In 2013, I pledge to …

… Act in spirituality constantly and not come into extroversion.

… Keep the fast of remembering One and living economically.

… Be accurate in Yoga, Service, Shrimat and daily Routine, and not be careless.

… Be a Well-Wisher for all, engage in elevated thoughts, and not give or take sorrow.

… Remain beyond all questions and maintain a cheerful stage.

… Be free from attachment, subservience, and coming into influence, and stay in the royalty and personality of purity.

… Stay beyond the body, intellect and old sanskars.

… Always adorn the Shield of Humility and carry out the task of World Renewal.

… Being detached and free from entanglements by experiencing the stage of the Detached Observer.

… Liberate the self from the consciousness of “I” and “mine” with the awareness of Karavanhaar.

… Remain engaged in the dance of harmonizing sanskars and never come into conflict.

… Be victorious by staying immovable, unshakeable and stable on the rails of Drama.

… Experience the double-light, Carefree Emperor stage while looking after responsibilities.