Ten steps of Father Brahma by B.K. Ramesh


1.  Be generous-hearted like Father Brahma.


2. Be a sustainer like Father Brahma.

3. Like Father Brahma, be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others, and is full of good wishes and pure feelings.

4. Like Father Brahma, be a humble instrument and give everyone regard.

5. Like Father Brahma, be a carefree emperor.

6. Like Father Brahma, together with having love for solitude, also be sociable.

7. Like Father Brahma, remain beyond and be a destroyer of attachment.

8. Like Father Brahma, become one with the personality of purity.

9. Like Father Brahma, while living in the body, practice being bodiless.

10. Like Father Brahma, become ever-ready.




First Step: Be generous-hearted like Father Brahma:

1. Sakar Father Brahma became an instrument to uplift everyone with the special virtue of generosity. Similarly, follow the father. Become generous and have a big heart in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. Help every soul with your virtues and power and accommodate their weaknesses.

2. In order to be generous-hearted, always maintain the awareness: I, the soul, have a right. Never become dependent on anyone. Maintain the self-respect: I am an example, an image of upliftment and a generous soul who will finish all types of dependence.

3. In order to be generous-hearted, have a full stock of all virtues, the same as Father Brahma. Your every thought and every second should be to serve others. Maintain the self respect: I am a master bestower.

4. Remain stable in the stage of being a great donor and generous-hearted and give desperate souls the donation of life and peace of mind. Let the thought be emerged in you: Let this soul benefit. Maintain the self-respect: I am a world benefactor soul who is an instrument to benefit everyone.

5. Sakar Baba made his every action a memorial. Similarly, let every action you perform a memorial. For this, perform every acton in remembrance of the One. Benefit for everyone should be merged in your vision, attitude and feelings.

6. Maintain the self-respect: I am a generous-hearted soul who is an image of upliftment. Donate all powers through your mind, donate knowledge through your words and donate virtues through your actions. By doing so, you will become an embodiment of success and a bestower of blessings.

7. We ancestor souls are instruments to benefit everyone – remain stable in this self-respect and position and give all souls the water of the powers. Give them the current (sakash) of yoga.



 Second Step: Be a sustainer like Father Brahma:

1. Father Brahma gave you children alokik birth and also gave you such sustenance that the words “My Baba” emerge from everyone’s lips. In the same way, let there be the feeling of belonging from everyone. This is known as being equal to the Father. Give the experience of a relationship to whoever comes in contact with you and then connection with them will be easy.

2. Whoever you become an instrument for, bring that soul up with such sustenance that through that love and sustenance, that soul claims a right to the imperishable inheritance. Make that soul so powerful that he experiences himself to be a destroyer of obstacles, healthy and wealthy and full of all powers.

3. In order to sustain everyone, bring your form of the world mother, the Ganges of Knowledge, the great donor and the bestower of blessings in front of you. When you give any soul drishti by being stable in this form, that soul will attain blessings. With benevolent feelings, even a soul who is defaming others will become an instrument to uplift others.

4. A mother does not see the defects or weaknesses of her children; she just wants to correct them. A mother has two special powers: the power to tolerate and the power to accommodate. In order to sustain every soul, use these two powers and there will definitely be success.

5. Just as you have take special sustenance through the sakar and angelic forms, so you now have to sustain others in the same way. Sustain everyone with love and peace. People who come into contact with you should experience that they have never received such love, nor have they even seen such love.

6. Sustain those for whom you have become instruments to give birth with such sustenance, that they experience safety under the canopy of your protection. As soon as they come to you, let them find a solution to their every problem. The true method of sustenance is to give them support while considering yourself to be an instrument, not to be their bestower of support.

7. Just as you serve through words, similarly, songs of praise and wonder should emerge from everyone's heart on seeing your face and your behavior. True spiritual sustenance is to continue to receive blessings from everyone and give blessings to everyone. Make the whole gathering powerful by giving such sustenance.



Third Step : Like Father Brahma, be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others, and is full of good wishes and pure feelings:

1. Father Brahma served the whole world with his attitude of being a well-wisher for everyone. He had good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. Similarly, follow the father. Spread the rays of your pure thoughts everywhere into the world like the sun.

2. To have pure feelings means to have powerful thoughts. To have pure feelings for any soul and for the unlimited souls of the world means to have clean, pure and powerful thoughts for every soul to benefit. For this, pay attention to two things: 1. Solitude &  2. Concentration.

