Avyakt BapDada 3rd April 2012

Avyakt BapDada Murli 03-04-12 listen to audio english translation

typed from lived transmission

Be a Carefree Emperor and live the life of constant intoxication. Finish any weaknesses and become bapsaman. Remain busy in the drill of your three forms of Brahmins, Angel and Deity.

Today Bapdada is seeing his carefree emperor children everywhere. Every child wakes up in the morning………….. (not clear here)………and performs actions in that too every child has experienced being a carefree emperor, it is such a lovely life. Why, because all of you have given your life to Baba and have taken intoxication from Him. This intoxication is an imperishable intoxication. This carefree life is so lovely. Day and night there is no type of worry at all but there is only intoxication. You know that this life of staying carefree has been given to you by Baba not only for one birth but Baba has made you an emperor for many births. You are experienced that if life is carefree then the divine light keeps sparkling in the forehead, but if there is worry then on the head there is a basket. This carefree life is the method, it is very easy and whatever My-ness is there you have transformed it. Mine into Yours – Mera into Tera. By changing this, your entire life becomes filled with happiness. Your life has become carefree hasn’t it? Now Bapdada wants from every child that as the basis of worry is waste thoughts, every child should finish every trace of it because when you change ‘mine’ into ‘yours’ then what do you become? A carefree emperor! This life of a carefree emperor is so lovely. Whilst performing every action also let there be no thought of how, why, what, when – all these questions have finished.

Today on this last day of this season and Bapdada wants that every child should change ‘mine’ into ‘yours,’ the rest Baba will do. You just need to change one alphabet – I. Those of you who will do it raise your hands, very good because you have six months. In these six months you have to give peace and happiness to the distressed souls of the world and keep your mind busy in that. Where do the waste thoughts come? In the mind isn’t it? Bapdada wants you to become a carefree emperor and make your mind and attitude so busy that waste does not get any margin to come, you don’t have to work hard for that but in Baba’s love you remain busy with the mind that you don’t have to battle inside. You children say that you don’t want them but these waste thoughts come on their own. This means that you have not kept your mind busy in Baba’s remembrance. Now Baba asks you that if you have unlimited love for the Father, then for the one for whom you have love, it is difficult to obey him? All of you have love for Baba always not sometimes, is it always or sometimes? If it is always then whatever Baba says the child should do it. You will do what Baba says won’t you?

Now in this season Baba wishes that you make a determined thought for this, are you ready for this? Are you ready to make a determined thought, those at the back, pandavs, teachers, everyone raise your hand if you say yes. When you raise your hand you please Baba but now just as you raise your physical hands, similarly use the hand of the mind that I will never allow waste thoughts to enter my mind. It is the duty of waste thoughts to come but I will not allow it. So in this season Baba has said it earlier too that you have to pay attention to two things, thoughts and time. You know that every minute of the Confluence Age is connected with 21 births. At this time the children have love for the Father and the Father has love for the children so every second of the Confluence Age is not just one second because it has a connection with 21 births and if not now then never. Why because if you save time now then the love which you have for the Father…….. If you wish to stay with the Father and return with the Father and then come with the Father in the kingdom with Brahma Baba and stay close with him in that kingdom also. This is why as Brahma Baba is an angel and you have to come with him then you have to become an angel also. You have to go with the Father hand in hand, the angel will not have physical hand, what is Brahma Baba’s hand? It is the hand of shrimat. It is Bapdada’s shrimat that you become carefree emperors and your mother, Mama, Jagadamba made the effort that whatever Baba said, she did it. Similarly you have to follow Mama, Jagadamba. You have to use your time and thoughts in a worthwhile way that every single thought and every single moment has a connection with 21 births.

So Bapdada wants that you always keep your mind busy, either you do churning of the murli or do service but every moment you have to keep yourself busy. You should write your chart from time to time in between regarding the drill that Bapdada has given you of becoming bodiless, you know it don’t you. Just as Baba has 3 forms you also have 3 forms, Brahmins, Angel & Deity. Do the drill of these 3 forms and thereby keep your mind busy in it. What is the mantra? Manmannabhau! Bapdada has lots and lots of love for every child, this is why Bapdada wants that every child becomes blessed with the blessing – may you be victorious! You have been told earlier that if you become victorious not only the 108 will come into that rosary but BD will extend it, so don’t think, but just become victorious. What is your determined thought, that you have to become victorious or that only 108 will become victorious? Bapdada sees the tilak of victory on the forehead of each child. Because you have recognized the Father in a bodily form, even the last child who may not be strong in efforts but has recognized the Father in the ordinary form. This is why every child has to keep the courage and become victorious in every stage. But for that you have to have love for Bapdada and love for the family. You are not separated from Brahma Baba. How much love do you have for Brahma Baba? Those who think that they have such a strong bond of love which can never be broken raise your hand. What would Bapdada want to see in the next season? You know it. There are 5-6 months before the next season begins so you have to change waste thoughts into powerful thoughts.

