Pledge. Shivratri 2012

Let all of us have the firm determination to….

– have merciful and benevolent vision for the weak souls and extend our cooperation to them.

– finish the impurity of even the seed of waste thoughts and use our time and thoughts in a worthwhile way.

– constantly remain obstacle free and will also enable our companions and contact souls to remain obstacle free.

– renounce manmat and parmat and constantly follow shrimat. To remain constantly content and make others content.

– make all the powers to obey our orders and being seated on the seat of master almighty authority.

– show the path of happiness to the sorrowful souls.

– become carefree emperors by constantly being a self sovereign and seated on Baba’s heart throne, by merging the 'my’ into 'Yours’.

– bid farewell to our wasteful attitude and wasteful vision for ever by performing the last rites to our old sanskars.

– spread the sakash of yoga in the atmosphere. To have the experience of being an image of light and might.
– bestow peace and power to the sorrowful and disturbed souls by having volcanic yoga.