3. Give all the variety souls who come into contact and relationship with you wings of courage through your attitude of pure and positive thoughts. The wings of courage, zeal and enthusiasm of souls who are seated on the pyre of worry have become weak. Your pure feelings will fill their wings with so much power that they will begin to fly, that is, they will become co-operative.

4. Within the Brahmin family, with your good wishes and pure feelings, help one another to transform. While knowing the weakness of others’ sanskars, give your love and co-operation. Do not give teachings, but give loving co-operation. Do not be detached, do not step away, but be a support for them.

5. Be one with pure and positive thoughts for others and enable them to attain happiness, support and wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm. With your pure feelings, love, power, sweet words and enthusiasm, do the service of making disheartened souls powerful. Do not make those who have fallen fall further; uplift them. While seeing their weaknesses, do not see them, but give them enthusiasm and co-operation.

6. Let your attitude be filled with such good wishes that people receive the vibrations that they are receiving rays of peace from the store of peace. For this, let your mind be concentrated and filled with pure feelings and uplifted feelings.

7. Good wishes and pure feelings increase your account of accumulation of charity. For this, stop having waste thoughts, listening to wasteful things and relating wasteful things. Be one who has pure and positive thoughts and transform something bad into something good. Let your intentions and feelings always be elevated.


Fourth Step: Like Father Brahma, be a humble instrument and give everyone regard:

1. Brahma Baba in the sakar form became an instrument and demonstrated every action by performing every action as a discipline. He was humble and gave children regard and then gave them advice. In the same way, give one another regard as a discipline. Always remember the slogan: whatever is the attitude of me, the instrument soul, the atmosphere will be according to that.

2. When you become an instrument to give any soul the treasures you have received from the Father, keep the awareness that you are giving that soul the treasures you have take from the Father. By doing this, you will have the intoxication of elevated self-respect and there will also be humility.

3. Just as the father, with humility, became the children’s servant and to the extent that he was great, he was also humble, similarly, keep this balance and there will never be any loss. To make yourself bow down is to make the world bow down in front of you.

4. Bring about growth in service with the consciousness of being an instrument. Together with being an instrument, also be loving towards everyone. Lack of love doesn’t allow you to be merciful and gently, but in some cases, because of too much love, the virtue of humilty also causes damage. Therefore, together with humility, let there also be the intoxication of being a master.

5. I am a master world creator. Create every thought and perform every action with this self-respect and you will automatically develop the virtue of humility and easiness. If you serve considering yourself to be an instrument, then you will easily be able to step away from attachment and subservience.

6. To be humble is to have self-respect. This is the easy method to attain respect from everyone. This does not mean to bow down, but to make everyone bow down to your specialty and love.

7. By considering yourself to be an instrument, you will be able to remember the Father, Karankaravanhar (One who does and also inspires others), and Karavanhar, the Lord (One who inspires you) will always make you perform an elevated task. Therefore, with the awareness of being a trustee and an instrument, always remain light and the power to take decisions will work well at the right time and you will continue to receive success.


Fifth Step: Like Father Brahma, be a carefree emperor:

1. Father Brahma always remained in the stage of a carefree emperor because of having faith in the intellect. Instead of taking the crooked path of question marks in any situation, he put a full-stop of benefit. With the basis of one strength and one support, he made his stage unshakeable, immovable and constant. Similarly, follow the Father.

2. Always have the faith that the Father is your Protector and the Benefactor. There cannot be a loss for us in any situation. Always have the enthusiasm that your victory is guaranteed. Have the intoxication that victory is your birthright and you will remain a carefree emperor.

3. Be knowledge-full and perform every action knowing its consequences and equality of your faith and its victory will make you a carefree emperor.

4. No matter what the atmosphere is like or whether someone has said something to you, never doubt yourself or doubt that your actions are right or wrong. Let there always be faith in your mind that you are an embodiment of success. On the basis of this faith, become unshakeable, immovable and a carefree emperor.

5. Always have the faith that God Himself is your Companion. Let there never be the slightest experience of loneliness or of being without support. While performing every task, facing everything and being co-operative, have an attitude of unlimited disinterest and you will become unshakeable and immovable.

6. The Father is Karavanhar and I am karanhar, the instrument to do it. This awareness will make you a double-light carefree emperor. When you become a carefree emperor, you will be able to become a conqueror of Maya, a conqueror of the physical organs and a conqueror of matter.

