Dadi Janki, 29th April

Let Baba rest in the temple of your heart

Seeing such a beautiful gathering do you know how my heart feels? How does your heart feel? Baba is wonderful, He is incognito and whilst hidden away He does so much work looking after everyone’s well-being. He knows everyone’s pulse and everyone needs. Without asking, He gives us everything we need. We had no idea how much He would give and are we able to look after this? What should we do with such a Father? Absorb everything into yourself and so there is no separation between you and the Father. He is the Jewel in our eyes. He sits in our hearts. Our hearts are God’s house, God’s temple. In the heart is the mind , so look inside the temple of your heart and mind. Do you feel that God lives in here?. On the path of devotion we built many temples, but now the temple is within our mind.

Baba is our Companion, Bridegroom, our Beloved. What has God made us? See what were we like before and what are we now. Where would we keep such a Father… In our forehead? It is His task to see what we have created within our heart. He is very pleased to see we have created a temple within. He has so much work to do all day so let Baba rest in your heart. Baba is ‘Babul’, the Beloved, the Beautiful one. Remain in the fire of love. As the fire of love increases, to that extent the soul gets purified. God is the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One. Sat Chit Anand. We have to look into our own memory tract and subconscious and see if it is clean and clear and then there is the experience of bliss and love.

The swamis of the world all have big names….ask yourself are you the embodiment of sat,chit,anand? So take this mantra in your mind that there should be no difference between me and Baba. Make this mantra your weapon. Not just bliss but Supreme Bliss. Have I attained this from the Father? Experience the bhavna Baba has for you. Experience the hopes and wishes of what He would like us to become. One is the point ‘bind’ and the other is ‘Sindhi’ the ocean. Let me fulfil His thoughts and feelings. Out of the billions there are a few thousand who have emerged. Even if souls come down after their religion starts that is ok but at least let them now experience God’s love.

We are from the original eternal deity religion and are God’s original children. Have this feeling of being an original eternal child. Baba says each one in the world is God’s child. His wish is that all the children recognise Him, Brahma Baba and Jagadamba., the world mother. Even if they just experience purity, peace, happiness and love that is all they need to realise. God is speaking and establishing the new world through Brahma. Let everyone have this introduction and new knowledge. Until everyone has had this introduction God is going to keep me in this body!

All the ancestors are waiting for the revelation to happen. So now do everything fast. Let’s do it all together. Baba will take all souls with Him. Even if their status is low He will take them with Him. Keep attaining a high status in front of you. Dharamraj is there on the side but now keep Him in front of you, so you free yourself from the punishment of Dharamraj. In order to do this keep yourself free from waste.

Our wish for Dada Vishwa Ratan was that he becomes no 1. He would do so much: getting hot water for everyone; making hot chapattis for everyone; getting the post each day. He was a meditator and deep yogi. His effort was that no one should have a waste thought about him, and he will be in the 8. Make such effort! It is good to know the stories of the ancestor souls, as you will learn from them. Mama didn’t know she would leave her body so young. But she kept the effort that this is my final birth and the final moments and remained in Baba’s remembrance.

So pay attention to your final moments now, then you can become a conqueror of Maya and sinful actions. Then you can become karmateet. I never thought I would live to such an age, but my hearts desire is that my final moments are very good. My final birth is so valuable, this is my bhavna. It is in this birth I can earn so much income. I can create that happiness for 84 births. Baba gives you so much happiness right now. We shouldn’t have any karmic accounts that waste our time.
Dadi Janki, 29th April 2012 – GCH (am)

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