Become an image of success

Don't think that some old sanskars, traits, will remain for the moment and that you will become perfect at the end. No, renunciation means renunciation. Don't keep some sanskars like pocket money. At night, whem the day is over, with power of remembrance and power of your awareness, finish the old account. When you keep a lear account of your actions and thoughts for a long period of time, you will become perfect and an image of success.



Given below are ‘some’ definitions of failure:

• Depending on your perception: failure actually does not exist.
• Staying stuck in what you could have done and haven’t done. Letting your though patterns to be influence by the same.
• Experiencing emotions of frustration, pain, suffering.
• Losing your notion (idea) of the dream, of the ideal life you want to lead.
• Not fulfilling set expectations.
• Not having enough courage and bravery to walk through life.
• Not being the ruler of your thoughts, feelings, actions and life in general.
• Allowing yourself to be led by something negative that a particular situation causes.
• Distancing yourself from your values.
• Not being in harmony with your inner conscience (while performing actions).
• When the self does not accept what life brings it.
• Putting your life in the hands of, and blaming, others and circumstances with feelings of emptiness and confusion.
• False expectations.
• Excessive attachment.
• Excessive materialism.