Am I becoming an angel like Brahma Baba?

When moving around and greeting one another we say, “Om Shanti”.
We not only say “Om Shanti” but we need to remain stabilised in that stage. When challenging scenes come in front of us we think, “Om shanti” and everything becomes good.

Baba has already become an angel. If I want to go back with Baba then I also have to become an angel. We have promised to go back with Baba and so I have to check personally if I am really becoming an angel. You have a lot of love for Baba don’t you? One who loves another will do what that one says. Even if he or she has to sacrifice the self – the one who loves another will definitely do what that one says. And Baba is just telling us to become equal to Him. This is why our attention has been drawn towards having volcanic meditation. It is this that will make the soul equal to Him. The method for this is to keep the mind busy because it is the mind which fluctuates. Therefore, to keep the mind busy set your own timetable according to your individual circumstances because it is very necessary to keep control over the mind.

Baba has given us many methods to control and rule our minds. All I have to do is to move along in the way that Baba tells me to and then I will never be separated from Him. We are always very close to Baba and by making such efforts our lives become beautiful. It is this closeness to Baba which allows the soul to have volcanic yoga.

Our aim is to have volcanic form of meditation but as Baba has seen there is a lot of negativity and waste in the mind and as long as there is waste in the mind there cannot be the volcanic form of meditation. Make it firm that you have to become the volcanic form of a yogi. It is not that I have to try – no, I have to become this. To do this means is a sign that there is great love for Baba. If He tells us to do it, we have to do it.

When you sit for amrit vela and connect with Him, you will receive whichever power you wish from Him. After amrit vela set your timetable for the day and practise drill throughout the day at various times according to your own timetable. Do this when you are walking and moving around. Check yourself through the day: Am I doing what Baba is telling me to? Follow this schedule and then at night, before going to sleep, give your report to Baba. Keep whatever aim you had in your mind and check as to whether there was any obstruction in that or not. If there are obstructions you will not sleep well! Keep your timetable according to your circumstances, schedule and according to what Baba has said.

God Himself has given us many titles whereas other people in the world may have one or two titles that have been given to them by other human beings. Baba, Himself is giving us these titles. Baba says: You are My sweetest children, My long lost and now found children, My angel children, My Brahmin children. We have received so many titles from Baba.

Mama was just a kumari when she came yet she quickly became “Mama’. We used to ask her what effort she was making. Mama would say that the effort she was making was of only two words. The two words were, “Baba says and I do”. Our effort should be the same; we should not think about whether we should or can do this or not.

We listen to the Murli every day. Baba gives us directions for all four subjects knowledge, remembrance, dharna (inculcation) and service every day. While listening to the Murli note down what Baba says for each subject. If you don’t get a chance to relate knowledge to others, at least churn the ocean of knowledge. Whatever directions we get for meditation or remembrance, check that. For dharna and service, check and at night give your report to Baba. We experience so much zeal and enthusiasm when we are able to tell Baba that we did what He said. This will also please Baba greatly. Baba has love for all of us and our return of that love is to do what He says.

Om Shanti

Dadi Gulzar – 24th April 2012 – Shantivan