Question & Answer on Golden Age – Dadi Gulzar with Jayanti Bhen

Q. How is a deity in relationship with their body? Do they feel the body is an instrument or a gift?

We are to become the masters of matter. Our special work at this time is to purify matter. Firstly, in the Golden Age, matter will be satoguni. Due to this there will be no sicknesses, deformities or any type of ugliness. They understand that they are masters of matters and they work with matter with a great deal of love. Matter understands they are masters and co-operates with them. Matter does not deceive us or give us any difficulty.

Q. Will there be tiredness?

Tiredness only happens for a reason. No-one will have to work hard, strive a great deal for anything or get sick. There will be no problems there, no friction in relationship etc. These are the reasons for tiredness. The masters of matter are happy and thus matter is happy. Therefore, there will be no tiredness there.

Q. What will be our influence on fruits, vegetables and vegetation? Will we have a special relationship with them ie. as we give drishti to the food now?

The elements of matter receive the fruit of our vibrations. Matter is automatically pure there and behaves in a ‘perfect’ way. This is because we are pure. We are satopradhan and thus we use matter accurately. We are not under the influence with matter. We ‘operate’ it with the awareness of mastery. Of course we need to use them and thus we have a connection with them. But we are not under their influence.

Q. We see beautiful gardens in pictures of the Golden Age? Will there be formal gardens there or will there be more natural meadows and forests?

Of course there will be landscaped gardens there. Those who want them will make them. But there will be more natural scenery such as woods and meadows where flowers and trees grow naturally. There will be many small mountains. They will be unique. Some of them will be shaped like peacocks! Others will have other special shapes. There will be lakes. Because matter is pure, nothing will give sorrow. Humans will be deities and they will feel no burden of work or bondage of family. People will feel free all the time. They will move around in nature… Matter will be an instrument… There will be many natural designs in nature and they will also decorate nature.

Q. Will people pick the flowers?

Yes, they will pick them as they wish. But they won’t be at all destructive towards nature. They won’t hurt nature or break things. They will may trim certain trees according to the design they want but they won’t destroy anything with anger, with force. They may remove a tree if they need to clear a space but it will be done with love and care. They will only cut for a purpose. They don’t want to harm anything. Sometimes nowadays people behave with anger towards nature and the elements. That will never happen there.

Q. Will we eat raw foods, flowers or cooked food?

We will eat some cooked food but nothing heavy like there is here. The food will be very pure. We won’t eat fried food there. We won’t eat anything that is cooked a lot. We will eat food that is raw, flowers and lightly cooked food. There won’t be strong spices. There won’t be any need because the elements are pure and food will be very tasty! Food will be simple and it will taste natural and pure.

There will be mostly solar energy there. In this way natural resources are preserved. The Sun keeps sending its power. We will be able to use the energy of the Sun in the way we want.

Q. Nowadays we eat to get energy and we do yoga to get power. Where do people get their power from there?

People know they are souls there – that is natural. However, they don’t know a lot of detail. They know they are souls and they remain soul consciousness. They don’t have to practice to be soul conscious; they remain in spiritual consciousness and know that they are masters of matter. Everything is natural.

Q. So the soul is aware of its energy… Do they give food especially to sustain the body? Do they take vitamins, minerals etc.?

There is no bodily weakness there. There will not be any need to make special food which gives strength to the body. The fruits and flowers sustain the body naturally. There is natural first class natural nutrition. Everyone is very healthy there. They don’t need to take any supplements. The food is filled with vitamins, minerals and with energy. There is no sickness so of course no need to take medicine.

Q. What will the lighting system be?

There will be electricity. There will also be solar energy. These types of power won’t give us any problems. They will never harm us. They are always available. They will be under our control. We are their masters. As much as we are able to control now we will receive the fruit of that in the Golden Age.

