Study on Benefits from Meditation at Amrit Vela

Dear Divine Family,

We are doing a study on Benefits from Meditation at Amrit Vela. As a part of this project, we have prepared a small online survey questionnaire covering different aspects of Amrit Vela Meditation. We request you to kindly undertake the survey at your earliest!


1. This questionnaire can be filled up only by BK students who are practicing Amrit Vela meditation.

2. Attempting the complete survey will not take you more than 10 minutes. Hence we would recommend you to please take ample time on reflecting on each question. This would help you in discovering various aspects which we can take into account in enhancing our Amrit Vela meditation time.

3. Please attempt the survey sincerely so that we could get best conclusions from the survey which could in turn help BK family. You may share the survey link with any BK in your contact.

4. Please complete the survey as soon as possible as we are planning to close the survey by 10th August 2012.

5. After the research report is successfully compiled, we will share it with those who have attempted the survey so that you can compare your results with the group aggregate and get better ideas and means to enhance your Amrit Vela mediation

Click here to access the survey:

We hope you would enjoy taking the survey!

With warm regards and God’s love!
Amritvela survey team