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Purity – Holy Swan Stage



  1. Class from Dadi Rattanmohini

  2. Mama as the Swan: stories

  3. Points for Yoga Bhattis

  4. Purity commentary

  5. Sr. Jayanti – October 2003: Topic: “Purity is Royalty”

  6. Class by Bro. Jagdish – Letting Go of Body Consciousness: “New Dimensions of Paradise”

  7. Class by Sr. Dianne : Thinking about purity and enjoying purity:- conquering the vices”

  8. Purity Chart

  9. Chart: Self Respect is the foundation of purity

Class by Dadi Rattan Mohini

Volcanic Impact on Yoga”

Purity, fire and faith

I understand that I have to increase my power of purity. Baba says that through the power of yoga, your sins of innumerable births will finish. We constantly ignite our fire of yoga and it is that aspect that we have to pay attention to. The power and divinity of the eternal form needs to be constantly be in our awareness. Have those types of thoughts in which your original, eternal form is revealed.

Baba said in yesterday’s murli that Baba is very Sacred, He is very pure. Think about I, the soul. When I’m with the Father in Paramdham, how pure am I? That purity can remain constantly ignited in our awareness. Have that intoxication and awareness constantly emerged. Then there will be the experience of cleanliness. Our original eternal form is purity and at that time we should have the experience that we don’t even know or have knowledge of impurity. This is called yoga. This is our power of yoga, so there’s not just connection with the Father, there is that relationship that whatever the Father says, the child experiences and has the feeling internally, that I am the child of the Ever-pure Father. I the soul am so pure it is as if I don’t even know anything about impurity, I’m ignorant of any desire.

Now we understand the form we had in Paramdham and so we can emerge that form. There was cleanliness there. When we are the residents of Paramdham, because we have pure thoughts, the thoughts are very calm. The incorporeal form, in yoga we have to emerge that original form and experience that power. On the basis of that power, when we come onto the field of action, there will be the experience that I have incarnated. I have only incarnated to perform actions through this body. There will be the experience that somebody is making me act through the body and when we have that experience we will be very happy internally. There is coolness of the senses and in that awareness there will be loveful interactions and with drishti, we will give vibrations and then we are able to give others this experience.

The Fire of Yoga:

So this Godly power should come to you so that you experience that powerful stage. You can call it the fire of yoga. We say fire because whatever old sanskars we have within, they start to transform and the task of a fire is to transform whatever is put into that fire. In this way, when we sit in powerful yoga, there is the experience of the soul being totally clean and that power constantly remains emerged. It is like we are lost in that power and there is the feeling that there is fire coming out from within us. The power is strong; we really feel it strongly.

Fire means that whatever old sanskars are within, with the power of the fire of powerful yoga, wherever I am, whoever I am, the purer and cleaner I become. However much divinity I have, and however much purity and honesty I had at the beginning of time, when I experience these things, I become the embodiment of the power of yoga.

We just sit in the one pure, elevated thought that

I am a pure soul,

the resident of Paramdham.

I am the child of the imperishable Father,

the One who is the Almighty Authority;

He is my Father and

I am also the embodiment of the power of God Shiva.

Apart from these pure thoughts, there should be no other thoughts emerging. On the basis of these pure thoughts, the more intoxication you have, the more the power remains emerged. Whatever power we experience within, it’s like fire, heat; heat that makes one pure and clean. Whatever rubbish is within, that continues to burn. Whatever weaknesses you have within your nature, they will continue to finish. Your original nature will be the experience internally that ‘I am a very pure soul’. So that cleanliness enables us to experience a lot of power. When we remember One, there is the feeling of fire, but that happens internally. That fire transforms the impurity within and it emerges purity.

After powerful yoga, we carry that experience with us and on the basis of that power we pay attention to our words, actions and even our drishti. When we met each other, there is that experience that when we see others, we can see from the other’s face that they were sitting in powerful remembrance. However much attention we have, to that extent, that spirituality remains emerged.

Just as Baba said today: What is the spiritual fragrance of the spiritual roses? It is when our attitude is spiritual. There is a saying: As is your attitude so is your drishti. As is our attitude, so is the world. When our attitude is stable, then our drishti can be filled with spirituality. When we have spiritual drishti towards each other, then our words will be sweet and we will speak to others with love and have only loving feelings towards them.

When we sit in yoga, there will be the internal experience whilst being in this body,

I am beyond the consciousness of the body,

stable in soul consciousness whilst being in this body.

Your remembrance, because of being accurate,

would be that you are a very, very subtle point of light.

Then it’s as if the soul is giving out a very powerful light.

That purity enables us to experience a lot of strength and power.

The soul will experience itself to be very powerful and

that power will allow us to experience a lot of internal peace and happiness.

This fire of yoga helps us to transform our old nature.

Because of this transformation it is called the form of fire.

The word fire is very powerful because

whatever obstacles come in front of you or

whatever form of maya takes, when you are stable in that powerful form,

all these obstacles will finish automatically.

People used to come with very fearsome and bad forms, but when Baba gave them drishti, they would transform. Baba said that you will definitely have that stage at the end. It’s not just that it will happen automatically, but we have to create that stage now. Whilst practicing you will have that natural stage. Then you will be stable in your original form which will then be reflected in your life every day and it will also help you to face the obstacles.

Faith in the Intellect:

In today’s murli, Baba said: Practice that I, the soul, have incarnated just as Baba incarnates from Paramdham into the body of Brahma. In the same way, we souls have incarnated. We can practice that we have come from the Soul World into this body. Yoga can be just having total deep faith in One Baba. Nobody can break that faith. We have such faith in the intellect that when we sit in remembrance there are no other thoughts entering the intellect and there is no type of battle. As soon as we come we have faith and on the basis of that faith, remembrance becomes very easy. It seems as if there is a constant connection with Baba.

This was also our practical experience from the beginning. No-one can shake our stability. Nobody can change that faith. So the faith is One Baba. Baba is my Father; He’s my Friend; He’s my everything; we have no connection with anyone else in the world outside.

When the soul has this full faith it helps us a great deal in maintaining a connection with Baba, so it’s easy to remember Baba. Because of this, however long you sit in meditation, that yoga will not be broken. So when we have the accurate practice, our yoga should not break in between. When we used to go to the shores of the ocean, we used to sit in yoga and cross our legs, just as Baba was sitting. We used to sit with great pleasure for one or two hours, just very stable and still. At that time, our stage of yoga was that there were no other types of thoughts. There was a feeling that we were sitting on the globe of the world and we were giving this sakaash (power) to everyone. Why? Because we had this firm faith that Baba had come and He was transforming this world. So now we have become instruments for the same task.

