My final thoughts will lead me to my destination

Gyan Sarovar, 14th March 2012

We can describe the ‘destination’ in many ways….’going home’,’ becoming karmateet’,’ becoming an angel’, ‘becoming complete’, ‘becoming bapsaman’, ‘becoming a deity’….expressions conveying something significant and different. When I think that there should be only Baba and no one else, it is a very beautiful inspiration for effort and includes many of these ‘destinations’ I have mentioned.

At the end of the day, before you fall asleep, there is a whole film that passes in front of the mind. If the day has been too intense and you haven’t been able to resolve things, it takes a long time to fall asleep and there is internal disturbance. Even if the day has been intense, if you have been able to resolve things in a natural way, there is then an easy sweet sleep that happens. For us it is not just the end of the day; nor the end of one life that everything need to be settled so departure can be easy, but for Baba’s children it is the whole cycle. We are wanting to settle accounts from 63 births so for the final moments it is Baba and Baba alone and I will be able to fly.

Brahma Baba’s shared about his departure through Dadi Gulzar. Before departure He shared his experiences and preparations for the final moments in the sakar murlis. Shiv Baba came to meet us on 21.1.69 and through that period of 13 days, everyday bhog was offered. Sometimes there would be long and detailed trance messages. It was all very new and Baba realised we needed a lot of sustenance and support. At one point Dadi Gulzar asked Baba what was Baba’s experience at the time of departure and Baba replied that ‘you could never ask your lokik father this!’. Baba shared how initially there was a tug of war between the pain of the body and yoga power and yoga power won. Then Baba remembered the whole family with a lot of love, not just a few individuals. Then third Baba said to Shiv Baba, ‘if You want me to come I am ready, if You want me to stay I am ready’. So this is the mirror. Wheter we are able to overcome pain and the karmic accounts of the body as these are one of the last things to be settled. Secondly is it one human being , or a few individuals I remember at the end, or is it the loving family as a whole as an eternal bond? Then thirdly is the soul absolutely ready and able to say to Baba I am ready, not with a desire to come to get away from something here, but with the attitude to be able to come and obey whatever it is that Baba wants.

There are various factors here.

 1) the ability to love everyone, not to get attached to anyone. So if there are individuals who keep occupying space in the mind, use Baba’s method of checking and see what is wasteful and what is powerful and see what it is that I need from them or they want from me.

2) Baba says it is time to settle things very quickly. In order to settle my ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ then simply deepen the connection with Baba through the practise of soul consciousness, and He will fulfil all my needs.

3) With others, to what extent can I fulfil their needs? I can never fulfil all of their needs. No human being can do this for another.

So what can I do? Share Baba’s light and might, then they can be empowered and realise that all they need can come from Baba. This is the case with the alokik family too as often these are the golden chains that bind us. Baba says cooperate but if I become the support of another BK then we are in bondage both ways. We need such internal detachment, so we do not fall into false compassion.

Baba talks about maya, ravan in many ways and essentially their task is to distract you and take you away from God. So I need to develop such a link with Baba that I am able to draw power towards myself. In particular, we need the power of discernment at all times. To have the clarity to know what to do in any situation and realise what will trap me in relationships. Discernment capacity is developed when the intellect is clean, centred and connected with Baba. Then I will have the necessary understanding and awareness.

Regarding the lokik family, Baba is saying ‘caution’ at all times, yet it is easy to tell what is responsibility and what goes beyond this and is attachment. Lokik duties are quite clear yet the power of discernment is still needed. When we fulfil responsibilities and keep the self free, then there are no pulls. Dadi often recounts the story of how when Dadi felt unhappy when her lokiks were missing her and she asked Baba what to do. Baba said that because she still had the consciousness of ‘Janki’, then her relatives could pull her, yet when she had let go of the identity of ‘Janki’, then they couldn’t pull her anymore, because Janki is finished. This is about the subject of soul-consciousness and what Baba describes as a living death and a rebirth.

Dadi Ratanmohini was taking class on soul consciousness recently, and explaining that in the early days Baba inspired them to practise soul consciousness so deeply, underlining the lesson again and again throughout the day….I am the soul that is looking, speaking, doing etc. This is why they were truly able to feel Baba as their parent and they were not pulled by their relatives and the old world. These stories from the early days of the Yagya, bring into our awareness how the power of soul consciousness allowed them to achieve such transformation. They had a little gyan on the cycle and a little about God but for years they were experimenting and deepening this. We don’t have years now, but the more we practise the first lesson the more we are able to move forward in all other directions. The power to let go of bodily relations and be able to take power from God comes with the practise of soul consciousness. Being here and yet being detached from the body. Baba gives the example of the snake shedding its skin. Baba himself practised this awareness. I have to be motivated to want to come to the experience of soul consciousness then I will give it the energy and attention it requires. Everything we do now is based on motivation so if ‘Baba and nothing else’ has captured my heart , nothing else pulls me. Dadi often talks about remembrance of God in the final moments and we know this is a topic she has been speaking of for decades and has been practising for this moment for a long time. Can we say this for ourselves? If we cannot then we need to sort things out so we can. 

