Become a jewel of contentment Summary #1-25

Prepared by Bro Kamta.
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“The power of contentment is the greatest power and all attainments are within it.

All powers are merged in that contentment.

The atmosphere of the power of contentment spreads everywhere.

Souls who are jewels of contentment experience the different forms of upheaval of Maya and matter as though they are watching a cartoon show.

Bapdada wants to see each child in the form of a jewel
of contentment, full of the power of contentment.”
Avyakt Bapdada 20.3 12

See contentment as a jewel that decorates the soul.
Contentment is the decoration of life.
Therefore, be a jewel of contentment and remain content and make everyone content.

Who is a jewel of contentment?
What is the sign of contentment?
What is the basis for remaining content?
A jewel of contentment means a jewel without any flaw.
The sign of contentment is that a contented soul will experience the self to be satisfied and others would be satisfied with that soul.

In the stage of being satisfied, the heart is not asking questions.
One is a heart that is satisfied (prasann), and the other is a heart that is asking questions (prashan). Prashan means questions.

One with a satisfied heart remains satisfied because of being knowledge-full about the drama, and does not ask questions.
Whatever questions arise about the self or others, you yourself get the answer first.

Contentment is a special blessing from the Father for Brahmins to accept and share with others:
What is the visible sign of contentment?
What is the connection between contentment and happiness?
What is the result of being content and happy?
Why we must take the blessing of being content and happy and also give this blessing?

The visible sign of contentment is to be happy, and those who remain constantly content and happy are definitely praised by everyone.
So, praise is received through being happy.
Those who are constantly happy-hearted, receive everyone’s praise because of their contentment.
Therefore, I must take the special blessing of remaining constantly content and happy and also give this blessing to others.
-because the final offering in this sacrificial fire is for all Brahmins to be constantly happy.
-When everyone remains constantly happy, the sound of revelation will echo everywhere, that is, the flag of victory will be hoisted.

A contented soul is one who experiences contentment on the basis of being full.

The ones who are always full are content.

No matter how much someone may create situations of discontentment in front of them, contented souls will give the virtue of contentment in the form of co-operation to those who try to make them discontent.

I am a spiritually royal soul and so my task is to become merciful and make effort to transform such souls through my pure feelings and good wishes.

Brahmins can claim constant success and attain a right to an elevated status with the trimurti certificate of contentment.
To be constantly successful I need to have an accurate connection with the Father and the family.
Each one of us has to claim three certificates: from
-the Father,
-the self and
-the family.
What to do I need to do in order to claim these three certificates?
In order to make the family content, I need to remember one small thing: I must constantly play the record of giving regard. I have to be selfless in this.
In order to make the Father content, I have to be honest and truthful.
In order to remain content with myself, I have to constantly stay within the line of shrimat.
It is these three certificates that will enable me to claim a right to an elevated status.

A jewel of contentment has contentment in the heart and flies in the viman of blessings:
A jewel of contentment is one who is
-content with the self,
-with service and
-with everyone.
A jewel of contentment is one whose heart is always happy.
Happiness means my head and heart are always in a state of comfort and in a restful and happy stage. In this stage there is the experience of flying in the viman of blessings from everyone.

Contemplate on the connection between contentment and happiness:

The basis of happiness is the power of contentment.

The method to receive the certificate of contentment from everyone.

The method to claim a right to blessings from everyone and receive a certificate of contentment is through the tapasya from my heart.

There are many who give themselves a certificate through their chart of tapasya, but I can only receive a certificate of contentment from everyone
-when I do tapasya from my heart,
– when I have love for everyone from my heart,
-when I have the consciousness of being an instrument and have pure feelings.

I am aware that 100 % may not be easy but at the very least, 95% souls should give me a certificate of contentment and it should emerge from everyone’s lips:
“Yes, this one is number one”.

The secret of remaining content while coming into connections and relationships with others is to make incognito effort to remain content:
I need to make incognito effort-maker to remain constantly content and make others content while coming into connection and relationship with them.
The confluence age is the age of contentment.
If I cannot remain content at the confluence age, when would I remain content?
I cannot let there be any type of conflict in the self or when I come into contact with others.
A rosary is created when a bead comes into contact with another bead. When coming into connection and relationship with others, I remain content and make them content for only then will I become a bead of the rosary.
A family means to remain constantly content and make others content.

