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Morning class 27.04.2012, London

Evening class 26.04.2012, London

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Dadi Janki – 26.4.12 – On arrival in London
Stay in your own self respect, be carefree and wait and see the drama

Sit under the tree and do tapasya

Whatever Baba says must be done and I will tell you what I do. When I look at Madhuban and see Baba’s creation I wonder and I think whose creation is this? This is Baba’s creation! We take our meals from Baba’s treasure store! Thinking like this makes it so easy to remember Baba. When we remain introverted how do we speak? What do I speak and what do I do from morning until evening? Like a pigeon I just say mm mmm; just yes, yes to God. By listening to God’s versions we receive so much power. Then we can distribute what God gives to us. What does a pigeon do? In Bharat they think it is a very great charity to feed pigeons and I have seen everywhere people throw grains for pigeons to eat. It is remembered in the scriptures that when God was speaking His versions the pigeons were nodding. So we have to speak less and listen more. What service do we have to do? Whatever Baba says we have to do.

Today, Baba said He is the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Ask yourself the self: Who am I, do I bestow happiness and remove sorrow? Dadi Gulzar said earlier: Mind is mine. I am not the mind… I am a soul, my father is the Supreme Soul. When we first come into the knowledge it is necessary to keep repeating and thinking I am a soul to get rid of the arrogance of the body. We can then become free from attachment to the body. Our mind goes up above when we remember the soul and the Supreme Father. Is this effort?

Whatever you teach a parrot it will repeat. So there is a parrot, pigeon and a puppet. I the soul, make the body move and Baba is making me move. This is wonderful! A puppet is worked by the puppeteer. I tell everyone to develop such relationships with Baba that there is never any difficulty to remember… You will then enjoy remembrance very much. Leave the practise of wasting your time. Enjoy Baba’s company. Leave all the questions of who, why, what, and where! We just need to practice the drills.

Brahma Baba, the father is sitting below the kalpa tree, doing tapasya. I have to do this too. I have to think for myself that this is the Confluence Age and the Golden Age is about to come. Tapasya allows us to become great, absolves our sins and allows us to create elevated thoughts. We become innocent of desire and receive power. I now have to become part of the Sun Dynasty. The entire knowledge of the tree we can see when we sit beneath it.

Dadi says says she has seen Baba sitting below the tree in Calcutta and likewise we must do this and look at the cycle rotating and realise it is time to go back home. Our parts are ending. For half an hour practise this. Then look at the picture of the ladder. Imagine you are coming from the Sun Dynasty gradually…down the ladder… Then imagine you are sitting in a lift, and just press the button. Sit in tapasya. We have to absorb Baba’s knowledge to such an extent so we become knowledgeful, loveful and peaceful. Baba is giving us a lift as a gift.

Brahma Baba became avyakt whilst doing so much service. Even whilst in the sakar form I saw how he became avyakt. Baba always kept in his aim and awareness, that ‘I am the one who becomes Vishnu’ and the tapaswi Shankar. Look at all three. Brahma Baba has become an angel. Have the practise of becoming detached from the body.

Baba has spoken in His previous murli that Shankar had the venomous snake around his neck. We have to become conquerors of the poison of the vices, absolve our sins, become pure souls and real gold, the beads of the rosary and the garland around Baba’s neck.

Intense effort makers never slack in their effort. Intense effort makers are not those who sometimes make intense effort and sometimes slack. Those who have royalty are intense effort makers. Be honest, have a broad mind and intellect. Have a big heart, and absorb everything in the heart. Forgive others. Remember these things and you will achieve success. Intense effort makers can sometimes jump in their efforts and sometimes slacken. Now become a continuous effort maker.

Consider yourselves souls and remember Baba. This family is so beautiful. Knowledge is we are souls and we are having yoga with the Supreme Soul. We are Brahmins becoming angels, this is our dharna. We have to make others equal to the self whilst remaining in self esteem. This is service. Remember the elevated titles that Baba gives us and then there will be quality effort.

Om shanti.

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