Q. Are the flowers different colours from the flowers we see now?

The colours will be very beautiful. There will be all the colours that people love. There will not be any new colours that don’t exist here but sometimes colours here are a bit dull or faded. Everything will make people feel happy. There, everything will be very bright. The flowers won’t wither and die before time. The one who works with the flowers will know when to change them!

Q. At the confluence we speak of the Earth as the Mother. If we maintain a good relationship with Mother Earth now as we do our spiritual practice, will we receive special fruit of that in the future?

We will not be disturbed at all by matter in the future. We are sometimes disturbed by nature here. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes too cold. There, natural will never give sorrow to its matter. If you give sorrow to anyone or anything now, you will get the return of that. There are no natural calamities there. If you are careful with nature and matter here then you will get rights there. In fact matter will be totally in line there. We won’t have any concerns in any way about it.

Q. If we want to move forward spiritually then should we be careful not to give sorrow to nature?

Definitely. We should not give any sorrow to people or to the natural elements. We should not give sorrow to humans, the elements or creatures.

Q. Sometimes we go touring around to see certain beautiful scenery. Will we go to see any natural places to please our eyes?

Not so much… there is no sorrow there so you won’t feel the need to go somewhere to refresh the self or to make the self happy.

Q. Then should we tour around in the Confluence Age?

Baba tells us that to tour around according to our own desires now is not accurate. However, if the body needs pure air then we can go for that. Even at the confluence we don’t tour around for pleasure but for a purpose. We don’t go to places with the desire of being pleased by nature etc.

Q. Is there a give and take with nature in Satyug?

It is automatic. We remain in soul consciousness and we don’t have any vices so nature automatically receives happiness through us and we receives pleasure from it. We receive the fruit of having done yoga to purify the elements. We don’t have to consciously love nature and matter there, the love is automatic. I am a soul – the master of matter, there is this awareness in the future. The knowledge we have here is there in its emerged form. There, there is natural dharna that we don’t have to make effort for. We understand the subtle secrets and the dharna of those subtle secrets is with us naturally. We don’t even question whether nature should be nice to us and whether we should be nice to nature.

Q. At the Confluence should we pay attention to remaining healthy?

It is good to take care of the body. However, there should not be any attachment and thereby getting caught up in the condition of the body. When we sit in yoga now there is definitely a healing impact on our bodies. The effect of yoga is like a medicine.

In the same way there’s no question of us giving or receiving either happiness or sorrow there… it is all happening naturally….

Q. Someone has had open heart surgery and has pain. Although she has been practising yoga for many years, she now feels that it is now difficult to have yoga because of the pain. The body is pulling a great deal.

When there is the vibration of peace and power, the patient can receive benefit. Baba is merciful and compassionate and will help. Baba’s remembrance can help but it is not possible to expect that through yoga the pain can be completely overcome… but you will get help. The pull of the body because of the pain is a settlement of karmic accounts. It can be relieved with yoga. If attention goes to yoga more than to the pain it will make a difference.

Q. If I have kept my body in good order here is there an effect in the future? If I don’t keep my body in good condition here, will there be an effect in the future?

In the future elements of matter will be pure automatically and so all souls present there will receive the benefit of that, even if you didn’t do it here. We are purifying the elements through yoga so the return is to be able to experience the purity of the elements there. By doing yoga now, we experience benefit now. You will feel your pain less.

Q. If I fix my health through yoga then will I receive a better body in the future? Does the quality of my body there depend on the effort I make to take care of it now?

The elements will be pure and so everyone will receive good bodies there. There will be no illnesses, no untimely death…We have to focus on doing good actions here but we also have to pay attention to taking care of the body. I have to do what is necessary to keep my body in good order. Not because of desire but naturally, if I take care, it makes it easier to do service now. Thus, I can do more. Whether you have done good karma or not now, you will still get a good body there because the elements will be satopradhan. You will get the fruit of any type of good action you do now.

Q. Do you serve the elements of nature?

I serve nature and I also serve souls. Sickness prevents us from doing service. So we want to keep our bodies in good order so that there are no obstacles in service.