Contentment is the personality of a special soul:

When I have the personality of contentment I become a special soul.
If there isn’t the personality of contentment, I cannot be called a special soul.
In the world today, two types of personality are praised.
One is the bodily personality and the other is the personality of position.

The personality of contentment is visible in the expression of a Brahmin soul who has the greatness of contentment in his Brahmin life.

The personality of the position of his elevated stage is visible.

What is the basis of contentment in Brahmin life?
The basis for contentment is to be complete with all the attainments that have been claimed from Baba. That is to say, the soul is overflowing.

Any lack of attainment is the reason for discontentment. Having all attainment brings about contentment. There need not be any name or trace of discontentment in Brahmin life.

The confluence age is the age for remaining content and making others content.

The Confluence Age is the time to experience contentment. The knowledge of how to be content is available only now. In Satyuga I will be beyond even the knowledge of 'contentment or discontentment’.

The Confluence is the Age for constant attainment. Sangamyuga is the time to be elevated and to inspire others to be the same.

How elevated are the souls who play a part in this Age!

I need to check:
-Is there always this awareness – that I am an elevated soul of the Confluence Age? -Is there the experience of all attainment?
-On the basis of all attainments from Baba do I always feel myself to be complete and fulfilled?
-Am I so full that there is sufficient for myself and enough to share with others as well?

Just as of Baba it is said that His treasure store overflows, so, too, the treasure store of us children should always overflow.
It should never be empty. The more that we give to others the more it will increase for us.

What are the attainments of this time of the Confluence Age that there is contentment?
The Bestower of Fortune, the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to us.
What else do we need when the Bestower of Blessings Himself belongs to us?
The Father the greatest Treasure of all belongs to us.
What is the greatest of all at the confluence age?
The Father is the greatest Treasure of all.
When we found the Father we found everything. If we don’t have the Father, we don’t have anything. Even in the golden age, we would not have this greatest Treasure of all. There, we will have our reward, but not this Treasure. In that age we will receive all treasures, but at the confluence age, the treasures we receive are even greater than those of the golden age.
Nothing is lacking in Brahmin life. In our deity life we don’t have the Father, but in our Brahmin life, we lack nothing. Therefore, the imperishable song that we constantly sing in our minds is that “nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of us Brahmins”.
What is it that BapDada gave all of us Brahmin children as soon as we took Brahmin birth?
We receive the full inheritance:
Baba gave us the full inheritance. BapDada always says to all the children: Remember Baba and the inheritance. The inheritance is all the attainments.

All the powers are included in this. All the virtues are included and gyan is also included; all the powers, all the virtues and the complete knowledge. It isn’t just knowledge but it is the complete knowledge.
It isn’t just the powers and the virtues but all the powers and all the virtues.

The inheritance is everything, that is, it is complete; there is nothing lacking. Every Brahmin child receives the full inheritance. The full inheritance means it is complete and perfect. Since each one receives the full inheritance, what would there be where there are all attainments? There would be contentment.

At this time we have claimed our right over all three relations in all three forms: The Father , The Teacher and The Satguru.

The speciality of the time of the confluence age is that we have all three forms of attainment.
One is in the form of the inheritance.
The second, which is the study, is said to be the source of income; so the second attainment is on the basis of our study.
And the third is in the form of blessings.
We have the inheritance, an income and also the blessings. We have so many forms of attainment. The attainment is very great; it is very huge!

We need simply be the ones who are able to look after it. We have an unlimited inheritance, the income is unlimited and the blessings are also unlimited.
We have a right to the inheritance, the study and also the blessings. We have such a huge right! It is not a little thing; it is very big. We have claimed our right over all three relations in all three forms. So great is our attainment!

The seed of contentment is all attainments. Sometimes there is discontentment. What is the main reason for this discontentment? What is the seed of discontentment?
Since the special blessing of the confluence age is that of contentment, why are the souls who have claimed blessings from the Bestower of Blessings not always content?

Why is there discontentment when the praise of the Brahmins is that there is nothing unattainable in life, in the treasure store of Brahmins?

Is it that the Bestower of Blessings gives differently, or does the ones who have claimed, claimed differently?
What has happened?

The treasure store of the Bestower of Blessings is overflowing.
It is overflowing enough for twenty-one generations for the elevated instrumental souls who have become Brahma Kumars and Kumaris for a long period of time.
Even the bhagats as well as the generations of bhagats have the support of this attainment.
There is such a huge attainment, so why is there discontentment?

