Dadi Gulzar and Dadi Janki

12th April 2012

Dadi Gulzar

Baba has said that we are all purvaj (ancestors). So what is the work of an ancestor? It is sustenance of all. Look at the world now; everyone is experiencing fear. Whether it is the leaders or the subjects, everyone is experiencing fear. So when you do yoga, sit on the seat of being an ancestor – then emerge the souls of the whole world.

You do not know all souls of the whole world but you are their ancestor. The work of an ancestor is to give sustenance and power to the rest of family and that will happen automatically when you sit in the awareness of being that ancestor.

We meet Baba in yoga. We also do service through yoga – everyone receives sakash. However recall at that time (when you sit in meditation) that you are a soul with authority. Just as Baba can emerge any power at any moment – I can do the same. In this awareness you can easily have the experience of being Bapsaman. I have to maintain the same vision and attitude as Baba has… I am an ancestor. I take power from Baba and donate it to all souls of the world. In this way your form will become very powerful and no other thoughts will arise.

This is the work of an instrument soul. In the same way that the rays of the Sun reach everywhere as it rises, so I am an ancestor – I am authorized to give power to all. I am God’s instrument for this. When you do this then you will move into the master seed state – the stage of being a master almighty authority. Your form will be such and you will experience how other souls are receiving power through you.

Dadi Janki

I have to create such a stage within that I can actually experience that I am an ancestor soul. Being worship worthy comes later – first I have to understand how Baba actually enables souls to experience love and truth. I need to have that experience of love and truth myself – constantly.

Many of our ancestors have left now… but they revealed a great deal to us. They left an impression which is helping us to transform even now. We need to keep our ancestors in front of us. Dadi Vishwa Kishore was very firm on the principles. He would practice being bodiless constantly. He would walk in remembrance of Baba. Our ancestors sacrificed their bones and that sacrifice gave many of us experiences. Now we have to be the ones who give others experiences.

We are world benefactors – the world needs love, co-operation and sakash. An attitude to bring benefit should become totally natural within me. Time is co-operating with us for service. Now, I have to be one who creates such an atmosphere that service happens naturally in all four directions.

Question – We understand what powerful yoga but what is jwalamukhi yoga? Why is it called Jwalamukhi?

Jwalamukhi yoga is so called because it is revealed on the face (mukh). The meaning of jwalamukhi yoga is intense meditation. It affects not only the face but the whole body. When a volcano erupts its lava is continuous for a short time. It erupts powerfully. When we sit in meditation ordinarily then different stages emerge; sometimes you will be lost in Baba’s love, sometimes in giving sakash. However jwalamukhi yoga is when the form of the soul is like a volcano – power is emerging – providing that which is required to souls of the world. In jwalamukhi yoga there is no other form in between.

Some points from Dadi Gulzar’s class in Kullu 

We are all one and belong to one and were together like this every kalpa. Each one is unique and will be unique. Do not hold any negative thought for those who are weak. Do not ignore the ones who are weak. All of you must have pure feelings in your heart for everyone. Do not ignore anyone but become a support. The vibration of true support reaches every soul. Always remember Baba has selected that one. 
If someone is unable to find support in us then what do we do – Follow what Baba did. Check yourself to see if you have become flawless. Become loveful and give unconditional support. 
If you do not have true love for Baba then no matter how many times you say Mera Baba you will not experience closeness in the relationship with Him. Your love should be such that it should heal another’s wounds and finish their sorrow. Baba was once sharing about the king of Nepal that even when the members of the royal family sat together to discuss family matters they always wore their crowns. So similarly we should also always make sure we wear the crown of our self respect whenever we interact with others. Never come down from your seat of self respect.

Dadi Janki: 30 June 2011 – Public Programme at Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Develop a clean mind and a clear conscience

The chariot – the body – is visible in a mirror, but our character is visible through our actions. I have to clean the mirror of my mind every day. Keep the soap (Lux) of your ‘aim’ (lakshya) always with you, for only then will the mirror remain clean. What happens if you just have soap but no water to do the cleaning? Or vice versa – water but no soap? You need both for the mirror to become clean.

These days, if someone does even a little bit of charity, they ‘advertise’ it. But they hide their negative karma from everyone. There is a vast difference between negative karma and charitable actions. Are parchintan (thinking of others), par-darshan (looking at others), pardosh (blaming others) charitable acts or negative karma? Do we stop to see what defects are hiding within the self? Many souls waste their precious time behind these three sanskars.

We are on a world stage; our actions are visible to each and every one. If, after having read and studied several scriptures, I still do not experience happiness or peace, then what is the use? In order to remain in remembrance of one God, I need to have deep love and interest in attaining this.

Waste thoughts weaken us. To spend unnecessary time thinking about what I should or should not do, or that he is like this, she is like that, etc, is all waste. Empower yourselves to such an extent that all waste ends. With a clean mirror of the mind, deep realizations take place. Have pure feelings for all. Rather than look and think about others, observe your own feelings and attitude. If your feelings are pure for others, things will look up. The power of honesty and love can make your progress very fast.

I don’t know about cameras and computers but I do know about silence. Human beings have learned a lot from science, but they don’t make time to go into silence.

Keep yourself protected from the three types of ‘wants/desires’ that plague humans these days:

1) Aisa hona chahiye (I want this to happen in this way…)

2) Thoda yeh bhi chahiye (I want just this much of this particular thing…)

3) Inko aisa nahi karna chahiye (So-and-so should not be doing this or that…

Parents are happy when their children study well; similarly our Supreme Father, God, too is most pleased when we study spiritual knowledge well. It’s time to stop following the dictates of human beings or dictates of the scriptures, and instead to follow shrimat.