Becoming Instruments:

We also have to give to the world good, powerful vibrations. For the self there is that faith and there is also that faith in Baba, there is the awareness of our task. Just as Baba is an instrument, Baba has also made us instruments. There is the faith of being an instrument and because of this intoxication, we experience constant pleasure. We have that constant embodiment of awareness whilst walking, moving, and sitting. This is attention.

For what purpose has Baba made us an instrument? On the basis of that awareness, when we sit, talk and move around, that awareness remains emerged. Whomever we see, we see them with that spiritual vision. Because of seeing others as spirit, that intoxication just continues to increase and there is the feeling of being in constant pleasure. With that intoxication, when we sit in meditation there is no type of battle within and no other type of thoughts.

We are the children of the Master of the World and we are also masters and we have to give pure vibrations to the entire world. With no other thoughts at that time, when we sit still, the mind is also very stable and because the mind is very stable, the stage of yoga is so powerful that the experience of the self is that there is no experience of the body but there is that experience of power.

Sit in this remembrance and have a constant stage of powerful yoga and in this remembrance

I am the resident of Paramdham;

I am the child of that Pure Soul.

Sit in the original, eternal pure form

Stay in that awareness

Be the embodiment.

Om Shanti.

Mama the embodiment of purity: the Swan

Mama on the path of bhakti is remembered as Jagadamba, the World Mother. Mama’s purity is shown in various ways. She is shown as the ‘Swan’ and is said to have had its qualities of the power of discrimination and judgment, unattached and unaffected. The white swan and lotus indicate a powerful state of purity. The ‘White Lotus’, with a tinge of light red, signifies purity dignified with graceful activity. Her ‘White Clothes and White Ornaments’ are symbolic of her ultimate purity. Looking at her Copper Age image we find Mama represented as having complete knowledge of the art of meditation. She is complete with ‘Gyan and Yoga’ and is said to have used them as her ‘bow and arrow’.

Mama is worshipped in the form of Saraswati carrying the ‘Veena’ which means that she attained mastery over the physical organs and over her actions. She had mastered playing the veena which meant that she had mastered life and feeling. The veena is considered to be the symbol of life and its strings are symbolic of ‘feelings’. The ‘Book’ represents her role in the Confluence Age of inspiring others to take up spiritual disciplines and knowledge and her own ability to understand and imbibe divine knowledge. The ‘Rosary’ symbolizes her total concentration on God. The rosary is called the ‘Spatik Mala’ which signifies transparency and the power to see reality.

Mama as Saraswati was also worshipped in the bhakti tradition as the 8 Goddesses of Durga, Kali, Santoshi, Gayathri, Sheetla, Anarpoorna, Uma, and Amba Devi. Mother Saraswati was reputed to be so spiritually powerful that when spiritual seekers sought her help to remove their obstacles and difficulties, she appeared to them riding on a lion, so they also gave her the name of Durga. Similarly, when she removed the negativity in others, she came in very fearsome form of the goddess of death or Kali. As the giver of contentment, she was called Santoshi. As the goddess of happiness she was worshipped as Gayathri. For her coolness she was named Sheetla. For her role as unlimited world bestower of health and wealth she was named Anapoorna. Those who drew on her example of zeal and enthusiasm called her Uma Devi. Those who wished that she would shower love, mercy and compassion named her Amba Devi.

Remembrance of Mama is in both her Brahmin and Golden Age form. Those who wished to receive a stage of unlimited purity and many powers prayed to Mama as Saraswati, Jagadamba, or the ‘World Mother.’ Those who remembered her golden aged deity form, prayed to Lakshmi in the form of goddess of wealth, one with unlimited virtue, a goddess who had attained and also bestowed liberation in life. ‘Laksha’ means one hundred thousand, this number is an attempt to give expression to the unlimitedness of the Golden Aged Empresses virtues and attributes.

Mama in her golden aged deity form, as Lakshmi, is worshipped for having attained the highest stage of perfection and development that humans are capable of. Perfection is worshipped in several forms. The Four Arms of Maha Lakshmi each represent one quality. Her four arms signify Dharma (Purity), Artha (Prosperity), Kama (Perfection) and Mukti (Freedom from bondage). Collectively these qualities represent the stage of Fruition or liberation in life. There is nothing left to be achieved. Health, wealth, virtue and happiness are all attained.

The hundred-petal lotus that Lakshmi is shown sitting or standing on is symbolic of her attainment of one hundred percent purity, detachment and the full development of her perfectly satopradhan or pure stage. The ocean of milk in which her lotus throne floats represents purity, peace and prosperity. Gold coins continuously flowing from her left hand signify unlimited wealth. As Baba says no-one wants anything in the Golden Age. This is the ultimate outcome of having attained the stage of complete purity in the Confluence Age.

Purity Commentary

Baba’s pure desire is for me to experience purity

Sit on the throne of His heart

Then only God’s drishti attracts me.

In sweet conversation with Baba,

I reflect on harmony, peace, and purity

I reflect on my pure relationship with the five elements.

My reflections become deeper and I think of my true nature

A being of peace

A loveful being

A being of light

A being of power…

I am light

I am energy

I am alive, vibrant, sparkling, and divine…

I am separate from this dense body of matter, my vehicle…

Without it I can fly

With pure thought

I can travel, leaving this world, this body behind.

Moving away from the experience of the body

I am so subtle

I the subtle being of light

A star, so bright, radiating light

I move beyond sound to the Ocean of Light

I bathe in this Ocean of light

Once I am detached from the body I can begin to ask questions;

What is this region made of?

Red golden light.

Who is there?

The Supreme Father

What does He look like?

A cool white sun… star…

I have taken many lives and have lost all my power

I come home to be charged with all powers from my Eternal Father

He is always full of all powers and qualities.

What are His Qualities?

He is the Ocean of Purity

What is purity?


See how much light He gives

The cool vibrations are showering me

I am also pure like my Father

He is also the Ocean of Knowledge, love and power..

As I take each quality, and merge it deep within myself.

As I come closer,

I feel as if I am diving deep into an unlimited Ocean.

I merge into the Supreme Being

This is the Ocean of Bliss

I merge into the Supreme Being

This is the Ocean of Peace.

The unlimited Ocean is receiving and complete.

I am merged in the experience of the Highest Soul.

Diving into the depths of bliss.

So deep, so silent is this Ocean.

The treasures are eternal

Treasures of peace

Treasures of love

Of light, of bliss…

Waves of golden-red light break around me

I bathe, clean, purify until I feel free and light.

