Question & Answer with Dadi Janki

London, 28.04.2012


Whatever Baba wants to happen is what happens



Dadi, how would the BK world run, if all the heads were to leave the corporeal plain?

People asked the same question, when Brahma Baba became avyakt 43 years ago. Now all the ancestors have left the physical body and left me here, yet the foundation is so strong.  Friends of the BKs have said how Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are clever; they have been filled with so much power that they will be able to keep everything working well. One of Dadi’s favourite songs is ‘When the creation is so beautiful, how beautiful will the Creator be?’


How have Baba and the Dadis always been able to strengthen the power of the gathering? Dadi is great but does not create followers. What do you do that enables you to be the glue that makes the gathering strong?

Baba said to Dadi:   Dadi Kumarka is the backbone; you can do the work of making the gathering strong, The recent teachers meeting in Madhuban was such a heart-to-heart meeting. I do not create followers – I’m not that kind of an agent. To talk about ‘my student’ is attachment; it’s as if you are bribing the person – you keeping them glued to you rather than making them Baba’s children and letting them take power from Baba. My heart’s desire is fulfilled when a soul says: ‘My Baba, sweet Baba’.  We are all gardeners. Our duty is to sow the seed in everyone’s hearts – with care, at the right time – so that it can flourish and bear fruit. Gardeners don’t live in palaces but in sheds near the fields. They’re concerned that the plants should get the right amount of sunshine and water. When there’s no rain, they call out to God for rain. There’s the murli song: ‘The rain of knowledge is for those who are with the Beloved.’  Rain makes everything so fresh and green and good.  So, work like a gardener and Baba will be pleased with you.


What happens when an advance party soul in their new life is called in trance? Do they tune in to the trance scene while asleep?

The ancestor souls have a deep connection with Baba and a deep feeling to serve souls. They are serving in their new birth. We asked Baba: where has that departed soul gone – who have they become now? Baba’s answer was: ‘What would you do if you knew? You don’t have to go into these things.’  Those souls are filled with those sanskars of being a child of God, belonging to the eternal deity religion. Only when they go into the advance party, will they make preparations for the new world.  They will have taken birth in a good home. I know of good children who are able to give lectures better than any adult. They live a pure life and glorify their parents’ name. The first soul to take birth by the power of yoga is the soul of Krishna.  We knew that Brahma Baba would become an angel. He attained his avyakt stage first and then left the body. He never knew that he would become avyakt and serve for so long through his avyakt form. The ancestor souls have the sanskars of following Baba. They also made the effort to remain bodiless.  Baba doesn’t pull those souls; they are pulled to Baba. When there is a gathering they are pulled to the gathering, just as we know that Dadi Prakashmani comes at amrit vela. Let your sanskars be like Baba’s, like the ancestor souls’. Have the thought: whether I’m in this body or I leave it, Baba should be visible through me.


Service is progressing quickly and Dadi has been very much a part of this but is now often unable to be physically present.. What do you think of your part at this time, Dadi?

Whatever Baba wants to happen is what happens. This is the deep secret about how everything works. Each one of us is a soul and each one’s part is their own. My feeling is that each one should understand themselves clearly and draw power and love from Baba. To think or say anything is waste. People won’t listen to what I say but the feelings work. Don’t think; let things just happen naturally. ‘What shall we do tomorrow?’ Forget about tomorrow; what do we have to do now?  Don’t rush into anything but continue to do everything with peace and love. Don’t come into sound too much or be fixed on your own ideas. Whatever is predestined will happen. So it’s a waste of time to think, ‘This shouldn’t happen’ – and it will affect the body too.  Baba did so much and yet he never said, ‘I did this’.  I didn’t do anything. It was fixed in the drama – it’s guaranteed; no doubt, no question, no concern! Elders don’t say anything. They just watch what is happening.  Have complete faith (be ‘faith-full’).  It is all Baba’s wonder – nothing to do with human beings. Baba is the One who does and the One who inspires others to do. Someone who never says ‘I did this’ is able to receive Baba’s blessings and sakaash.’ Be a worthy child. Let there be no arrogance or feeling of like or dislike about anything and use your words carefully. Know truth and love, fill your heart with them and bring them into your practical life – then see what your life is like. And give that donation of life to others.


When bhog was offered after Jagdishbhai left the body, Mama was called and she asked Jagdishbhai, if he wanted to say something. He said that whenever we want, we can call the advance party, they will come and help. Does Dadi do this and to what extent?

Jagdishbhai always stayed light. He answered everyone’s questions so sensibly. Wherever there was a need, Baba would send Jagdishbhai. The souls who have made such effort to create sanskars for the golden age will definitely go there but even in the confluence age those sanskars are very useful. We have taken birth through Baba but Mama has been sustaining us from the beginning. So much service has happened through 18th January and 24th June (Baba’s Day and Mama’s Day). The wonderful Serve Africa project emerged from a meeting on Mama’s Day. That soul is the world mother, our mother. We don’t remember the physical beings but those souls. It is also my part that wherever there is a need, I will be present – and there’s no need to worry about the body. Baba gave me this blessing in a message: Because you always say ‘Yes, Baba’, this Lord is always in front of you. So I’m never alone and I experience the power and see the fruit of that. Some souls may not call me personally but I become present in front of them – it was like that with Baba, too. That happens when there is a subtle connection. Whatever my activity may be, I’m not really doing it. As the slogan goes: If you focus on God, God will pay attention to you.


Dadi has accumulated subtle power because she has conquered attachment to the body. Dadi has had pain in one form or another all her life. Dadi once shared a deep secret: that whatever has come has to go. Is pain experienced as a settling of a karmic account? Dadi has freed herself from pain easily, whilst others experience a lot of pain, while settling. Are the roots of spiritual power here?

The words ‘illness’ and ‘not well’ are not good. There is 1) the suffering of karma, 2) the karmic account and 3) being so detached from the body.  The body is old and, if anything happens, service happens through that. I do not think of it as an illness but a form of service. If someone acts against the principles of knowledge or the code of conduct, illness will come – you have to suffer for going against the principles – and medicines won’t work then. Illness can incur a lot of expense too. The illness doesn’t finish, because you’re not performing elevated actions. If you are not able to perform elevated actions, serve through your face, speak sweetly and always say thank you. If nobody visits you, that is also the suffering of karma.  If you’re free from karmic suffering, you won’t want anyone to bother about you or to be a bother. No karmic accounts will pull you and you’ll feel that Baba is looking after you and will always provide for you.  To be a renunciate, a tapaswi and a serviceable soul is my duty. Then I don’t need to worry about anything: renunciation will make my future good and enable me to have very good tapasya and through tapasya I’ll be able to finish all my illnesses.


Everything is a matter of the intellect. My intellect should be very pure and peaceful. With knowledge let me be accurate in everything, knowing that it is all predestined and all good. Drama is our mother, Baba is our Father and I am His child. When the intellect understands this, it lets go of ego and attachment. Make subtle effort to become free from ego and attachment and become incorporeal, egoless and viceless – my Baba’s final stage. Along with these words, some of Baba’s final words were that ‘whoever defames me is my friend’. Some people don’t have the power to (can’t bear to) hear defamation – about themselves or others. But we have to be equal in praise and defamation. Let me just merge in my heart what Baba tells me each day and have the intoxication that my Husband is the Comforter of Hearts, and peace and happiness are my children. Do so much service that Baba gives you love and sakaash and you receive blessings, knowing that you haven’t actually done anything – it is the blessings that are working.