Portrait of an Angel

Couple of days, Dadi Gulzarji was kind enough to bring a short message for Dadi Jankiji from beloved BapDada: You are a hero actor who is using both diamonds of 'Thoughts’ and 'Time’ in a worthwhile way. You are the humble instrument who is a constant, close companion in every task. The part of 'Haan ji’, 'I am present’ is pakka. You remain cheerful and give others the cooperation of happiness.

A day or so back Dadi was having a very powerful experience of the angelic stage. It was as though Dadi was a light-weight baby in this chariot… It was a soft and serene feeling. While expanding on this experience, Dadi shared some valuable characteristics and specialities of angels which are as below. When we make these qualities natural in our lives, we can truly play our roles as angels. It’s not a big deal to become a deity, but it’s a matter of great honour to serve as angels now.


I use my diamonds of ‘Thoughts’ and ‘Time’ in a worthwhile way.

I live in the constant awareness of being in the final moments of my final birth. This makes remembrance of
Baba and the Golden Age very natural.

Whilst living in the chariot and performing actions, I am detached from everything and loving towards One.

I live by my personality of 100% purity.

I live with honesty towards myself, Baba, the Brahmin family and the world.

I am free from the attachment of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’.

I am the embodiment of truth, cleanliness and simplicity.

I give everyone the co-operation of happiness with my own cheerfulness.

I have faith in being able to change any situation with pure, positive vibrations.

God’s knowledge of drama is filled deep within the soul, and so is the art of repeating my elevated role of the previous cycle.