Dadi Janki: Become Baba’s companion and a detached observer

27-02-13  WOW FEB

Om Shanti is an airport…

‘Om Shanti’ help one packs up everything and fly to Shantidham. Is this true for you? Om Shanti pulls the string of love and pulls one to the subtle regions. We feel this in Madhuban especially. (Dadi was in Om Shanti Bhavan for the first time in three months). Baba told us so many wonderful things in the History Hall. Then Avyakt BapDada came in the Meditation Hall. At that time the Double Foreigners started to come. We would sit near the foreigners when Baba came. We are seeing the variety form of Baba through his variety of children.

It is time to stay in the awareness of who I am, who I belong to and what I have to do. Not to get involved in; what is this one doing, what is that one doing? From today, please leave these things. In order to take blessings I need to have good dharna so that everyone’s hearts become instruments to give blessings to me. Yoga with Baba is our medicine. Our duty is to stay in silence and to convey energy to others who need it. We stay in silence… we don’t need to think of anything. My task is to create my high stage by churning and thinking of Baba. There should be no issues in your mind or subconscious. They come in your mind and sit in your subconscious in a subtle way. They then show on your face and emerge in your words. We have to be very careful… Become Baba’s companion and you will be able to be a detached observer. These two stages are very important; detached observer and companion. I am His companion and I am looking out as a detached observer in the middle of this huge gathering. Some are far away but they receive vibrations from BapDada. Some don’t even know everything we know but they can receive vibrations. Baba never says anyone is not good but He tells us how we should be.

A very dangerous aspect is to say ‘My Baba’ and yet then get attached, get influenced, or dislike anyone. Why is it dangerous? Because you cannot then remember Baba. The deal with Baba is cancelled if you have familiarity or dislike someone. If you start talking about someone then you have to be careful because you will destroy your own status. He is teaching me Raja Yoga in order to make me a king of kings. He is offering me at least 21 births as a king but for the full 84 births I will have royal sanskaras. To have royal sanskaras one has to become free from desire. There should be no desire… no type of desire… no desire from the senses or any other type. Each one of us has to look at their personality and see if we have become royal.

Today Dadi had a very good rest in Pandav Bhavan. I felt Baba was giving me a lot of love. If anyone were to open my heart, they would see Baba… If your heart is clean and true then God is pleased. A clean heart does not have any negative thoughts about others. If you really wish to attain the status of a king then you have to look closely at your stage. Your personal connection has to be with Baba. You have to be clean and free. Free from I and mine. Then you will be able to leave your body easily.

These things Baba told Dadi (through Dadi Gulzar) before the 18th January… These blessings are also for you… they are very useful. ‘You are a merciful ancestor soul who has the right to become worship worthy. Now you are an ancestor and in the future you have the right to be worship worthy. Second: You have the practice of holding the string of the mind in your hand on the basis of harmonising sanskaras. You have faith in others and you maintain respect for each one. You have an easy nature. Third: You have the practice of applying the Murli and you know how to churn it. It is thus natural that you have the right to the help of the Father.

Baba became avyakt to help us reach our avyakt stage. Dadi Nirmala Shanta (Baba’s daughter) is in Hospital in Ahmedabad. She is the daughter of all three fathers; lokik, alokik and parlokik. Her heart is very clean and true. We used to study together. We sat on the same bench. We were quite unique – not worldly. Kunj Dadi (niece of Dadi Kumarka) is also in hospital in Ahmedabad. Baba called her a nightingale. She gave Jagdish Bhai the course! She is now in a serious condition and could fly home at any time… Today is also the day of Dada Vishwaratan. Remembering these specials souls is beneficial because we remember their qualities and their unique activity. Now, don’t remember that which is useless and don’t forget that which is useful for you.

Om shanti

Dadi Janki – 26th February 2013 – Om Shanti Bhavan