Thoughts & actions

I. "Trying to do too much at one time will only leave you exhausted and unable to give your best. Like a marathon runner who knows how to complete the race, pick the right pace for yourself and preserve your energy, so that you complete the task. So, the next time, you're expecting too much from yourself, remind yourself, "If I want to see things through to completion, I have to pace myself properly."


II. "When you have staying power, you have the stick-at-it-iveness. Like a postage stamp, you're able to stick at one thing until you get there.

So, even when there are lots of mini-failures, don't stop! Use your strength, energy and focus to steer your way through the obstacles, and stay with it. Use perserverance and somewhere along the road 'success' will show up."


III. "Now, let your thoughts take the shape of actions instantaneously. There should not be any gap between your thoughts and actions. Those are the matters of your childhood days. These are not the days to create a thought first, then to create plans, and then to follow that plan. Where has the study reached now? It is in its final stage!"


IV. “Use all the treasures that you have been told about, not just for your own self, but for the whole world. Do you understand what you now have to do? Show the balance of serving through sound, serving with physical means, and serving by being beyond sound, with the subtle method of the greatness of thoughts, the power of thoughts, and the drums of destruction will beat Do you understand? You are making many plans and BapDada is now also sharing His plan. Because of not having an accurate balance, you have to labour hard. After carrying out a special task, you generally take special rest. However, in the final plan, you will experience tirelessness”.

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