The reason for becoming discontent is the desire for limited, temporary attainment
Everyone has attained limitless treasures; they have been obtained through the One,
-in the same way,
-at the same time and
-by the same method.

However, souls do not know how to use the treasure store that has been there at all times and in every task, that is, they do not remember it.

There is happiness on the face but there isn’t happiness in the heart. There is happiness in the head but not in the heart. Why?
Souls do not become the embodiment of the awareness of the treasures that have been attained. There is awareness but not the embodiment of that awareness.

Although there is unlimited attainment, sometimes the unlimited attainment is transferred into limited attainments. This is why the desire for limited that is, temporary attainment, separates those who should be the embodiment of the fruit of unlimited attainments from the experience of constant contentment.

Limited attainments impose limitations in the heart.

There isn’t the attainment of the desired fruit due to limited desires.
The fruit of limited desires is the temporary fruit. This is why there is contentment one minute and discontentment the next. Limits do not allow the experience of unlimited intoxication.

The scenario of discontented souls of the world and Baba’s direct children, the jewels of contentment .

On one hand Baba’s children have achieved everything and on the other hand the souls of the world haven’t achieved anything in comparison.

Generally although the souls of the world have short-lived attainments, there is not the experience of attainment.
They are not content.
There is always a desire to gain one thing or another.
They always have a deep desire for this or that.

They hanker after desires.

They wander about like thirsty souls trying to achieve something or the other on the basis of the body e.g. mental and physical health, wealth etc. from human beings or from society.

The souls of the world make endeavor for three things in particular namely- power, devotion and liberation

1. There is a desire to attain power:
– power of the mind,
-of the body,
-of wealth,
-of position and of wisdom.

2. Others have desires of devotion, the desire to have experiences of true bhakti, for a moment. Some devotees do have this desire.

3. Some want liberation from this sorrowful world of bondage.
Having been through the experience of suffering from the Copper Age onwards, and seeing peacelessness and sorrow in this world, and seeing the limited achievements as illusory, some want liberation from this sorrowful world of bondage.

The devotees want devotion, others want power and some want liberation.

If someone is a millionaire but he has no contentment, then even millions are not millions. Such a soul is a beggar of his own desires.
Desires means restlessness.
Desires would never allow one to become a good person, because, if a limited desire is fulfilled, upon its fulfillment it gives birth to many other desires. This is why they are trapped in the cobweb of desires. They want to be free but cannot be free.
Souls of the world are not content due to many unfulfilled desires.

Who can serve the disconted souls of the world? How to serve those souls?
The Jewels of contentment souls can give the experience of peace and happiness to such discontented souls.
The jewels of contentment can give them the experience of purity, peace and happiness and a little knowledge as well.
I stabilize myself in the stage of being a child of the merciful Father and give sakash. As the Father has mercy on His children with the thought that-
„They are children of the Donor and they are asking for such little, temporary achievements”,
in the same way
I have the feeling of mercy and compassion for such stumbling souls.
For my brothers who are wandering about in search of the fulfillment of their short-lived desires, I have a vision of mercy and compassion.

For my brothers who are trapped in a cobweb of desires and want to be free but cannot be free I make my trapped brothers free from all desires. I make them ignorant of desires for perishable things. I know that they are restless because they are far from their original glory of position.
They are not aware that they are
-children of God,
-the children of the Donor, i.e. that all achievements are their birthrights.
Because they cannot remember this they are restless. I remind such souls of their elevated positions.
I stabilize myself in my self respect of being a great donor and a bestower of blessings and become a shining jewel of contentment to all.

Contentment with the self is an important aspect of Brahmin life because if we are not content with ourselves we cannot be content with others. . Why do we sometimes become discontent with ourselves?

-As we move along, we are not able to merge into ourselves the attainment given to us by Baba.
-we do not know the method of using all the treasures and attainment, or
– we do not know how to use them at the time of need.

We forget the first lesson that Baba has told and given us – “Who am I?”
We forget that which Baba created and which Baba gave us.

Baba has made each child an heir to the full inheritance.
He has not given half of it to some and all of it to others.

Baba has given everyone the blessing and the inheritance of being a master almighty authority.

It is not that He has given some powers and not others.
He makes us complete with all the divine virtues.
He makes us the embodiment of all attainment.