7. Whatever happens are the side scenes. Seeing the side scenes, one does not lose sight of one’s destination. Continue to move on, continue to go across and you will experience your destination to be close. Be unshakeable and immovable with the awareness of “nothing new”. While seeing any scene, instead of shaking, be an instrument to make the atmosphere powerful.


Sixth Step: Like Father Brahma, together with having love for solitude, also be sociable:

1. Father Brahma was always churning knowledge in solitude or lost in remembrance of the one Father and therefore always remained complete with his spirituality, and also gave the children the experience of meeting with them. Similarly, churn knowledge in solitude everyday and also be sociable.

2. Together with the love in your heart, also make time to be in solitude. However, in solitude, your cheerfulness should not disappear. Let both be equal at the same time.

3. To have love for solitude does not mean you do not socialize with anyone. To be extreme is not good. If in a situation one virtue is exaggerated and the other is merged, that is not good. Therefore, let them both be balanced.

4. In order to have love for solitude, take the sweetness of all relationships from the One. To be concentrated on One means to stabilise yourself in one thought and to be absorbed in the love of One. Now increase this practice.

5. To have love for solitude does not mean to step away, but to remain in remembrance of One and with your soul conscious form, develop your power of silence. Have love for solitude and make the power of your thoughts pure and elevated.

6. By having love for solitude, your churning power will increase, there will be safety from the storms of Maya and you will be saved from a negative atmosphere. So, make a program to be in solitude. At amrit vela, especially practice being introverted in solitude.

7. Father Brahma had love for solitude and with the practice of concentration, attained the power of silence and gave the donation of life to many souls. Be a light-and-might-house and give the wandering souls the experience of their destination


Seventh Step: Like Father Brahma, remain beyond and be a destroyer of attachment:

1. Father Brahma says: Child, this body doesn’t belong to me. I have given it to Baba on loan; this is the horse of Hussein. Even these relatives are not mine, I am that One’s child. With this awareness, Baba remained double-light. Follow the father in the same way and remain beyond and a destroyer of attachment to the body and the bodily relatives.

2. Just as BapDada takes support of the old body and doesn’t become trapped in it, in the same way, take support to perform actions, and then become stable in your angelic form. This is known as being a guest and being great. By doing so, you will remain beyond and a conqueror of attachment.

3. Consider this old body to be something valuable received from BapDada and use it for service. This body is not mine; it is something valuable given to me for the sake of service. Understand this and remain beyond, the same as the father and become a destroyer of attachment.

4. The sign of being a destroyer of attachment is not to have any dislike for anyone, nor to have any attachment or subservience to anyone. Look at good people considering them to be good and while being a detached observer. Look at bad people while being merciful, with a vision of mercy and with the good wishes of transforming them as a detached observer. Then you will remain beyond any bondage of karma and become a destroyer of attachment.

5. While living with your family, always have the awareness that you are a soul seated on the lotus-seat. No water of the vices or drops of the muddy water (slush) should touch you. You are not staying with your family because of your relationships, but you are staying with them for service. With this awareness, become a destroyer of attachment and remain beyond.

6. Become a destroyer of attachment and remain beyond with the awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other. The Father alone is your whole world. All your relationships and all attainments are from the Father. Once you have attained everything, then your intellect will not be drawn towards anyone else.

7. While playing your part of service in the family, remain a trustee. Let the awareness “I am a man or that one is a woman” not come even in your dreams. Souls are brothers, not male or female. This relationship is just for name sake, for service. However, you and the Father are in the combined form. With this awareness, remain a destroyer of attachment and remain beyond.



Eight Step: Like Father Brahma, become one with the personality of purity:

1. With the basis of the personality of purity, Father Brahma came in the list of those with a number one personality. So, follow the father. Make yourself one with the complete personality of purity in your thoughts, words and deeds.

2. Purity is the blessing of Brahmin life. It belongs to you alone. The first dharna of the soul is purity. Always remain stable in this self-respect and experience the personality of purity and the authority.

3. Just as the fragrance of incense sticks draws you, in the same way, everyone should experience the fragrance of purity from you. Make your form like that, so that what service would be done by using your energy and money would be done through your personality of purity.

4. The basis of becoming supremely worthy of worship is the personality of purity. Those whose attitude, vision and actions do not have the slightest upheaval of purity are worthy of worship at present, that is, they are elevated, and at the end, too, they will be revealed in front to the world as the worship-worthy ones.

