will feel that Baba has given you the inheritance of freedom in life and you will sing songs of Baba’s virtues…

It’s the day of lovers so sing praise of Baba! In fact, Baba doesn’t want or need any praise. What does He want? He wants me, personally, to become like Him. Make the virtues of the Father practical in your life… He has so much compassion that He says, “Just leave the past – forget it”. To remind everyone to leave and forget the past is a form of charity. Don’t remember your own past and don’t remind others of their past. Forgive and forget – this is what Baba has reminded us to do. He tells us to move forward… You are a free bird! He tells us that we have even become free from living in a foreign place because the Iron Age is over for us and we are in the Confluence Age. This is the age for rising. The decline is over for us now. Baba tells us that He has explained everything to us now.

Some people think God is omnipresent. Others think that they are God, whilst others still don’t believe in Him. That beautiful One has received so many insults! His name, form, place and time had all been forgotten. Once we started to listen to knowledge, His name, form, place and activity became clear and we could actually get to know Him. We could then tell others about Him. Once everything became clear we could enjoy explaining to others. To tell others about His name, form, place and time may take a few days but it makes the things they couldn’t find answers to before very clear to them.

There is only the One Purifier. There is one world, one God… one family. Bring this into your awareness and you will get the family feeling. Without a family feeling you will remain withered and dried up. Even if you say, “Baba, Baba, Baba”… Baba will respond, “Well, I am the Father of the family. I am not all by myself. These are your brothers and sisters.” These are things not just to understand on an intellectual level but to absorb and experience. This whole world is my one family… the entire world… There is so much intoxication in this awareness!
Om Shanti