Dadi Gulzar: Baba is sitting in my heart

(meeting Double Foreigners)
Baba is sitting in your heart and you are not alone. You are combined with Baba and so there is nothing else to think about. The main mistake many of you make is that you forget that you are combined with Baba and you become lonely. When you are alone and feeling lonely you become weak. Never ever think you are alone. Make this a firm lesson in your life. When you are seated on Baba’s heart, combined, then you don’t have to be scared of Maya at all. She will not have the courage to come in front of one who is in the combined form with Baba. If Maya comes it means that you are considering yourself to be alone.

Baba is seated in your heart and so why do you write to Baba that you became lonely and that Maya came? Baba wishes each child to be always cheerful and a conqueror of Maya. No matter what situation comes in front of you say: Baba, Baba, You are my Companion, You set it right. Baba then comes and the situation finishes.

Baba loves each and every one of us, new or old, and He loves us so much that He saves us from being attacked by Maya. Make space for Baba in your heart today and you will say goodbye to Maya for all time. Therefore always be constantly happy and problem proof. He is bound to help you; He is your Companion. Seeing you all saying this Baba is smiling. He is very happy. Can you see Baba smiling in front of you? Dadi is looking at everyone’s face. Every face is sparkling. Keep the aim to continue smiling like this. When you smile you will become free of the feeling of having to make effort – then all you have to do is service

All of you realise how much sorrow is increasing in the world. All are my family, my brothers. Give vibrations of happiness to those who are sorrowful. No matter how much sorrow someone feels, as soon as they see your face they should start smiling. Is this possible? Positive vibrations from foreign countries can spread very quickly… I have to become an instrument to transform the world so let my face, my behaviour, my words and actions be such that everyone who sees me becomes very happy.

You now have to give sakash to the world while sitting in yoga. . It doesn’t mean that you emerge anyone in particular in front of you but that you are sharing the light and might that you have received from the Supreme Soul with the whole world. The whole world is ready to receive your sakash because the sorrow in the world is increasing day by day. Everyone wants happiness. When they receive this sakash of peace and happiness, the whole world will be transformed.

Will you do this service? It is not that only those who are teachers are the instruments for service. Each and every one of us is an instrument for service. Check your mind. Keep it busy from the early morning time. Set your timetable for the mind and act according to that during the day.

Take a picture of yourself using your divine vision. In one second Baba has taken a photograph of everyone. If you change your face slightly Baba will show this photo to you.

My companion (Baba) is powerful and so I don’t have any worries. When you forget and let go of Baba’s company, you start asking in your mind: whom should I speak to? I don’t have anyone. But when Baba is in your heart you will not have this thought. From now on you should not need to write letters to Baba that this and that happened. Baba is sitting in your heart and you have a right over Him. He will get things done.

Give the guarantee to Dadi Janki that you will be problem free from now on. Share this experience at each centre and with the whole world from today…

Om Shanti