Nirwair Bhai: Use your treasures well

The zeal, enthusiasm and interest you show in running to meet BapDada, is, in itself, a sign of faith. A lack of enthusiasm and interest in this Godly life is the result of a lack of faith. Where there is faith there is victory. You are the ones who are the jewels of victory. This is a sign of faith. Baba’s hope in us is that we will become the jewels of victory and Baba’s blessing is that this home has become small.

Baba comes due to the love of the children and sings our praise as it is we children who will become the instruments to reveal the Father. Everyone’s face, smile, vibrations, activities and actions prove that these are very special souls. We are not ordinary at all. Externally we may appear ordinary but internally there is a special power and so wherever we go we spread vibrations that create a very lovely atmosphere. Whoever meets us receives happiness and peace as we move and travel around, particularly in places where there is so much peacelessness and sorrow in the world. There is great respect for each of Baba’s children.

Each zone is celebrating the Platinum Jubilee and everyone is receiving God’s message. Baba is being revealed through this. People are finding out what true knowledge, peace and truth are. They discover that here is a very good place to learn to connect the mind with the Supreme Soul and by coming to know about this they stop stumbling around. Baba has given us the order that we should live like lighthouses and might houses so that the light can remove the darkness of ignorance, sorrow and pain; it all gets dispelled. Human beings who are afraid are receiving peace, comfort and God’s love.

Be an instrument to do such service. Some brothers and sisters think that only the ones who give lectures and the ones who live in centres can do service but one who has faith in Baba, accepts what He says and belongs to Him is His most elevated child. Such a one is always on God’s service and only has one business. You may be walking somewhere or resting but by looking at you others will pick up the vibration of Vishnu. It is our responsibility to create such an atmosphere. It is not a small thing. This is the duty of both the Pandav army and the Shiv Shakti army.

Baba has made us instruments to make this world elevated and has given us different responsibilities. We hear Baba’s Murli in the morning and stay in remembrance. In the days of sakar Baba we would make the lesson firm. We sat in Baba’s remembrance and listened to Baba’s versions and would give Baba’s introduction to someone before taking breakfast.

We would arrive in Madhuban by train and after meeting Brahma Baba we used to say with a lot of love that until the meal was ready we would sit and read the Murli. We value Baba’s versions and understand that by distributing Baba’s knowledge to others it never lessens. Perishable things become less when you distribute them but these are the imperishable jewels of knowledge and the more we share them with others the more our share increases. This is an automatic machine. Baba loves knowledgeable souls, yogi souls, the souls who put this knowledge into their lives and thus become serviceable children.

Nowadays we are listening to sakar Murlis and by hearing them we get an idea of how Baba likes us to do service. The more we give Godly knowledge to others, the more our own treasure of happiness increases. To explain to others mean to explain to ourselves and the jewels of knowledge make the mind happy and then due to our strong stage service increases.

We have the treasure of time. Baba tells us that our time is very valuable and the more we engage in service the more every moment is benefited. Time is used well and by distributing knowledge it increases because you are going into the depth of knowledge with the practical application of it in your life. Even if there is a defect, that can also be removed. Continue to think of points in the Murli and share them with others. In this way your treasure increases and you will never feel empty. If you miss the Murli you will feel that something is missing.

Churn the divine virtues and have the aim to put them into your practical life. Appreciate the virtues that you see in others and it will be easy to fill yourself with divine virtues. The more you fill yourself with divine virtues the higher the status you will claim in the Golden Age.

Through the treasure of the remembrance of Baba the soul becomes pure. With remembrance our old karmic accounts get settled and we become powerful. In the Murlis Baba speaks about the volcanic form of remembrance. Baba says become like a sun of knowledge. To make the entire world pure is a very big thing. People of the world think it’s not possible. Have one powerful thought and that thought will have an impact in the world. Negative thoughts give a negative impact. Positive thoughts give a positive impact. If we want to make this world the land of truth then not one thought should go to waste. The more the mind is connected to Baba then each and every thought becomes powerful and positive and is accumulated. Physical wealth can also be made into an imperishable wealth the more you become an instrument and use everything of yours in godly service.

In order to do service we have to serve ourselves. Fortune is created when wealth is not wasted. Knowledge should reach everyone so that peoples’ lives are filled with spirituality. As we become the instrument to do this elevated service we also serve ourselves. Every word we speak is very valuable and thus we should not churn any waste. Baba has cautioned us a lot and asked us to pay attention to every thought. For this He has given us the most elevated slogan of ‘Manmanabhav’, connect your mind to me, because then you will have a high stage. If your mind keeps wandering here and there your stage is falls

Baba sees us with the vision of becoming double crowned divine beings in the future. . Keep this aim in front of you. At the present time Baba ignores our defects. If today you are making less effort, by giving power, Baba will make you yogi so that you can claim a high status in the future.

So recognise the time and the value of your life. Use every moment for benefit. Use every second, thought and breathe in a worthwhile way and finish waste. If everything is used beneficially at the Confluence Age you will claim your birthright of the future.

Nirwair Bhai, 20.03.2012