Q. Do you specially serve souls and the elements when there are natural calamities? Do you do special yoga for the elements at that time?

I give to both the elements of matter and to the souls who have been affected by what has happened. The atmosphere of the centres at that time has to be very powerful. In India we can help send water or whatever they need. In foreign countries we may not be able to do this but we can give the donation of yoga. The donation of yoga is very important because it changes the atmosphere. All of us can definitely give the donation of yoga power.

Q. Do we give the donation of yoga when events happen or should we do this every day or every week?

Baba has been saying that we have to keep time for yoga – for special pure thinking through which we make our lives happy and create a good vibration and atmosphere.

Q. If we give donation of light and might now will there be a special return we receive in the future?

No, it’s not personal like that: the elements will be pure for everyone. There will not be any difficulties for anyone in the Golden Age. Whatever service we do now is for everyone and all souls and matter will receive the return there.

Q. After Dadi Prakashmani left the body we offered bhog and you brought a message which mentioned that the five elements of matter came in front of her to salute her. What was Dadi’s special relationship with matter that the elements saluted her?

Dadi never gave any sorrow to matter. No matter what the situation was or what happened, she never got upset by anything. She made everyone peaceful. She even made the atmosphere at accidents peaceful. So the elements of matter had received benefit from Dadi. Because of this they were bound to show her respect. Although she was unwell she took medicine in such a way that it was clear that it was only for the benefit of the body and that she was not affected by pain or discomfort. She took the products to repair and sustain the body only. She gave a lot of happiness to the elements of nature so, at the end they came to salute her.

Q. We heard that Baba had special love for the gardeners. The gardener used to tell us many beautiful things about Baba after he became avyakt. Baba used to say that we should walk on the earth with light feet rather than heavy feet.

The elements of matter are our companions. Why should we hurt or harm them by being heavy with them? We should not give sorrow to matter. Whether it is people, matter or nature, we should not give sorrow to any of them.

Q. Baba used to say that his ‘daughter’ would come and eat any crumbs that had fallen down. He had love for all animals…

Yes, the birds would come and eat any crumbs that had fallen. Baba would see how the sparrows would come and he would say with great love that the sparrows were also his children who must be hungry. Baba was not under the influence of matter but as a master he never gave it any sorrow. If there is any animal we give love to now then those animals will come to us. Animals definitely respond according to how we treat them. Everything in nature, birds, animals, the flora and fauna is our creation… We are the masters; we must never give them sorrow.

Q. There are many things in bhakti which start at the Confluence. Here in India cows are considered as mothers… In other countries they don’t consider them sacred.

Of course in India there is a lot of bhakti. Cows give milk and sustain. Mothers give milk and so they call cows as mothers. Cows serve humans, don’t give any trouble and thus they are given a great deal of regard.

Q. Dadi, you said all of nature is our creation. In some places the Sun is so hot that people die. Floods happen… Why has nature become so violent and against human beings?

People have become violent and the elements are affected by that. The way people are influences matter. In the Iron Age the elements of nature are affected greatly by people.

Q. Through yoga how can the elements of matter become very pure again? What is that mechanism?

The elements of matter are affected by the vibrations of people. In the Iron Age the vibrations are very bad and this is why the elements are acting this way. In the Golden Age people will be very pure and nature will be affected and will behave accordingly. Everything in nature depends on the quality of people. When people are pure then the matter will react accordingly.

Q. At this time people believe there should be a great variety of flowers, vegetables, grains etc. When there is more variety nature is considered to be better. In the Golden Age will there be more or less variety of animals, flowers etc. ?

There will be fewer varieties. There will not be so many types of animals. There will not be any animals that give sorrow. There will be no flowers or trees with thorns. The vegetation will be very green, soft and luscious.

Dadi Gulzar, 15th February 2012, Gyan Sarovar
Om Shanti

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