When I can experience this, my original form

I, like Baba, am in the seed stage

The mind and sanskaras naturally stop.

In my eyes comes the vision of the attitude of soul consciousness,

On my lips is the smile of happiness for becoming a great soul,

On my head is the crown of the imperishable light of purity.

I radiate the light of completely pure and divine drishti

And the light of the jewel sparkles on the forehead:

I am complete.

Not only do I become pure but I also purify matter.

Refreshed and transformed

I float gently downwards

Softly, slowly, I return

I am peaceful, alive

Baba has given me purity as a gift

I am a loving holy swan,

Constantly co-operative in Baba’s task,

Transforming the world through my pure attitude and pure vision.

Fulfilled with the power of purity all are satisfied.

Pure thoughts bring the mind into a state of satisfaction.

Purity’s magnetic attraction becomes the basis of service.


Class by Sr. Jayanti – October 2003

Topic: “Purity is Royalty”

1) Purity as royalty and truth.

2) Purity as the crown of light.

3) Purity as merging the self so that only God is visible.

4) Purity as loyalty or commitment to One.

5) Purity as good wishes and pure feelings.

6) Purity as cleanliness and order

The first murli that Baba spoke when He spoke to the Madhuban niwassis was on the theme of “Love”, and although it was to the Madhuban niwassis, it was for all of us also. And so, not surprising, the second murli of the season should be a murli on “Purity” (October 2003).

Each season Baba takes up the most important aspects that we need to imbibe within the soul and so, every season is like the next semester in which Baba is giving us training to move on, move on and move on. And although the words may seem the same; love and truth and respect and so on, the training that Baba’s giving is a constantly refined process. Yesterday I found that, the most important thing that Baba was doing, apart from the definitions that Baba was giving, was having very, very long pauses. It was like Baba would make a statement, (like when Baba spoke about the eternal stage of the soul), and having said that, Baba would pause and Baba’s drishti would be lifting us into that experience. So it was very much an experiential murli.

It was like Baba was reminding us, and Baba would say: Do you remember what your experience was when you were in the soul world? Just imagine, not only do we know about the home, not only can we experience going to our home, but Baba’s reminding us that the total experience of eternity is recorded in the soul and Baba is awakening and emerging that experience. So Baba pulled us into eternity to be with Him and experience stepping away from everything here, and in that stage of eternity, infinity, He gave us an experience of what purity truly is.

In the past when I’ve been asked what purity is, sometimes I’ve said to people, well it’s that state of that original power of the soul or it’s that state when there’s nothing but love within the soul or a much easier definition is to use a negative definition, (in a sense), that it’s the state in which the soul is completely pure and clean in which there are no more blemishes or marks on it. All the stains have been washed away. Of course, with any gross stain of the vices, one can understand is impurity, but that state when there’s no subtle negativity whatsoever, is purity. I’ve always felt that a negative definition is inadequate. There has to be a very powerful positive definition of what it is, rather than what it isn’t.

1. Purity as Royalty and Truth

Yesterday Baba defined for us many, many powerful and very beautiful definitions of what purity is, and so right from the very start, He defined purity as royalty. I think everybody here is very aware that royalty has nothing to do with the luxury of clothes, physical comforts or the type of car that you drive. Some time ago, when talking to Dadi about the word ‘royalty’ she said that well, royalty is reality and reality means truth. And so I feel very comfortable with that definition. The state of royalty is actually the state of truth and it fits in completely with my understanding of the further thing that Baba was talking about yesterday; the deity stage. Baba not only emerged the eternal stage of the pure soul in Paramdham, but also the pure soul at the start of the cycle in its divine form, and that age, described as the Golden Age, is also described as Satyug, the Age of Truth. So, the divine state of being, the period of the deities, the Golden Age is actually the Age of Truth.

So, purity as royalty means that purity is truth. And another way to understand royalty is to think about Brahma Baba, and even though, 99 per cent of this gathering has only seen Brahma Baba through inner realization rather than the physical eyes, I think that the majority of this gathering would say, yes, we have a relationship with Brahma Baba. I’m actually curious and I’ll ask you the question: How many of you would say that you have a relationship with Brahma Baba? Fantastic! That’s 99 percent! I thought maybe 70% or 80% would say so, but wonderful; 99 percent!

Once Dadi asked the gathering: Have you seen Mama? It was to Brahmins and they didn’t quite know what to say because, obviously, none of them were around in the 1960’s. The centres in South Africa had only started in the 80’s and so that was the physical reality, but then one of the people there then said to Dadi: Well, I didn’t see Mama in the physical form. And that was a trigger for Dadi to take a whole class on: “What do you mean by seeing?” Her point was that if you meet somebody in the street, you see them, but do you know them? I don’t see them. I’ve seen them and they’ve come and they’ve gone, and thousands come and go, but I don’t see them. But if there’s someone I know, then I say: Yes, I’ve seen them. And so her point was that, knowing is seeing; experiencing is seeing; attaining is seeing. And so if you apply all these criteria, then yes definitely, the 99% who said that yes, you have a relationship with Brahma Baba, you would also say that not only do you have a relationship with Brahma Baba, but you’ve actually seen Brahma Baba.

Royalty means that image of Brahma Baba and of course, one of the titles that we have heard about Brahma Baba is that Baba was the carefree emperor. It’s a title that Baba gives to us also, but certainly for Baba, there wasn’t a penny in his pocket and yet, he was a generous-hearted ruler and a carefree king. This was absolute until the very end of Brahma Baba’s days. The abundance was always there. I remember Baba’s abundance in terms of showering us with gifts of love, flowers and tolis – you name it and Baba shared. But on a physical level, Madhuban didn’t even have hot running water and everything was very, very basic and very, very simple. Today, Baba’s room has got the photograph, the flower and the settee and it’s twice as large as it used to be, but in Baba’s days, there was the little gaddhi and the 4-poster bed which was just string. The bed wasn’t a thick Dunlopillo cushion. It was basically four pillows with string and a tiny little thin, not a mattress even, just a ‘thing’ and a little table and two chairs; that was it. That was the royalty of Baba. So, the royalty really had nothing to do with the external possessions, the furniture or the lifestyle or anything. The royalty totally was a royalty of heart, a royalty of spirit, the royalty of spirituality. So, when there’s truth, there’s royalty; that’s the point. When the soul has the royalty, the power, the authority and the dignity that comes from truth, that is royalty and that is purity. The first definition that Baba gave us is that purity means truth; absolutely true, nothing else at all. When there’s truth, there’s transparency.

