Becoming Responsible For My Destiny

These are examples of some of the inner questions that emerge in our minds from time to time:

* Why is she rich and successful and I am not?

* Why did he behave in that way with me; I’ve always behaved well with him.

* Why does that one have easy success in life and the other, however hard he tries, fails at every step?

* Why is he nice natured but is born blind and the other ill natured but has no health problems at all?

* Why does she suffer so much? * She is so sweet, but yet everyone disrespects her.

* Why did that child die at such a young age? She was so innocent.

* Why did I get married to such a person?

* Why am I here?

* How is that student in my class so intelligent?

There are lot more questions like these that trouble us. In the case of sorrows, it is seen more than the sorrow, it is the question – why this sorrow exists in my life that troubles us. Why? What? How? When? Even so, they all have only one answer: karma.

I don’t need to go into minute details of each situation. If I see that nothing can happen without having had a justified cause in my past or in that of others, life becomes much easier to face, with responsibility and the power of courage.

Factors like any particular person, a group of people, the government, nature, even God, etc. cannot be held responsible for what has happened t0 me in my life, up to this moment. It is my and my responsibility alone. Equally, what my future holds depends on me to a very large extent. Rather, whatever I choose to do at this moment is already creating my destiny for tomorrow. I shouldn’t forget that the only real time I have for creating my future is the present, now.

Karma teaches me that at every step, I am the creator of my own little world, the creator of my future circumstances. I also am the creator of the environment immediately around me. On a bigger level I am a co-creator or partner, together with God, of a positive future of the world, of the world of tomorrow, of the world of peace, love and happiness. So my responsibility and my ability to influence the future is not restricted to my life alone.

That I can create the future of my choice – of love, peace and happiness, for myself and others, can appear as unreasonable optimism. It’s just being realistic. What I create is what is going to happen. If I choose to transmit love and peace in my interactions with others today, I create relationships, in the present and for the future, based on those qualities.