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Murli of 19-08-2001. Pg. 3 Last Paragraph: Question: What is the land of Dharamraj? How and when can you experience that? Answer: The land of Dharamraj is not a separate place. The experience of punishment is called the land of Dharamraj. All your sins appear in front of you at the end and the demons of death are not anything living. It is your own sins that appear in front of you to make you afraid. Those moments are the moments of repentance and disinterest. Even small sins appear to be like evil spirits and these are referred to as the demons of death coming to you. Ugly ones come, beautiful ones come, and even Brahma Baba appears in front of you in an official form. A tiny sin is visible in a very fearsome form. Some mirrors are such that a small person appears to be very fat and tall. In the same way, at the final moment, there will be cries of distress of repentance. There will be that pain and burning internally. It will feel as though someone is peeling your skin. There will be these feelings. There will be the experience of such punishment of sins and it will be very severe. This is referred to as the land of Dharamraj.

02/06/03 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to make your fortune for 21 births, make Shiv Baba your Heir. Show (reveal) the Father, Teacher and Satguru through your every action.
2. You are receiving clear knowledge. Therefore, don’t have any desire for visions. The All-Powerful Almighty Authority Father is with you in person and therefore, don’t be afraid of obstacles.
Blessing: May you be a knower of the deep philosophy of karma and thereby become a conqueror of sinful action and remain protected from the punishment of the land of Dharamraj. The experience of punishment is said to be the land of Dharamraj. It isn’t that the land of Dharamraj is a different place somewhere. At the end, the sins you have committed will appear in front of you in a fearsome form like demons of death. Those are the moments of repentance and disinterest. Even minor sins will seem like evil spirits. There will be cries of distress out of repentance. Therefore, in order to save yourself from feeling that punishment, become a knower of the deep philosophy of karma and perform elevated actions and become a
conqueror of sinful actions. Slogan: Those who surrender themselves fully to the Father with their body, mind and wealth become the garland around the neck.

06-06-03-Sakar murli
That same Father is now teaching you in the form of the Teacher. Human beings consider God to be Dharamraj. They say that God gives sorrow as well as happiness. Sorrow means punishment. Baba says: I do not give sorrow. Firstly, it is Ravan that gives you sorrow and secondly Dharamraj gives you punishment in the jail of a womb. He gives you a vision of all the sins you have committed. In the golden age, a womb is like a palace, or it can be called an ocean of milk. Krishna is shown sucking his thumb with great pleasure whilst sitting on a pipal leaf in an ocean of milk. That represents the ocean of the womb. In the copper and iron ages, a womb is like a jail, where a soul experiences a great deal of punishment for his sins. It is the kingdom of Maya. For sixty-three births, souls have to enter a jail- like womb and for twenty-one births they live in great comfort in a palace- like womb. They do not have any sins for which they would have to cry out in sorrow. The Father, the Teacher and the Satguru is explaining this to you. You understand that you too were buddhus, and that you are now becoming sensible. Human beings become impure and then Baba comes only once to purify them. You children have now become spinners of the discus of self-realization. They do not know the meaning of the cycle. They believe that a war took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas and that Krishna spun a discus to destroy everything. So many tall stories have been written, but nothing like that happened.

07-07-03 Sakar Murli
The Father is now once again creating the land of angels. He says: O souls, whilst walking and moving around and carrying out any task, remember the Father. You have to help the Pandava Government for 8 hours. You have now come from the devilish clan into the Godly clan. Therefore, if you go back into the devilish clan again, that is, if you remember it again, your sins will not be absolved. All the effort is required for this. Otherwise, you will have to cry and repent a great deal at the end. If a burden of sin remains, the tribunal will sit for you. You will then be given visions: This is what you did in such-and-such a birth. When someone sacrifices himself at Kashi, he is given a vision and then punished. Here too, you are given visions and then Dharamraj would say: Look, the Father was teaching you through this body of Brahma. He taught you so much, but in spite of that you committed these sins. You are not only given a vision of the sins of this birth, but the sins of birth after birth. It takes a lot of time. It is as though you are experiencing punishment for many births and you will then repent and cry a great deal. However, what can be done at that time? This is why I tell you in advance: If you defame My name, there will have to be a lot of punishment. Therefore, children, don’t become those who defame Me, your Satguru. Otherwise, there will be punishment and your

24 Oct 2003
You have to connect your intellect’s yoga to with the Father. You mustn’t fight or quarrel with anyone. That is very damaging. When someone says something, just ignore it as though you haven’t heard it. You shouldn’t create any opposition that begins a fight. You have to be tolerant in every situation and you also have to understand that the Father is the Father and also Dharamraj. If anything happens, simply report it to the Father. Then, that would reach Dharamraj anyway, and that person would be subject to punishment The Father says: I give happiness. It is Dharamraj who gives sorrow, that is, punishment. I don’t have a right to give punishment. You tell Me and then Dharamraj will give the punishment. By telling Baba about it you will become light because He (Dharamraj) is still the right hand. Those who defame the Satguru cannot reach their destination. Only Dharamraj would pass the judgment as to who is to be blamed. Nothing can remain hidden from Him. It would be said that a mistake was made according to the drama, but it would also have been made in the previous cycle. However, this doesn’t mean that you can continue to make mistakes. In that case, how would you become free from making mistakes? If you make a mistake you have to ask for forgiveness. In Bengal, if someone accidentally touches someone’s foot, he instantly asks for forgiveness. Here, people continue to insult one another. One should have very good manners. The Father teaches a lot, but when someone doesn’t understand, it is understood that his register is bad. If someone continues to be an instrument to cause defamation, his status is destroyed. There is the burden of sin for birth after birth anyway. Punishment has to be experienced for that. Then, if someone stays here and performs sinful actions, there would be a hundred-fold punishment received for that. Punishment has to be experienced. Baba explains about sacrificing oneself at Kashi. That is of the path of devotion. This refers to the path of knowledge. Firstly, there are the sins of the past, and secondly, whatever wrong you do at this time, you accumulate a hundred-fold punishment for that. Very severe punishment would have to be experienced. The Father explains about everything. Don’t commit any sin. Become a destroyer of attachment. It takes so much effort. You mustn’t remember this Mama and Baba. You won’t accumulate anything by remembering them. Shiv Baba enters this one and so you have to remember Shiv Baba. It isn’t that because Shiv Baba comes in this one, you have to remember this one. No, you have to remember Shiv Baba up there.

Page 31- last line from the book “Brahmin Life a Diamond life’ by Bro Nirwar.
“There is a fear of Dharamraj. Sakar Baba used to say that the Father is here now giving the experience of all relationships. At the end the relationship will be that of Dharamraj. But for whom? Only those who break Baba’s law.