Brahma Baba’s departure: the fragrance of the soul and the body

In that last period of Sakar times, when I saw Brahma Baba through the month of June, then October and December in 1968, others tell me that they could see more and more, that Baba was taking on the angelic form. And for me, seeing Baba through my childhood and teens, it wasn’t so clear to be able to perceive the contrast, but what I do remember clearly at that time, through 1968, was Baba’s physically radiant form. Baba talks about the teachers being able to, through their features, forecast the future, or through their features, reveal the future and the future is Pharista, the angelic state. Brahma Baba’s physical form radiated light so that you could see and feel the angel on earth, and also, in the presence of Brahma Baba, there was a fragrance that didn’t come from a bottle or a tablet of soap but a fragrance that was just a great sweetness and a pleasure to be in the presence of.

So, at the point of the soul leaving the body on18th January, the body was so pure, so pure; the soul was pure of course, but the soul, whilst in the body had purified the body to such an extent that the pure body stayed beautiful. The departure was Saturday night and at midday, Tuesday, we started the pilgrimage of peace around Mt. Abu and the cremation actually happened at about 2.00pm, so by then it had actually been 2-1/2 or 2-3/4 days and still, the body radiated beauty without decomposition. That was the first body I saw without a soul and after that there have been many, many, many and I’ve only seen one or two other very powerful yogis who were able to maintain that same beauty after the soul’s departure. But in Baba’s case it was a state of repose. There’s the state of purity where there’s such a harmony of everything within the physical system that everything is filled with order, peace, fragrance, divinity and light; imagine the body of the deities.

Exactly one month before departure Baba had spoken about the departure of a yogi. (Like today, Dadi was saying that we don’t say death). With the departure of the yogi, the departure of the soul, the body is peaceful in a state of repose; you would say that the body is just at rest and very beautiful with a smile, almost a sweet smile on the face. That state of purity in which everything is so absolutely clean, that not only is the soul clean, but the body has been cleansed completely also and so radiates that fragrance.

2. Purity as the Crown of Light

The next thing that Baba was talking about was ‘light’. The definition of purity as the crown of light and Baba asking us the question: Can you see it? What am I seeing? Am I seeing someone’s short hair, someone’s curly hair, someone’s long hair, or am I seeing the crown of light and yet again, how is it that I am seeing? Am I seeing with these (physical) eyes or am I seeing with this (third) eye? If I’m seeing with the divine wisdom and the divine intellect which God has given, then I see the radiance of light that the soul is displaying. So, around the crown of each one there’s a crown of light.

It was a lovely question that somebody asked yesterday: I wonder what Baba is actually thinking when He sees us all? What Baba is seeing is each one with a crown of light. That is what Baba is seeing! What Baba is training us to do by sharing with us what He is seeing, is for us to do the same, and when Baba is saying: Are you seeing this crown of light, then Baba is reminding us. Baba doesn’t say: You should be seeing a crown of light. That’s a different language; a different style. Baba says: Well, you are seeing the crown of light, aren’t you? Of course, the soul begins to understand that, well, this is what I should be seeing and if I’m not seeing it, Baba’s nudging me gently to that position where I am seeing it and I don’t see anything else. So, the second definition that Baba has given us of purity is that purity means light. A soul that’s able to shine, a soul that’s able to sparkle, a soul that’s able to express that inner beauty of purity through the sparkle that’s visible; the intoxication is again displayed through behaviour and activity.

There were these two definitions of purity which are ‘royalty and truth’ and being ‘light’. You begin to get a flavour of why Baba kept using these lovely words that have that lovely sound. (Jayanti gave the Hindi words). I’m not sure how Sheiluben translated them? There’s sparkle and intoxication. The sound of the Hindi words is very lovely. Just think about how that sparkle is made visible. The qualities of the soul are internal and, in a way, invisible. The soul’s invisible and yet the soul expressing the qualities through the physical form is not invisible. They’re very visible.

The person who brings this light and royalty to mind is Dadi Prakashmani. You see that dignity, that royalty and all she wears is cotton. She’s not wearing silk or velvet; she’s wearing cotton and yet, what you would immediately say is, ‘royalty’, when you see her. There is the sparkle of truth and the light that shines when there is purity and it’s our good fortune that we’ve been able to see this demonstrated and displayed in front of us.

3. Purity as Merging the Self so only God is Visible

Baba has said: You should disappear and only the Supreme Soul should be visible. Atma, soul, disappears and God is visible. And so what happens with Dadi Gulzar is that she loses her identity and Baba merges her consciousness (and whatever are the mechanics of that is another story), but what we see is that she disappears and then it’s just Baba who is visible. And when we see her while she is just Dadi Gulzar, we are immediately reminded of Baba. And when we take drishti from her (Dadi Gulzar, not Baba), still, the feeling is of Baba because she’s learnt this art to disappear and merge her own identity and just simply be an instrument through whom God is able to work.

One is the experience through trance that we had yesterday, but it’s also actually a training, a lesson, for all of us at other times and like you saw when she gave class a couple of days ago, that’s what she did when she was giving drishti. She disappeared and what you were feeling was the Light. Being able to merge the self so that only God is then visible or only God is present and my own sanskars and personality have been merged and no longer manifest. Of course, there is the bhakti statement that wherever I look I see only God. So the reality of that experience today in Sangamyug is being able to allow God to do that through us.

4. Purity as Loyalty or Commitment to One

Commitment is a fast, a promise that you make, a commitment that you make, a commitment to One; that is purity. Before I become a Brahmin… OK, let me put it personally, because it might be different, and it is different for everyone. OK, before ‘I’ became a Brahmin, and this is the stage of my life and I’m here, centre stage, (and each one of us is centre stage for ourselves) so on the stage of my life, I’m here, on the stage of my life, and where did God fit in that? Nowhere! I knew of Baba and I thought that Brahma Baba was a fantastic person and I thought that Madhuban was an incredible place but there was neither the desire to know God nor an understanding of God.

So on the stage of my life, God was still behind the curtains. And yet, of course, for some, those few who have being doing bhakti (my bhakti was all done in the past birth; no bhakti this birth) but for those of you who do remember the experience of the bhakti, the love, the experience, the search, all of that, in the purest sense, the beautiful sense of the word bhakti, even then, on the stage of your life, where was God? Did God come on to the stage once a week in temples or churches once a week or was it once a day? I would say probably for most, very, very few would say once a day or many times a day, but as soon as you become a Brahmin, it changes and God comes into the centre of your life. And for me, it was instant and dramatic and very powerful and God came right into the centre of my life and became the priority in my life; everything else just sort of faded away and then it was just Baba and me, and whatever it is that Baba wanted, that’s what I wanted and it was really a button being pressed and instantly things started changing and happening.