As you see and hear, so shall be your sanskars. Keep the mind quiet. If I cannot keep my own mind peaceful, how can I expect to find peace externally? The mind is my baby; feed it well and it will stay peaceful. Feed the mind with proper knowledge. To receive knowledge means to receive understanding. Keep the mind clean and the conscience clear. The more we free ourselves from weaknesses, the more we receive God’s blessings. An egoistic person can never hope to have God’s hand on his head or God patting his back.

My God is creating my fortune. If you wish to be a king, a leader, a sovereign over the self, then stay under God’s canopy of protection. My Baba is the Bestower of Blessings: May your heart remain happy! May your head remain cool! May you have an easy nature! Allow God to guide your every action.

Dadi Gulzar Q & A with Senior Teachers
Kullu on 3rd July 2011

Q: In the latest Murlis, Baba has been saying to set aside time for Mansa Seva (Service through the mind) as also in the Murlis of July there is a thought at the end for mansa seva. We think of doing it and also do it but that seriousness and determination is lacking. The Advance Party too says we are doing it. What can we do to take it seriously as a must to do mansa seva ?

A: Baba has said that for any task a determined thought is required. You have the thought but due to the intellect being busy in service plans, some service tasks, the intellect gets diverted and the determination reduces. Hence in the daily routine check your thoughts 5-6 times. For eg. at the breakfast, during meals and tea time, we are free so at that time we can do mansa seva. Like we consider other tasks to be important and make time for them similarly give this importance too and do it. Revise it 4-5 times. Meal time is personal time which takes 15-20 minutes, so we can take out 3-4 minutes during that time if we wish to. You should do a follow up of that thought. If we don’t then that thought just remains as a thought. We have to move according to our time table. If we fix up a time then at time we will automatically be reminded to do mansa seva. We don’t have to take this lightly in our efforts.

Q: Baba has asked us to fix a time for this. Can we do mansa seva whilst walking and moving around? As at the fixed time some other important task comes up and we can’t do mansa seva so is it important to fix up a time for this?

A: We can do mansa seva whilst walking and moving around. Baba has asked us to fix a time because if we don’t fix time then we may become slack and careless. If some service is pending then you take time out for it again. Similarly at that very moment, since I did not do it, I need to decide a time to do mansa seva and I must do it later. I have noted that I have missed it, I haven’t done mansa seva then take out time and definitely do it later on during the day.

Q: what is the exact meaning of mansa seva? Should we first take power from Baba and then give it to the souls or serve them directly through the vibrations?

A: The souls of the world are in sorrow because there is some or the other problem or lack of attainment. Emerge the souls in sorrow in front of you and give them the sakaash of happiness at that time. Stabilize yourself in the state of supersensuous joy and then give them sakaash. It’s not a matter of taking from Baba at that time but give what you have received. What is the cause of sorrow in the world? There is lack of attainments and there are many other reasons. Instead of taking from Baba let me give what I have received. When I stay in that stage then they receive those vibrations. If I am unhappy or I cry then seeing me others also feel like crying, those vibrations reach them too. Did we tell them to cry? Similarly when one goes to a place of happiness they receive the vibrations of happiness. There is no other form of giving. We have to give through vibrations and for this a lot of practice is needed. If I take from Baba and then give this also takes up some time, so our stage should be such. Make time for this, the best time is Amrit Vela.

Q: What practice is needed for giving sakaash?

A: If I have to give happiness, first I should be in that stage of happiness. Whenever I want I should be able to make my stage like that. I make time to do this, thought is also there to give, but if at that time a thought of service comes, some other point of knowledge is remembered so that would not be called accurate stage. So let me first create my stage such that I should be able to remain in the stage that I want to, this practice is needed.

Q: Earlier it was easy to make the stage that Baba used to say. Now a days practice and attention is needed again and again, why is it so?

A: Now a days we create a lot of thoughts in making service plans. To increase the service, centres, are the students ok or not. These thoughts are more hence our intellect is drawn in that direction and this practice decreases. So now increase this practice during the whole day. Whenever I want I should be able to stabilise myself in that stage in a second.

Q: According to scientific research, scientists say that one can concentrate on one thought only for 1 or 2 minutes. We need to focus our mind for mansa seva, so how can we do this? How much time should we take out for mansa seva?

A: Concentration is separate and becoming an embodiment is a different thing. For example if I have to give someone money, then I can give only if I have money, is it not? Similarly if I have to give power, I can do so only if I have power. First I should have the practice then I can remain in that stage. I have to give happiness, I can remain in the stage of peace, in the stage of bliss but not in the stage of happiness then how can I give? So first I need the authority to stabilise in my stage, concentration of mind is a different aspect. Stage is ours, if I can’t automatically remain in that stage then I can’t do mansa seva. It is this practice that will be useful in the final moments. Impure souls, body conscious souls will come with different vision and attitude, at that time our elevated vision, attitude and stage will be able to transform their attitude and vision. Now such souls are not in front of us, they are far away so we have to give them the rays. Hence we have to be in that stage then only we can give them the rays.

Q: Baba says to give the sakaash through mansa seva to 5 elements too?

A:First give rays to the souls and later to the elements of nature.

Om shanti.

Om Shanti