However, as we move along, we are not able to merge into ourselves the attainment given to us by Baba.

If people have physical wealth and facilities and yet do not know how to use that wealth or those facilities, then even though they have all attainments, they remain deprived.
In the same way,
every one of us has all the treasures and attainment, but if
-we do not know the method of using them, or
– we do not know how to use them at the time of need we become deprived..

Then what do we say? `I thought that this is how it should happen’, or, `It should not happen in this way’.

We need to know how to use the treasures and attainment at the time of need. If at the time of need we do not use these, we will not be able to reach the destination of success .If the time of even one second has passed by,we will not get success because the train of time will have left.
Whether we are one second late or one hour late, that time will have passed by. When that time has passed by, we lose hope in ourselves, and then the sanskars of discontentment emerge. Then, what do we think?
-`Such is my fortune!’
-`Such is my part!’
To avoid discontentment in this way:
-I need to merge in myself the attainments given by Baba and to use all the treasures and attainments with the right method.
There has to be the awareness that Baba has made me an heir to the full inheritance.
Baba has given me the blessing and the inheritance of being a master almighty authority and so I must use those treasures and attainment at the time of need.

What two things can cause discontentment in the self?

Loss of hope and jealousy are the two things that can cause discontentment in the self .

This happens while seeing the specialty of others, the fortune, or the part of others. In such situations there can be less courage and more jealousy.

Anyone who loses hope cannot remain content; neither can anyone with jealousy remain content.

Why is this?
With reference to both these types of souls, their desires are never fulfilled, and those desires do not allow them to become good. This is why the soul does not remain contented.
Because there is ichcha [desires] they cannot be achcha [good].

According to the system within the drama, every Brahmin soul has one or another speciality at the Confluence Age. Even the last bead of the rosary of 16,000 has a speciality. Even after that, the 900,000 that have been remembered have also been given a speciality.
This fact has to be retained in the intellect in order to remain content and prevent loss of hope and jealousy.

So first of all, we must recognise our speciality. There is the fortune, the speciality, of Brahmin life in all of of us.
We need to recognise it and use it.

We should not simply see the specialities of others, and then lose hope or become jealous.

By using our speciality, one speciality will bring other specialities; a zero will be added to one, and our speciality will reach many.

What is meant by using our speciality?
To make use of our speciality means to use or increase it.

When we use even one speciality the vision of many others is drawn towards us and so there is multiplication.

The basis for becoming complete is contentment. If we are content with ourselves, we will also remain content with others and service. Our contented image will do the great service.

What are some things to check in order to claim the certificate of contentment for the self:

1. Positive thoughts for the self and others:
To remain content and be able to make others content it is important to think positively for the self and for others.
Do I have positive thoughts for the self as well as for others?

What are positive thoughts for the self?
Positive thoughts for one’s self means that there are always pure thoughts for the self.
Just as one thinks positively for the self, in the same way, there should be positive thoughts for others.

How to become one who always thinks positively for the self and has pure thoughts for others?
There should be two things.
One is to resist and
the other is to face.
When anything comes in front of us, we have to resist wasteful matters, and also face the situation.

2. The virtue of tolerance is a very important dharna to be content with the self and for others to be content with us.
The more we see the power of tolerance within ourselves, accordingly, we should consider ourselves to be content with own selves and also others to be content with us.

How to check?
Check the face, the eyes and the features.
The face of those who have the virtue of tolerance constantly reveals them to be content. Their eyes and features will never be those of discontentment.

The more we see the power of tolerance within ourselves, that much we should consider ourselves to be content with our own selves, and also others to be content with us.

3. Seeking respect is a source of discontentment for the self.
The seed of all mistakes for the self is the weakness of one word respect.
Instead of stabilizing the self in self respect we demand respect.
We remove the word self from self-respect
We forget our self-respect.
By one word, we cut ourselves off from our original stage. By making the mistake of this one word, we make many other mistakes. When we want respect, our way of speaking, walking etc., changes.

4. Equanimity in praise and defamation:
When we hear praise, we become intoxicated and when we hear defamation, we have dislike. In fact, there should neither be intoxication through being praised nor dislike through being defamed. If we look at ourselves as detached observers and find that there is equanimity in both praise and defamation there will be the experience of contentment with the self.