So God becomes the priority as soon as you begin a spiritual life. Again, the definition of Brahmin is one who takes rebirth; one who is reborn. The body is there, but is it the spiritual birth. That’s the definition of a Brahmin; one who’s had a new birth, a spiritual birth and in that spiritual birth it’s God who is my Mother, my Father, my Teacher and my Friend. But the commitment to One and the loyalty to One is not just making God the priority in my life; it’s actually more demanding than that – a lot more demanding than that, because it means only One; nothing else, only One.

My loyalty, my commitment is to One and that then colours everything else, which means that in my relationship with you, it isn’t that I’m putting God as the priority and then it’s my relationship with you. No. It’s a little bit different. Now that God has come into my life and I’ve made my total commitment to God, my relationship with you now is influenced through that connection. So in a very real way, I see you as my sister, my brother, or sisters or brothers, whatever language you use. You are my family; you aren’t husband, wife, uncle, this, that or the other which is a step away, many steps away, but no. Baba spoke about drishti, the vision, the attitude and then further the actions. So, what is my vision then? There is the promise, the fast, the commitment, the loyalty to One and that’s forever imprinted in my consciousness now. When I see you, I see you as my immediate family, siblings and children of the One. Not any relationship that’s one step away, or two steps away or four steps away; it’s an immediate connection and just as it’s that eternal connection, in the same way, this isn’t a relationship based on karmic accounts.

Changing Karmic bondage into Relationship through Commitment to One

This is very interesting. Even with lokik brother and sister it’s karma, karma, karma all the way. And I would say the majority of you have brothers and sisters, maybe don’t, but the majority would have, and it may be sweet karma; it might be not so sweet karma; it might be very challenging karma; and it’s definitely karma that goes through all the ups and downs of the roller-coaster. One moment it may be sweet but next moment you say something which isn’t quite what the other one wants to hear and there’s a turn-around and it’s not sweet any more. So with lokik brothers and sisters and anything lokik and any other relationship there’s a huge amount of karma. With brothers and sisters, there’s a little bit but not a huge amount of karma, but with every other relationship; mother and father, husband and wife, there is huge karma. You know all about that!

My point is that, even in the light karma that exists between brothers and sisters, there are still all the things of sanskars and nature, happiness and sorrow, pain and pleasure and all of those things that come in, but in the relationship with God, there is nothing but the soul being able to receive happiness and treasures. And in that awareness, that commitment to One, then the relationship with everyone changes because now this is no longer a relationship of karma. It’s the eternal relationship; it’s the relationship that exists because I’m connected with God and so this relationship has the same qualities as that one. In this one, I’m receiving and that one, now that I’ve received, what am I going to do with it all? Of course, I’m going to give. The beautiful expression that Baba kept using was the deity, the one who gives and so having received, where do I give? I give to you and so the sharing that happens is the sharing of God’s treasures. And so, there’s the experience of all the things that Baba was saying as a direct result of the commitment to One.

Sitting with Baba every day at Amrit Vela and listening to Baba’s murli is part of our routine to keep that state of being completely clean. So there’s nothing but good wishes, pure feelings. Nothing else except that commitment to One and this focus influences everything else in the sense of seeing the world. So it’s not just that when the world sees me, they don’t see me, but they see God, and that’s possible only because, when I see the world, I see it through God. So, God is the filter; everything is through God.

5. Purity as Good Wishes and Pure Feelings of the heart

Because of the treasures that I’m filled with because of that relationship with One, the pure feelings, the good wishes for all can happen in a very natural way. There’s not an effort and struggle in which I’m trying to change my feelings. Purity is that state in which there’s nothing but good feelings and good wishes, but that sort of purity comes when that purity, the commitment to One comes. If there is that experience of a commitment to One, then this purity of nothing but good wishes for all can happen automatically. If that hasn’t happened, then it’s a battle. One moment, yes, I have good feelings for you and the next moment I feel a little bit empty and there’s something I want and I want it from you. Maybe you’re not able to give it to me and so then, there’s a feeling of discontent, and the whole story of wants, desires, and the ups and downs come in.

You can see that good thoughts are important, but feelings are deeper. Pure feelings; how can I maintain nothing but pure feelings? If I don’t have pure feelings, then the other state of good wishes for all can’t happen either. If my feelings are up and down and mixed, a little bit good, a little bit not so good, then of course, my heart isn’t going to have good wishes continually. Sometimes I’ll support you, sometimes I’ll withdraw, sometimes I’ll hesitate, sometimes I’ll offer. But if I have good feelings and a heart filled with good feelings, then yes, all I want for you is nothing but the best. There’s nothing else I want for you, except the best. I’ve had everything for myself, so what more do I want? It’s to share that, the sharing of fortune.

6. Purity is cleanliness and order within mind, intellect and sanskars

Each day in the morning we begin the day by re-arranging everything. During the hours of sleep that we’ve had, we’ve switched off our consciousness in that intent way of awareness, and we’ve let the intellect rest. So that state of buddhi, the intellect that’s governing everything that I do normally, that’s now quiet and it’s not functioning. The buddhi is at rest, and in that state of sleep, it’s the mind that’s just floating around and that’s one of the reasons why we have dreams that make no sense. The filter of the buddhi isn’t active at that point and our understanding in a conscious way isn’t coming in, and so there are jumbled up dreams.

The other thing that happens is that the intellect is set aside and so it’s in your dreams, that in a way, you see the quality of your sanskars very, very clearly, very easily. It gives you a very good picture of what’s going on in terms of purification and so a simple way to see where you’re at is through your dreams. You can see how deep your sanskars are and to what extent the cleansing process of the sanskars has been effective.

Why I’m mentioning this is because, when you wake up, the filter needs to be put back into place in a very conscious way. It’s also the reason why Amrit Vela is the most challenging and Amrit Vela is the most rewarding. It is the most rewarding because, again, you’re bringing back and waking up the intellect. The body to be awake is one thing, but to put the active intellect back into place so that it’s there ready to govern everything. You do from that moment on in a conscious way, that’s what you’re doing at Amrit Vela. You’re putting it back in place with God as the filter. And if that doesn’t happen, (maybe, yes, my body needed extra rest, so I gave it extra rest), but things don’t go through the day as I would want them to. And then with the murli, for whatever reason, I’m not able to hear or read the murli or whatever, and then there isn’t that influence of God through the rest of the day.

