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27-05-13  ENGLISH SD

Do not think that you constantly bow down, and yet no one has any respect for you and that there is respect for those who do not bow down but who tell lies. No; that is only temporary, so have a far-sighted intellect. The more people you bow down to here, that is, the more you imbibe the virtue of humility, the more all souls will bow down to you for the whole cycle. In the golden and silver ages, it will be giving regard to a king and not just bowing down physically but in their mind. In the copper and iron ages, they will bow down physically.

To what extent have you given the return of the sustenance and study you have received from the Father in all three forms: corporeal, subtle and incorporeal?

To cause pain to any soul or to experience pain, even through your thoughts, is violence.
To be completely non-violent means you are one who does not cause anyone sorrow even through your thoughts.

Revised Class 26.05.2013

Realated: Be who you were born to be… (Lucinda Drayton and Bliss)