What is meant to be liked by myself? What is a contented mind?
Would I have questions if there is fulfillment? Would a contented soul not be full?
How would a soul with contentment handle conflicts and problems?
To be liked by myself means to have contentment within my own mind.
I should not be confused within myself.
There should be no question as to whether I am able to do something or not, whether I am able to carry on doing something or not.
To be liked by myself means to have the certificate of contentment within my own mind.
I need to check-Is the state of my mind fulfilled, or is it still full of questions?
The mind that is content will not be the mind that questions any aspect.
The mind that asks questions means that there are question marks. This of course is in connection with the attainments from God. If there is a question it means that there is no contentment.
The mind that is contented is peaceful and full. There is attainment and so there is contentment. The soul is full in every aspect and so there is fulfillment.
Those who are constantly full of all treasures are constantly content. Discontentment is caused by lack of attainment.
Souls who are full are also able to give something to other souls.
If I lack something in myself, I am unable to give that to others. Contentment means to be full. Baba is always full and is therefore praised as the Ocean. This indicates that He is full. Therefore, I need to become a master ocean like the Father. A river sometimes dries up, but souls who are full will constantly dance in happiness.
Nothing but happiness would be experienced by those souls.
Because contented souls are full, they never become distressed by anyone.
They would have no conflict with anyone in their relationships.
Even if they do have conflict, they do not become affected by it.
They would experience any type of obstacle or confusion to be a game.
Even problems would become a means of entertainment because they would see them with the vision of being knowledge-full.
Because their intellect constantly has faith, they are constantly victorious and cheerful.

Following shrimat gives contentment to the self while following manmat[dictates of the mind] makes the self discontentment.
What is the method to recognise shrimat from manmat?

The method to recognise whether it is shrimat or manmat is that if it is shrimat, my mind will never become discontent.

There will not be any type of upheaval in my mind.

By following shrimat, I will have natural happiness, just as I automatically experience internal happiness when I perform a good deed.

If I do something wrong, my conscience will definitely bite, even though I may not speak about it. The mind will fluctuate when I follow manmat.

When I follow shrimat I will be constantly light and happy.

The thermometer to know if I am following shrimat or manmat is that if I follow shrimat I will be light and happy and if I follow manmat my mind will fluctuate.

Whenever there is
-any fluctuation in my mind or
-the percentage of my happiness decreases, then I need to check .
Is there disobedience in following shrimat?

Is my every step according to shrimat, or, is it also according to the dictates of my own mind?

Claiming the certificate of contentment from others:
I should receive a certificate of contentment from all souls in three subjects:
1. My own effort,
2. My service and
3. My connection with others.
The certificate I receive will not be any writing on a piece of paper, but I will have the experience of it from each one.
In this way, those who are victorious in keeping the self content and making others content when coming into connection with all souls, become one of the eight deities, a victorious jewel.

Claiming the certificate of contentment from others:
What two important powers are needed by mahavirs in order to claim the certificate of contentment from others?
How to imbibe contentment in ourselves when others words, sanskaras and actions are not accurate? How to claim the certificate of contentment from such a soul?

In order to pass in the subject of being content and making others content the main thing is to have
-the power to tolerate and
-the power to accommodate within ourselves.
The reason for discontentment with others is that when we discover, according to our own reasoning, that when
someone else’s words, sanskars or actions are not accurate, then our own words and actions also become like that, that is, not accurate, and through this the other souls become discontented.
Seeing someone else’s sanskars or words or actions, we think that it is not right or it should not be like that.

However, in spite of that, if we were to imbibe the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate, then these powers would automatically give that soul a vision of his inaccurate behaviour.

But what happens is that, in order to grant him a vision or to make him realise through our words and our features, we also come under the influence of our own sanskars.

Because of that, neither are we ourselves content, nor are others content.

If at that time, we have the power to accommodate, then on the basis of this, or on the basis of the power of tolerance, we can avoid his actions and sanskars for a little time, and then our powers of tolerance and accommodation can shoot an arrow of contentment towards that soul.

Because of not having these powers, there is discontentment in the soul.

When we have these two powers and we avoid his actions and sanskars for a little time and these powers can touch the soul. At that time we will not appear to be victorious but we will appear to be defeated but the defeat of that time will put a garland around our neck for many births.

So we should consider this defeat to be a victory.

Because of having this weakness of using these two powers, we do not have as much success in this subject as we should have.