So every day there’s cleansing that happens through meditation and murli. If I’ve put Baba absolutely in place in the morning and I’ve put Baba’s versions into my conscious mind, and not just in the back of my head (yes of course I know gyan), then the soul can maintain purity and improve the quality of purity and feelings. Another thing that I’d like to mention is that sometimes it’s very easy to feel: But I’ve heard these things of the murli; why do I need to hear them every day? I know about the soul, I know about cycle, I know about karma. Well, Baba’s not just speaking the murli in terms of giving more information but Baba is the Ocean that’s purifying us, so it’s not just hearing Baba’s murli in terms of more information. So, just sit and listen to the murli and let that fountain flow over you and the soul will be cleansed and the rubbish that I’m picking up every day will be washed.

Definitely God’s words, God’s ideas and God’s directions are again going to be influencing me. If I’m doing all of this, then the quality of my thoughts are more likely to be as Baba wants them to be. It’s very easy for 23 hours of the day when we’re exposed to all sorts of stuff for that to influence me more than Baba. It’s surprising that, on the one hand, there’s years of effort and on the other hand, just a little bit of inattention….

Somebody was telling me how, after being in gyan a long while, their attention was focused on the subject of purity and the consciousness that Baba wants us to have of being able to see each one as a soul or an angel, as Baba described. They said how they had been working on that for about a year, and they were very pleased with the result because it had been attention and they had been able to manage to keep that state of purity. And over one week, no, it wasn’t even a week, they noticed it over a week but they then attributed the fact of one hour; one hour of watching television and then gradually over that week they found the purity wasn’t as strong and intense as it had been and they were wondering and checking and they attributed it to that one hour. So, a year’s effort in one hour! The reason is that, not because that one hour is more powerful, but probably because I’m still carrying my old sanskars which are thousands of years old. So that made a recording of a few thousand years that’s there, and so the one hour again just triggered it.

Through the effort that we’re making, the management of old sanskars and the transformation of old sanskars, the cleansing is happening. That’s not to scare you but just to make you aware that it needs vigilance, it needs that sort of determination and I say that this is what I want and every step along our life, we have choice. Every time I’m taking a step forward, I have a choice. Do I step this way? Do I step that way? And with both physical and spiritual, it’s a conscious choice, and that’s the difference. It isn’t just being pushed by the tide and by the crowd. I stop and I make a conscious choice.

Where do I want to go?

What is it that I really want?

Is it that purity that I want and why do I want that purity?

I want that purity because it’s the way to experience God’s love and it’s the only way to experience God’s love.

If I have negative thoughts what happens to God?

If I have pulls to a human being, what happens to God?

So, purity is the way to experience God’s love and I’ll be drawn to that experience and that desire for purity because that’s also the eternal and the original stage of the soul which Baba is, again, giving us the experience of, not just reminding us of. So Baba is speaking, then He becomes silent and there are long pauses to allow us to experience that state.

Summing up

So these are beautiful definitions to remind us and to work with, but this last one that Baba gave: “Just disappear, so that then it’s God that’s visible”, maybe it’s that that’s going to stay in your mind. Then really, that experience of being with Baba and Baba being with me is something that stays continually. I know that as times get more chaotic, that’s the only thing that’s going to help us and protect us, but also, it’s through that, that we’ll be able to be the protectors of the world. The role of angels is surely the role that’s beginning now. Time is getting more and more critical and Baba’s children are sharing light and sharing God’s love by being the angels, the ones through whom God works.

Om Shanti.

Class by Bro. Jagdish

Letting Go of Body Consciousness

New Dimensions of Paradise”

  • The Use of New Knowledge as a means to bring transformation

  • Why do we get involved in Body consciousness and sense objects

  • The eleven factors that can cause wrong identification with the drama of life

As these quotes from avyakt Murlis show Golden age is both personal but also involves total change or world transformation. So there also needs to be realization of what kinds of change need to take place, so we can feel detached from this old world. There must be something wrong with our present understanding. Unless we correct it and we have a new system, new knowledge, new philosophy, new paradise, we cannot have a new world order in which there is happiness, health and harmony. We use the words soul, God, self, world, time and space but now we have new meanings, new definitions and new understandings.

The Use of New Knowledge as a means to bring transformation

Knowledge by its very nature should be transformatory. Knowledge is not knowledge if it does not transform us. The very purpose of knowledge is to give us a vision and to enlighten us and then what is the fruit of that enlightenment? It is to bring transformation in our attitudes and behaviour. If it doesn’t bring that, then either it is false or not knowledge at all. Knowledge is problem solving – it should solve all problems but we find that problems have been multiplying in our present world. Knowledge is also multiplying, and so this knowledge which we have is not problem solving. We still have problems, though of course, often times in new forms. But problems still remain.

So what Baba has given us is new knowledge for the new world. I will describe the forces at work. This will enable us to check progress. I will be placing particular emphasis on attitudes, motives and relationships. What Baba does by giving this new knowledge, is change our attitudes so we find new, meaningful, happy relationships. This is what the world requires at the moment. Relationships are not happy; there is no cooperation or harmony in them, so the whole process has to be understood. The first observation is that there is sorrow, drama, pain, disease, death and misery in this life. So the question that arises is: ‘What is the cause?’ Baba says: Yes, karma is the cause.

there are seven major evils, defects, short-comings or errors that

lead to faulty karma which, in turn, lead to suffering.

Baba says: Sex-lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, sloth or laziness and also jealousy.

These are the seven causes. Apart from these seven causes, there is no reason why a person should suffer.

So these are the seven major evils, our major enemies.

If we are still caught up in these evils, then either we have wrong understanding, lack of understanding or do not know how to apply our understanding. OK, if these are the seven evils which cause us suffering and sorrow but where have they come from? Have they always been there? Is it natural for them to be there? How can we become free from them? Baba says there is a time in this world drama when these negative karmas were totally absent. They can be totally eliminated? How do they originate?

Why do we get involved in Body consciousness and sense objects

Baba has given us the explanation of how body consciousness leads us to all these evils and how we identify ourselves with our body. He says: We first come into contact with sense objects. When we take a body, it is natural we come into contact with sense objects. We eat, we drink, we meet people and we use consumer goods so then what happens? We begin to think about them. I need this; I need that; that is required; that is essential; that is a must. Then you form some kind of bondage and a relationship with them. A liking would develop for those objects; then there is dependence, an attachment, a bond with them.

If some person puts an obstacle in your way of what you want, you begin to hate that person and this is how hatred comes, and in order to express that hatred, anger comes. Your consciousness is distorted, your mind is disturbed, your balance is lost, you lose your wits, your creative intelligence is damaged; your thinking is affected; it’s not normal; there is a change. It happens when you lose something or when there is a lack of understanding.

