Conscious and Selfless Instrument

Why is it that to be self less is important?
How to be self less?

05-06-13 ENG SD

We hear all the time that “we need to be selfless, we need to be ego-less.”

In this brief article ego will have the same meaning as the word “self.”

The importance of being self less resides in being able to operate, to act; considering the “whole picture,” that is beyond the “me” factor and its extensions such as “my family,” “my religion,” “my country,” etc.


When we act without the self, we are not dividing. When we do not create a division, the outcome of that action will be according to the flow of life, the Drama.

If we think about ways to be selfless, we will not be able to “feel” what it is. We could make a list of “selfless acts,” but as long as there is someone “doing” or “thinking” things the outcome will be ego. It is “ego” itself being asked to come up with ways to get rid of itself.

Ego is not bad.It has been used as a mechanism of defense for a long time. However, it could be detrimental when out of control. It will be creating further division, segmentation; distance. That manifests in pride, arrogance, self-importance, ostentation, etc.

The “how to” is not about doing anything. It is not “I” doing selfless deeds. It is not “I” thinking selfless thoughts.

It is being selfless, that is without the consciousness of “I.” Being there without a thought.

The mind, which is engaged in continuous thinking, is unable to experience that state of a clean mind from thoughts.

That lack of thinking has been named by some as “no-mind,” and that state is not obtained by doing a certain practice, but it comes automatically as we experience silence in all aspects.

That silence means, to shutdown from all sort of outside sensations and to be able to enjoy our inner company.

Sitting quietly in some quiet place to let that quietness enter our being.

That silence comes when we are in contact with Nature as well. In that experience the mind becomes very quiet, the mind forgets our own self as being a thought and connects with the primal sounds and setting of human beings, that is “Mother Nature.”

As this connection with Nature and silence away from distracting noises deepens, a new “personality” emerges, a being who is able to perceive its own internal “noises,” and thus, become free from them. A being, which is more in tune with the “no-mind,” and is capable of experiencing that “self “ which is ready for further change, that is to encounter a meeting with its own dissolution.


Written by avyakt7