Whilst having knowledge in our intellect, we should also have the understanding of -what knowledge to give to someone and
– at what time and
-with which yukti.

Sometimes, we think that we have given some instructions [correction] to someone, but if it is not the right time, if that soul does not have the power to listen to it, then those instructions do not work like instructions.

We generally sow a seed having seen the ground and also the time, and then there is success. If it is not the time, or the ground is not right, then no matter how good the quality of the seed may be, it will not bear fruit.
In this way,
if we want to give points of knowledge as a teaching or a yukti, then we first see the ground and the time. The ground is the power of the soul, but also see the time, and then the seed of teachings can give fruit.

This is the sign of being courageous.
-To remain content with those who are already content is not being courageous.
– To give love to those who love us is not being courageous.
-To co-operate with those who are co-operative is not being courageous.
However, just as we uplift those who defame us, no matter how unco-operative someone is with us, with the power of our own co-operation, to make unco-operative souls co-operate is known as being courageous.

This is also the love of our relationships with others. If a relative is weak in something, then it is not a maryada to leave that one alone thinking that he is weak.

The Godly maryada is that we do not leave alone someone who is weak because he is weak, but we make him strong by giving him power, and make him our companion. We make such a weak soul worthy of taking a high jump. Then we would be called a mahavir.

The certificate of contentment is given from the heart.
The certificate of contentment may not be from 100 percent of the people but at least 95 percent should give this certificate.

Many of us gave ourselves marks for contentment from others but only some claimed the certificate of contentment from all.
We may keep a chart of contentment and give ourselves the best certificate of all. But we need to check it accurately.

The certificate of contentment must be given from the heart.

It should emerge from the mouths of everyone, 'Yes, this one is number one’.
I should receive this certificate of blessings from everyone’s heart.

Often situation arises with regards to karmic accounts.
We say,
„We are fine, but other souls have such severe karmic accounts with us that no matter how much we try to make them content they do not become content.”

We should still receive a certificate of 95% marks from everyone else.
In other words we should receive the certificate of contentment from 95% of the people.
We can put aside the 5 % that have severe karmic accounts. This five percent can be forgiven.

But 95% of those who come in contact with us should give us blessings from the heart.

It can be argued that who is content with everyone anyway?
There isn’t a single soul like that!
It is argued that people get upset even with the senior Baba’s Maharathis so “it is not a big thing if someone is upset with us.”
This is not absolutely correct because 95% are pleased with those seniors from their heart.

We must understand that aspect of the seniors accurately:
The seniors have to become the judges.
When two people go to see a senior with a dispute or a situation, the senior may agree with the position for one of the two people but not with the other.
Two people cannot be right in a situation of disparity.
The one to whom the situation is favorable will be content but the one who does not receive a favorable response will be unhappy with the senior and would be discontent saying 'Even this one [senior] is not good’. So even with seniors there is not a 100 % who are constantly content with them.

If 95% of others are content with me I will claim a number in receiving the certificate of contentment from others!

The certificate of contentment is the certificate of being a victorious jewel.
With contentment both the present and future will be elevated.
There is still time to claim the certificate.

A soul who is the embodiment of contentment is an elevated soul and one who has claimed the right to the certificate of being a victorious jewel.

We must claim the three certificates of contentment: firstly, for myself to be content with myself; secondly, for contentment always in relationship with the Father; and thirdly, for contentment always within the relationship with the Brahmin family. With these we can make both our present and our future elevated.

There is still time to claim this certificate of being a victorious jewel.
It can still be taken now, but there is not a great deal of time that remains. Now it is late, but it is not yet too late. Even now we can move forward by inculcating the speciality of contentment. Even now there is still a margin of time in which last can go fast and so become first; but soon last will have to remain last.

We can check this for ourselves.
Is the state of my mind fulfilled, or is it still full of questions?
If all questions are finished then there is fulfillment.

The Confluence Age is the time to experience contentment.

The knowledge of how to be content is available only now.

In the Sun dynasty kingdom we will be beyond even the knowledge of “contentment or discontentment.”

Contentment is the treasure of the Confluence Age.

With our contentment we must give others the treasure of contentment.

The children of the Bestower are the master bestowers, and so we should store so much stock within ourselves.
I must check:
Is my stock full, or is there still something missing?
If there is something missing in my stock, I cannot be a world benefactor; I can only be a benefactor.I must become like the Father!