The reason is the wrong identification. We do not, at that point of time, clearly know or remember our own identity or the identity of the goods and object which we relish and use. Baba reveals to us the proper identities: who am I, what is this world and so on. These are the factors that lead to body consciousness and if you want to make your efforts work in the minimum time and you want to gain the best results, you must understand how to use your understanding of them.

The eleven factors that can cause wrong identification with the drama of life


Baba first of all gives us knowledge to change our belief because we only had wrong beliefs about our world and our identities. Presently we are suffering because of our wrong beliefs. One example is beliefs about the self. Who am I? Some people say that we came from ape to man; others say that the self automatically extinguishes. Others say that the time comes when the self no longer exists and so on and so forth. Some think that this world doesn’t exist. It is like a dream – even maya does not exist. There are different belief systems, giving us different values but in this case, the world is very much here. We are very much in this world. So beliefs are one of the factors that play in this drama of life.

ii) MOTIVES AND INTERESTS: You can’t understand the actions of a person without understanding their motives. And you can’t understand their motives without understanding what kind of things the soul is interested in, so interests lead you to have some motives. You want to achieve and fulfil those interests.


Now your interests and motives determine your outlook, your attitudes and how you look at things. If a person looks at a fish thinking it is an article of food, his motive is to eat it. If a person looks at the fish and has the attitude that the fish is beautiful then they wish that they too could also swim like that through the water. So instead, the motive and interest focuses on swimming and appreciation of the beauty of nature’s creation. So the different motives create different outlooks and attitudes.

But what are the basic motives? One for example is security. Very often the motive of our actions is security. We want security for the self, security for our family, security for our community or our nation. Another is respect (not always self respect). Even the poorest most backward person has some idea of the need for self respect or respect.


You won’t find any person who does not have a set of values in his life, right or wrong. Even, if we criticize people and say that they have no values or that people have given up all values, you will find that they have not totally given up their values. Rather you will find their values are different from yours. They do have values. Every political, economic, social, family or individual system has values. These values, such the value of material prosperity, then determine the motives which then determine the actions.


Suffering or pleasures also determine your motives and your relationships. Sometimes we do an act and we suffer, then we change our outlook and attitude. Then we have new values, because we find by having a certain value we have been suffering. So if we get rewarded for something, that then forms a new value for us.


In relationships, the response from others makes you feel either happy or unhappy in the mind. So this makes you think whether the attitudes, values and relationships which you have been having are right or wrong. So they all interact. This therefore is another factor.

vii) SPACE.

Everything is in time and space. Baba gives us this concept of the three worlds which no-one has given to us before. He gives a very clear understanding of:

# The three worlds.

# How there is relationship.

# Why the number of souls is increasing as the kalpa tree is growing.

# Where these souls are coming from if they are immortal and eternal.

# If destruction takes place, where they will return to.

# What is the original country from where they have all come.

# Do we belong to one nationality with geographical boundaries or is there an overriding factor which will emancipate us from this narrow-mindedness, these narrow nationalistic, hard regimented ideas and give us freedom from this kind of trap and think with a broad vision?

viii) TIME.

Without knowledge of time, if we don’t attain mukti and jeevanmukti in this very life, maybe why not try in the next life, or the next, there is limitless time? But when we have this concept of the cycle, it’s duration, the repetitive nature of time, the cyclic nature of time and its various stages – gold, silver, copper and iron how establishment takes place, then we want to establish good relationships. We want to have unity, because the golden age is going to come and we want to love each other, so this space and time is an important factor in this.


Baba tells us that the cause is your past karmic account. Without understanding this factor or cause in the form of a karmic account, you could feel perhaps that there is no use following spirituality, because in spite of being a good person, you are still having some kind of suffering. We must face all of them, whether in a happy frame of mind or running under the pain of those sufferings, but we must. This is justice. Baba does not spare anyone, but He says: I will help you. But you have to practise, you have to face, because this has been created by you. I can’t be partial to you because all are My children.

You are doing good actions and you are sending vibrations. (Make stronger vibrations of yoga)! OK, you are doing that, but still there is no break-through, no change, because it will take time. Therefore the concept of time is with the concept of cause and effect. Every action takes some time. When you sow mangoes, it takes a different time to grow into the form of mangoes. Every action has its own period of taking shape into its own fruit. Cause and effect – the factors are there, but they do have to be interpreted in the framework of time.

x) REINCARNATION: If you don’t understand reincarnation, you can’t understand spirituality at all. It would not be clear. You can’t understand about forming the right ideas, attitudes, values about other things. The foundation of knowledge is not accurate.


What is the proper nature of senses and sense objects? What is their proper use? What is the proper way of using them and relating to them and so on?

These are just some of the factors in the drama of life that determine the new dimensions of paradise.
Om shanti.

Class by Sr. Dianne

Thinking about purity and enjoying purity

If we are going to conquer an enemy we need some tools – conquering the vices”

I think if we’re going to experience purity conquer an enemy such as the vices, we need some tools. Then after a while you begin to see what reality is and the dream that you’ve created about relationships with human beings opens into reality. Then you can look and see if your relationships really can work or not, and then you’re in your right frame of mind to bring transformation.

Complete Purity: Breaking the Dream’ of relationship

There is always the creation of the dream. And what is this dream about? The dream is about: I will be completely happy. I’ll be completely peaceful and someone will love me completely now in the Confluence Age. Our relationship will be perfect and life will be perfect. But what age does this sound like? This does sound like golden age, doesn’t it? One of the reasons why we Brahmin souls sometimes get trapped into thinking we can have a perfect relationship now with another human being, husband, wife, child, or parent is that we know perfect relationships are possible; we do have them in golden age. We know that every gesture in golden age is a gesture of complete joy. The drishti, everything that we do there has so much joy and so much love and the foundation is a deep knowing of the other and respect for the other.

But living in the Confluence Age as a Brahmin I need to break the habit of having this dream of a perfect relationship so I can regain control of the horses of the mind and become completely pure. This is why Baba says to have faith in the intellect. Because using the intellect we learn how to control the mind even when the mind is behaving like wild horses trying to drag us in other directions.