5. Throughout the day, whatever situations you see or hear about, if they are of no use to you, then while hearing about them, do not listen to them, while seeing do not see them, that is, do not touch anyone’s wasteful, bad qualities and only then will you be called the true Vaishnavs, the ones with the personality of purity.

6. Purity means to always make the Father your Companion and to staying the Father’s company. While living in the company of souls, do not forget the Father’s company and only then will you be able to become those with the personality of purity.

7. Adopt purity with your eternal and original form and you will be able to become worthy of worship in the right manner. Together with your thoughts, words and actions, even your dreams should be pure. Your interaction should not be filled with even the slightest trace of anger. When you do not perform actions or speak words based on jealousy and force, only then can you become a personality of purity, the same as the Father.


Ninth Step: Like Father Brahma, while living in the body, practise being bodiless:

1. Just as the Father became loved by all when he became bodiless while being in the body, practice being bodiless in the same way. Just as it is easy to wear and take off your clothes, in the same way, you adopt the dress of your body one second and take it off the next second. Make this main effort and you will become part of the main jewels.

2. Perform the drill of becoming incorporeal in one second and corporeal the next second. While coming into sound, practice staying beyond sound. This is the practice of the bodiless stage through which you will experience closeness to the karmateet stage.

3. Practice seeing the attractive form of the soul that is within this attractive (one that draws to itself) body. While seeing the body of yourself and others, do not see them. Practice remaining beyond the awareness of the body, that is remain bodiless and you will be freed from waste thoughts and wasteful actions.

4. Remember: I, the soul, am a point and my Father is also a Point. If you have to go into expansion, let it be just for service and if there is no service, then just put a point (full stop). There is no need for the intellect to be involved any further. Practice being incorporeal from corporeal and bodiless while being in the body, and you will be liberated from all illnesses.

5. Remain easy in all respects. By remaining easy, all tasks will continue to be easy and you will easily have the experience of the bodiless stage. Simply practice becoming detached from the sanskar through which you are clinging to the dress of this body and you will easily achieve the bodiless stage.

6. Just as sakar Baba demonstrated being ever-ready for the call of just one second, in the same way, follows the father. Make time to practice being detached from the body, in your soul conscious stage.

7. Just as you understand about the corporeal form of the Father that He has taken it on loan, in the same way, the body and the soul in the body should be experienced to be completely separate. This is the bodiless stage; that is, being free from the bondage of the body. The one who performs actions is separate from the action itself: continue to increase this experience.



Tenth Step: Like Father Brahma, become ever-ready:

1. Just as Father Brahma always remained ever-ready and full of all virtues, similarly, follow the Father. If you are given an order right now to make your vision divine in a second, there shouldn’t be the slightest trace of body consciousness in it. It should not take even two seconds instead of one and only then will you be said to be ever-ready.

2. In order to remain ever-ready, the same as the Father, finish the tree of your karmic accounts with the fire of love and practice remaining stable in the seed stage. Adopt the dress of the awareness of the body when you want and become detached from it when you want.

3. Be ever-ready in fulfilling the responsibility of spiritual relationships and connections. Do not take time to finish and harmonize sanskars. Just as you perform that other dance, in the same way, become clever in performing the dance of harmonizing your sanskars with the Father’s and everyone else’s elevated sanskars.

4. To be ever-ready means to be holding all weapons. There should be no weakness and no lack of any power. Be ever-ready with the teachings of the Almighty Authority Teacher. Be ever-ready having finished all your attachments and destruction will also become ready.

5. Father Brahma always wanted to see all his children ever-ready and free from bondage, the same as he is. To become complete means to leave the shores (supports) and to make the one eternal Father your support. Do not make any person, material comforts or possession your support. This is known as being ever-ready and karmateet.

6. Ever-ready means to always invoke the final moments and to keep the self ready. Make yourself full of all virtues. Let your complete stage be such that you just need to take one more step. In order to become ever-ready like the Father in this way, always keep three attainments with you: light, might and divine insight.

7. Just as those in the military always have their baggage ready, in the same way, the baggage of your thoughts should always be ready. In one second, put a stop to your wasteful thoughts. Only when you have such controlling power will you be able to make your weaknesses disappear and be ever-ready at the final moment.


B.K. Ramesh bhai