To the Madhuban Niwasis
All of those from Madhuban stand up, there are so many. Those of madhuban are loved by Bapdada but it is special love for madhuban residents. All of you are yogi and gyani souls but those of madhuban have a special lift for making their future very elevated. You are instruments for serving all the souls who come to madhuban, those who are cooking in the kitchen those who are doing whatever because those who come here they take from the atmosphere and they see the love and power in you and they are inspired. The love and power in the atmosphere which you created has an impact on them, therefore Bapdada is giving lots and lots of love to the madhuban niwasis that you have completed this season and in the future you will enable the souls to receive more and more powerful experiences.
Today at amrit vela the sevadharis appeared in front of Bapdada. Bapdada met each one in the subtle regions and you have been told before that at 4 o’clock your dadis who have gone in the advance party, they also come then. Therefore even today the dadis and senior brothers have reached the subtle regions and they told Bapdada to emerge the madhuban niwasis. Especially Didi and Dadi both of them and also the brothers remembered the residents of madhuban and Dadi gave special remembrance and gave the fruit of the subtle regions – mango. The trees there are so low that you don’t have to use a stick but you just raise your hand and receive the fruit. Other dadis and brothers were there. So Bapdada asked the dadis, what comes in your mind about the madhuban niwasis? Dadi said that until now my wish is that every resident of madhuban has to make effort to finish their weaknesses but that each one should become bapsaman. Everyone else also but the madhuban niwasis especially should become bapsaman. From Amrit Vela each resident of madhuban, as you have love for Baba and Dadi and as Dadi brought every word of Baba into her life, you also should do it. From morning until night time you should not utter any word or do anything which the Dadis do not like. This is my special wish for the madhuban niwasis. Gulzarbehn told Dadi that whatever Dadi says the madhuban niwasis will do it.

2nd Meeting with Madhuban Niwasis
Madhuban niwasis should also come in the list when Bapdada asks who are the intense effort makers. You have to make intense effort if you want to go home together with the Father. Bapdada wants to see every child as a victorious child. This happened or that happened, this news Bapdada does not like to hear. For six months you have to make intense effort and Baba will give a prize according to which zone gets the most of those who became number one.

To The Double Foreigners (300)
Today is the last day of the season and there was a lot of entertainment in the subtle regions, the double foreigners were emerged also. Ok sit down. So Bapdada emerged all the double foreigners in the subtle regions and Dadi said, ‘I like one thing about the double foreigners very much, they use so many yuktis to get money to buy their tickets to come to madhuban, I felt so much happiness when I see how much zeal and enthusiasm they have. Their faces bloom and glow with enjoyment when they say ‘my Baba’. And Dadi had said that the double foreigners are the decoration of madhuban. Give my lots and lots of love and remembrances to all of them that they are constantly in my heart. This is the news of subtle regions at amrit vela today.
Bapdada wants just as you have received the term double foreigners so also claim the title of intense effort makers. Let not any of your effort be ordinary. In the next season Bapdada will ask those who are intense effort makers to stand up. Bapdada is seeing the shining light in the forehead in each one everywhere. Each one has the thought that they want to become like the Father. Everyone has this zeal and enthusiasm.

To the teachers (2000)
All the teachers stand up. On seeing the teachers Bapdada is very happy. You have the fortune of getting the seat like Bapdada, you have the fortune of reading the murli to everyone. Bapdada always says the teachers are like companions. Now Bapdada wants one thing from the teachers, should Baba tell you what He wants? Bapdada wants that every teacher should reveal from her face so much joy like Bapdada. Internally it should be experienced and it should be visible on your face. Those who say that through the face she will reveal the Father through your face, the time has come to reveal the Father through your face. The teachers remember Baba and say ‘My Baba’ automatically, now you have to reveal the Father through your face automatically. Until now everyone says that the Brahma Kumaris are doing a good task but the Father is not yet seen, they should now say that the Father is doing a good task through you. Now you have to bring about such revelation that people should say that God himself has come in the body of Brahma and has made these Brahma Kumaris so worthy, this point is still to be revealed. The sound ‘my Baba has come’ has to come from them. That God Himself is getting this work done through the brothers and sisters. You have to do this now, what do you say? By next season this has to happen. Your face should reveal the Father. It has to happen but the only thing is that you have to become instrument for that.

Now in the next season what will you do? The first thing is to make yourself bapsaman so whatever is lacking you will complete it. Bapdada is pleased that just as now the centers have revealed through words that what task we are doing and the atmosphere is changing. You are now pulling the attention of all the people that the Brahma Kumaris are doing something very good but now the people should say that the God of the Brahma Kumaris has come. By the next season this task has to begin. Let all the children know that the Father who is giving the inheritance has come, no one should feel left behind. Bapdada feels very sorry for the souls when they cry out in distress from sorrow. They are calling out to you the Gods and Goddesses. So by the next season there should be no trace of waste thoughts from you. What exactly is waste? Even the knowledge of waste should be removed. In the early days when the princess of the Golden Age used to come they didn’t know what sorrow was and if someone says such a thing they would say ‘what is she saying’ they could not relate to it.

13,000 from Delhi and Agra came for seva
When all the Brahmins come they will have to come to Delhi, so you will have to make your heart very big. Krishna will come in Delhi. The maximum quantity of Brahmins should also be from Delhi, just as you raised this flag so also in every heart of distress souls Baba’s flag should be raised. You have verified to them what the soul is but now you should also let them know of the inheritance. Delhi is the foundation. That day will also come when the whole government will begin to wonder that these people whatever they are saying we will have to accept it. Do this wonder.