Dadi Gulzar – Question and answer chit chat at the airport before leaving for India

Q: Can you tell us about the first time you went into trance?

A: I never had any specific part in the drama to go into trance in the beginning because I came as a child.
But after a few years, when I was eleven or twelve, one night I was pulled into trance while everyone was asleep. I was living at the boarding school at the time.
Other sisters also used to get visions but they were mostly of the golden age. They used to see Krishna and dance with him.
Sometimes they used to see Baba as Krishna; but that wasn’t my part.

The first time I went into trance I saw the subtle region. The subtle region was like the light of thousands of moons together. When I saw this vision, I couldn’t understand what all the white was about. Everyone else was having visions of a colourful heaven and dancing in happiness and I just saw white! On the first occasion I just saw the subtle region. The next day I saw Brahma Baba in his angelic form in the subtle region and I didn’t understand what it was that I was seeing. I was still young at that time and so I shared this experience with one of my friends. She was laughing and teasing me. We had a white cat and she said that it must have been the white cat that I had seen there. But I knew what I had seen. The other children also teased me and laughed it off and I was not sure who to tell all this to as I continued to go into trance. So then I told one of the Dadis; but she couldn’t understand what it was that I was seeing and so I was told to go and relate my experiences to Mama but she was not clear what I had seen either.

Baba used to stay separately to us and when he came to see us, Mama told Baba what I had seen and he started thinking about it; thinking about how he was here and yet I was seeing him up in the subtle region and wandering what it meant.
Baba understood that some new secret was being revealed; some new chapter was opening up.

Baba also saw that Dadi was being teased by the other girls and so Baba decided that she should go and stay with him. Baba could not stay with the other sisters at that time because there was a court ban preventing him from doing so. So he lived separately from the rest of the family.

Baba’s daughter in-law Brijendra Dadi used to stay with Baba and I was put under her care. Brijendra Dadi was asked to question me and I would go up and talk to Brahma Baba in the subtle region and get the answers from him there in the subtle region! Brijendra Dadi was very clever in creating questions. She asked me to ask the Brahma Baba in the subtle region who he was as Brahma Baba was in the corporeal world in the physical form. I asked him whatever she asked me to ask him. In this way it became clear and there was understanding.

In the subtle region, Baba told me that he was the perfect and complete form of sakar Brahma down below. He did not mention that he had to become that, he just said this. Later Baba in the subtle region gave different messages, and also showed different visions.

It took time to understand as I also needed to understand the questions that I was asking the subtle form of Brahma as all of this was so new to us all.

Q: Dadi, have you seen your complete and perfect form up there?

A: When anyone goes to the subtle region only the angelic form is seen. Everyone is seen in the form of light .
A light greater than thousands of moons and each one is bathed and reflected in that light.
So, first there was the part of visions of paradise and then later this secret of the subtle region emerged.
I used go into trance and write the messages down and so all my attention was in that.

Q: What were the special efforts that Baba made to become perfect and complete?

A: From then on we officially had amrit vela in the morning and mediation in the evening. Before that time we just used to have drill.

Q: What practice did Baba do that enabled him to become perfect so quickly?

A: The emphasis was then on yoga and he inspired us all to sit in yoga.

Q: When you sat in yoga was Shiv Baba or Brahma Baba in front of you?

A: Right from the beginning it was just Shiv Baba, but now there were two Brahma Babas, one in the corporeal form and one in the angelic form in the subtle region.

Q: In the subtle region, did you see Shiv Baba in the form of a shivalingam or in some other form?

A: I saw Shiv Baba in the form of light. There wasn’t clear understanding about anything at the beginning. Everything became clear much later. Just imagine what would have happened to our
heads if all that information had come at the beginning!

Q: Dadi, at amrit vela you sit in meditation and go into trance. What do you experience?

A: Meditation and trance are different. Meditation is not trance.

Q: When we do meditation should we go to the subtle region or go straight to Shiv Baba?

A: Well, it is up to us. We can go to the subtle region but we need to have our yoga connected to Shiv Baba and not just with the subtle region.

……… Om shanti ……