Pure relationship with Baba

So how do we break the dream? What is the root of this feeling, this desire for relationship? When I went into the feeling I found that at the very root of this feeling was a very deep pain, and a very deep sorrow. There was a desire for someone to love me uniquely for who I was, unconditionally. From this, I understood that what I needed to do was to really work on my relationship with Baba. I realized that it is not enough to think that Baba loves me because Baba loves everyone. You have to think Baba loves ME. Baba knows ME completely and Baba enjoys ME, Baba completely loves ME. Baba loves ME uniquely for who I AM. And it’s wonderful to know God in this way and for us to get to know Baba in all His beauty and all His virtues and the joy and happiness that He has.

One time I was in this hall and Baba was sitting here on this gaddi. He was giving the murli and there was a sister seated right there on the couch and BapDada asked a question and the sister seated there raised her hand. (She was a young little kumari who gave the answer). BapDada look at her and He said: You are very clever. Well can you imagine if Baba said that to you! And how did we all feel? You could feel the vibration and what was the vibration? ‘I wish Baba had said that to me’. Right? And so Baba just looked at the audience and at the children and He nodded and He smiled and He said: Each one of you is more beautiful than the next. Only God could do that. Then each one of us went: Aahhh….This is what God does, because when really, He sees each one, He understands completely and He really does see the beauty of each one.

Developing pure good wishes: the Vices and Selfishness:

In golden and silver ages we give. It’s as though we’re in an orb of joy; in an orb of peace, of love, of happiness and we just give and there’s complete joy. But when there’s attachment, ego or lust, there’s selfishness.

What happens when I want to take from only one human being?

My vision is on that one;

my focus is on that one,

but then what happens to everybody else?

Do I treat them differently? Yes.

If I only want your attention,

then I’m not going to really enjoy the company of other people.

Baba is really the only power that can really completely cure and heal that well of emptiness and fill that well of hurt inside. But He also teaches us how to transform the sanskars that cause that hurt to develop.

In the late Silver and early Copper Age, the very first vice to develop is attachment; we get attached to the body. The second vice to develop is ego. The third vice to develop is lust. Then there is anger or greed, they are selfishness too. When Baba uses the word ‘pure’ in front of another word He says have pure good wishes. What does that mean? It means there’s no ulterior motive. It’s pure; it’s like God; it’s benevolent. Baba’s chief title is the Purifier. He’s the benevolent One and what purity gives us is that benevolence where there’s joy and feelings of good wishes for every single one. Purity is important for golden age but also now, as Brahmins practice purity in the Confluence Age, one of our chief sanskars is benevolence. Brahmins believe in and practice benevolence; we believe in ridding the world of sorrow.

Pure relationship with Baba as Beloved

So if you are feeling that way, (unloved, unworthy, not respected), do something about it:

Connect with Baba…

Meditate on joy and meditate on love…

Find company of a Brahmin that you enjoy…

take a walk together…

laugh together…

do something fun together…

take some safe company…

Increase the power of your meditation…

Have a good time with Baba…

Really look at what you believe in and what you treasure about this invaluable life…

Look how important you are to Baba…

You are so lucky…

Look at your fortune.

As a yogi, we have the obligation to really watch our thoughts. Our thoughts are very powerful and other souls do receive our vibrations. Spend more time in yoga. Baba says that you will have purity through the power of yoga. Like He said in yesterday’s murli: The more you remember Me, the purer the intellect will come, then the more you will become completely pure. So have more yoga and have more fun with Baba.

How do you want to be looked at by your beloved?

You want someone to love you with absolute delight and absolute love and

then receive those vibrations from Baba.

Then, for me, the relationship with Beloved is the relationship that’s completely tied into happiness.

The intoxication of being in love; that kind of vibration;

dancing with Baba in the subtle regions

having Baba watch you.

Just going into that happiness and that freedom and

feeling completely full and

that the world is completely yours

together with Baba.

Baba has guaranteed us victory; Baba knows who we are and if impure sanskars emerge don’t give yourself a hard time, but transform it. Think about purity, enjoy purity, and increase your practice of that in meditation. You can develop skills so that if the trap of Maya does come, you will have so many arms and so many tools that you will be able to kill it and not waste your precious Brahmin life.

Much love, Om Shanti.

Purity Chart

Please put on your notice board

Purity is prosperity 5/11/70

Purity is greatness 23/1/80

Purity is the donation of life. 23/1/80

Purity is the foundation 22/3/86

Purity is called the mother of peace and happiness. 14/11/87

Practices for Purity

If all of you .. see the jewel on the forehead of each one, then your drishti and attitude will become pure and satopradhan.. 3/10/69

In lokik relationships, the relationship of brothers is maintained. 21/1/80

BapDada sees the beauty of purity in the lines of the thoughts in each ones forehead. That is to what extent the remembrance is a powerful one,

in the eyes the vision of the attitude of soul consciousness,

on the lips the smile of happiness for becoming a great soul,

in the speech words of constant greatness that make others great also.

On the head the crown of imperishable light of purity. 23/3/81

The love of the intellect should be only towards one and none other. 3/10/69

Transform the lokik things (and lokik relations) that you see into their spiritual form 28/11/69

Come into physical consciousness for the sake of a task in one second and then become bodiless in one second. 3/10/69

Practice coming into sound in one second and going beyond sound in one second 3/10/69

Chart: Self Respect is the foundation of purity

  1. One of the most personal and priceless gifts Baba gives His children is self-respect.

  2. Create such a stage for the self that the stage of self respect grows.

  3. Through understanding the different aspects of the self you can move forward with greater peace and understanding within yourself.

  4. Bapdada sees all the Children constantly in their complete stage.

  5. Create every thought, speak every word and perform every action whilst stabilising yourself on the self-respect of this elevated awareness and you will become a charitable soul.

  6. To have self respect means to give respect to yourself. This is the foundation of purity.

  7. Self Respect – Go Beyond Ego!

  8. At the confluence age, even the Father gives respect to such children who maintain their stage of self respect, however in order to attain the fortune of this blessing, you must totally renounce body consciousness.

  9. Baba Himself is praising our fortune. How fortunate we are.

  10. We are the seed of the ancient deity religion.

  11. Baba remembers us. We are the beads of the rosary that God rotates.

  1. To the extent that you maintain your stage of self respect, so accordingly you have to remain humble.

  1. Constantly remain on the seat of self respect and all your powers will accept your orders.

  2. Those children who maintain their self respect in this one birth, those who keep this blessing in their consciousness, receive respect from everyone throughout the entire kalpa.

  3. By staying in the elevated stage of self respect, many varieties of body consciousness are then automatically and easily finished.

  1. When you come into the question of respect and position, you forget your stage of self respect.

  1. In order to receive respect from everyone, may you be a soul stabilised in your stage of self-respect.

  2. Use the power of self transformation to develop self respect.