Detachment is essential. We don’t need to talk about detachment as lokiks get scared about this and think we will leave them and run away. Baba is talking about detachment from the body. Make sure no human being, or service is pulling you. Let us do what Baba wants us to do, not what ‘I’ want to do. ‘My’ idea and ‘my’ mind and what ‘I’ want….let me see what Baba wants me to do. There is a big difference in understanding Baba’s signals. What is Baba saying to me? Let me validate it with someone further along the path. In the context of service if I have an idea and I share it with others, if others are not comfortable with it, may be it is not the right time or maybe the idea needs sorting out a bit. If it is truly a signal from Baba there will be spontaneous support from others around me. In terms of personal direction for my life, we do not need to speak to 5 or 10 people but ask a senior. Someone who is further ahead, who you trust and whose life is how you would like life to be. Check out on a personal level what is ‘My’ idea or ‘Baba’s’ idea. If this practise has been over a period of time then my connection becomes deeper and deeper . To whatever extent I am able to replace ‘my’thoughts with ‘Baba’s’ thoughts, the faster I reach the destination. Dadi asked Baba in the 80’s, how will I fly away, or will I wait here until we are all karmateet and then we all fly together? Baba said that He was expecting us to reach our karmateet stage and stay here to help everyone else. A few weeks ago, Dadi told Baba: ‘ I am ready’ and Baba said yes, but what about everyone else?

The more we follow Shrimat the more we are able to bring others closer to their destination also. This has been reached by the Dadi’s and now their role is to bring others too.

Today’s Murli is very clear what we need to do to reach the destination quickly. Soul consciousness, detachment and Shrimat. In lokik life whose guidance are you ready to follow? Only when we love someone are we ready to seek guidance and follow it through in life. A very simple chart to think about is whose ideas appeal to me the most. My ideas or Baba’s ideas, directions and guidance? When Baba is sharing the Murli with us, He is sharing with us His thoughts and ideas. In London recently a Bishop shared that it is impossible for us to know the mind of God and a BK, in a very courteous way ,pointed out that if God is our parent, He would want us to know what is on His mind. This shows clearly where bhagats are and where God’s children are. For Baba’s children the Mother, Father, Teacher and Guide is pouring out His thoughts and explaining so clearly. Why should God be shy? God simply wants to give us everything He has made us like Himself so we can reach our highest destination. 

God is so clear and this is why the Murli is for Brahmins . On one side we hear Gods’ love and good wishes for the children and on the other side strong language about maya and kaliyug, so we understand clearly. The more we accept God’s ideas the more I can accept Shrimat from my heart. Shrimat is not an external discipline that is being imposed from outside. If we think this, it is a challenge to follow it and we make excuses why we dilute what Baba wants us to do. When I accept this is God’s love for me and out of love for God this is truly what I want to do, this is love and mercy for the self. Baba loves me and Baba wants the best for me. Do I love myself as deeply to know what is the highest and the best for me and am I able to say ‘Yes’ and take what Baba is offering. Check the mind. What is it saying? What is Baba saying? What are other people saying? When there is an internal battle, we get tired and think maybe I will not make it. Baba takes away the excuses and shows us what the highest effort is. To what extent am I able to treat service as a game? If I am on my own I just move along but the challenge comes where there is a difference of opinions. I need to remind the self that it is God’s work and it is God’s plan that will unfold. We can jostle and say maybe this, but ultimately it is God’s plan that will take over. At the moment when another’s idea takes over, I can remind myself that whatever is God’s plan can happen. Even if you cannot say it, it is always good to become quiet and have powerful remembrance… then see. If it is in God’s plan great, if it is not in God’s plan then it won’t happen. If things are accurate and I am following Shrimat then it is very easy to stay with Baba and if something is pulling me then I can take Baba’s help and solve it. If not then I can get distracted and pulled further away from Baba. It is important to stay clean and clear and connected with Baba so there is no maya around and no karma involved. Dadi has said that if I am confused and upset that is Maya and, if because of me, someone else is confused that is also my karma. Baba started the Murli by reminding us we are on a battlefield. A child can be playful and easy and light. A student needs to study but has time for games. A warrior, whether day or night, cannot stop or rest and there has to be the constant state of alertness because I am in the midst of danger all the time. In Brahmin life, we come to Madhuban, become uplifted and experience great company and then we go back out there on the field of action and realise there are still sanskars we thought were dead. It doesn’t matter how close I think I am to the destination I need to be alert until I reach the destination because there can be anything coming at me from anywhere. I do not know where the arrow will come from at any time so I must keep alert. This is attention, not worry. Attention on every thought. Then we can stay on track. The extent to which I can keep Baba’s love, light and might and company, the closer I feel to the  destination. If other things are getting in the way I have a way to go. Every time we have a chance to sit with Baba, is a chance to see how quickly we can connect and reach the destination now, then I am creating more power and energy within myself to prepare for the final destination. Om Shanti