Become a Renunciate, a great renunciate and a complete renunciate

Dadi Prakashmani:

Renunciation means that your right to whatever things or aspects you have renounced or stepped aside from, has finished. Whatever you have given to someone else belongs to that person. Therefore, you cannot even think about taking back whatever you have renounced or promised through your thoughts. You Brahmins are unlimited sannyasis and renunciates. Your images of renunciation have renounced the consciousness of your old home, that is, your old body. You have promised that even your intellect will not be attracted to your old home. This is why it is said: Renounce the body and bodily relations. The first step of renunciation is to renounce the consciousness of the body, that is, to step away from it. So, you also have to renounce being attracted by any of the different physical senses of your body, your home. No physical sense-organs should attract you towards itself.

Consider your old body to be something that BapDada has entrusted you to look after. That is not your body, but a valuable item given to you for the sake of service. It is as though you are living in your body as a guest. Therefore, renounce the consciousness of „mine” and consider yourself to be a guest and use your body for the elevated task. When you have renounced the consciousness of the body, you have also renounced all bodily relations. When you, the soul, have let go of the consciousness of the body, you become bodiless and the master of it and you constantly remain cheerful in your mind and body. You can never become unhappy in your thoughts nor can it be seen on your face. To be unhappy is a sign of being a servant.

Together with renouncing the body, you also have to be a great renunciate and renounce your lokik and alokik relations. That is, you have to become a conqueror of attachment. The indication of your being a conqueror of attachment is that you would not have any dislike anyone, nor would there be any subservience or attachment to anyone. If you dislike someone, then your intellect would constantly be disturbed by the defects of that soul, or by the deeds that he performs which are not to your liking. Then, at that time you try to remember the Father, that soul would appear in front of you. Souls for whom you have attachment will attract your intellect with their virtues and love. A soul you dislike will disturb your intellect when your expectations are not fulfilled. So, renounce the bondage of such happenings.

To become a Brahmin means to renounce sinful thoughts and sinful acts. Let alone sinful acts, Brahmins must not perform even ordinary acts. Physical organs are connected with acts; you have to renounce sinful acts. Without renouncing sinful acts, you cannot become a conqueror of sinful acts who performs pure acts. Therefore, renounce everything of waste because even wasteful words do not allow you to become powerful. Even if you have not performed any sinful act, but have just performed wasteful acts, you would still not be able to accumulate at the present or for the future. The time you waste in wasteful or ordinary things throughout the day should be underlined so that this carelessness is renounced. Your every thought and second are invaluable. Bhagats say that they simply want a glimpse for one second. Therefore, know your own value and renounce any thoughts and acts that are wasteful or sinful. Many children renounce their past life and become great renunciates. However, they sometimes misuse the great fortune they have received of becoming a great renunciate by having wrong types of intoxication. Although they have broken the iron chains and become golden-aged from iron-aged, they sometimes become
trapped in the golden chains of a beautiful life. The golden chains are the consciousness of „I” and „mine”. „I am a very knowledgeable soul”, „I am a gyani and yogi soul”. Sometimes, these golden chains do not allow you to become free from bondage. Now, become renunciates of even these. A true server means one who has renounced name and fame.

When you remain completely beyond the name and trace of vice in your thoughts, words, deeds, relations and contacts, you will be known as a complete renunciate. To be such a complete renunciate means to be one who is a constant embodiment of virtues. To be an embodiment of virtue means to be virtuous and to see virtues in everyone. Whilst seeing anyone’s defects and understanding them, do not allow those defects to be inculcated into your intellect. Become a complete renunciate and consider yourself to be a responsible soul. Whilst performing any elevated task, any successful task of service, any task that brings about progress in Brahmin souls, or any task that transforms an atmosphere of weakness or waste, become totally ignorant of wanting to perform limited acts or having a desire to attain temporary limited fruit. Those who constantly eat fresh (instant) fruit are always healthy in their mind. They will constantly be healthy and in a stage of manmanabhav.

om shanti