‘What is Yoga’ – reflections from Dadi Janki

The face of a yogi is one that constantly sparkles in happiness, the soul remains in the awareness of its own peace; in the remembrance of the Supreme it receives power and drama teaches such a soul to smile. Each scene in the drama is unique and can’t be the same. So what is yoga?

It means to remain free. Where are we now? It means to have the awareness that we are going home and so I have raised my anchor from here. We are making preparations to go home. Baba has said, ‘Nothing is mine, everything is yours’. Baba’s home is my home and we are ready to go home. We have to go home and so we have to finish everything and remain carefree.

Yoga means not to stop anywhere. If any thought stops you then sadness comes. No matter what happens, keep the awareness that I, the soul, am imperishable in the face of everything perishable, the world and relationships. Am I absorbing the qualities of my inheritance – of liberation and liberation in life – from Baba?

The quality of the journey of life reflects our yoga.

Yoga is knowing, ‘Whose child am I?’ To have the awareness from childhood that ‘I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me’.

What is yoga – To have the experience of light and might through connecting and relating with Baba. If there is the slightest confusion or fear inside then understand that there is no yoga. If there is a relationship but no connection, then even though Baba is Mother and Father, there is no experience of light.

To clarify yoga is not simply a matter of words, but it is to be practically yogyukt and make our lives worthwhile through yoga power in such a way, that others to are inspired to move forward.

We are not going to fall behind but to move forward in such a way, that others too feel the pull of belonging to Baba – ‘I am Baba’s and Baba is mine’

Baba says you are mine and the children say, ‘yes Baba we are yours’ – it is such simple yoga that it makes us simple. It frees us from complications.

When we reflect on the Father’s qualities and versions, then we become entertaining and cheerful and learn how to smile in the face of anything.

Yoga means to go beyond and help others go beyond. The heart’s desire is that wherever there are souls in the world, whose intellect is wandering and can’t have yoga; then through our vibrations, their nature should become one of natural yogis.

If we have deep love to make the effort to have a satopradhan (pure) nature then through our vibrations, others will also receive these vibration to become satopradhan (pure), through which there will be the feeling that we have been removed from a rubbish bin and are sitting in the boat of truth and the boatman Is taking us beyond.

Someone who is skilled and learned won’t be able to pull the boat across, but the one who isn’t learned or skilled, but has the practice of being truthful will be able to take the boat across. Some have the ego, that ‘I am a yogi’ – then what kind of yoga are they having? This isn’t being truthful.

If you haven’t sat in the boat of truth, then how can you go across? We are sitting in the boat of truth and going across. Where will we go? We will go home to our Father and then return back to the land of happiness.

God’s Plan is ready made and we are playing our parts according to that plan. Yoga means to be play with the plan. We simply have to come together and move forward. There is no need to speak too much but remain quiet and everything will be accomplished.

20th December 2012