the Best Example of Mansa Seva

There are some special months in the year when the entire divine family becomes present before us, and JUNE is one such very special month ! Our thoughts fly to the wonderful divine image of our most beloved, revered Mateswari Saraswati Jagadamba – affectionately called MAMA, who is in reality the Goddess of Wisdom for us, and also duly worshipped by the devotees.

Mama would say: ” If you wish to become perfect, then constantly remember God the Father Shiv Baba, obey His shrimat, and follow Brahma Baba. Hukmi hukum chala raha hai (the One giving you orders is making you move). Never doubt Shiv Baba. Become completely viceless.”

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Before we celebrate JUNE 24th 2012 as MAMA’s Day of Remembrance (Smriti Divas)…

This JUNE in particular

let me daily study and churn on Mama’s specialities…
let me follow on the divine footsteps of our beloved Mama…
let me take a vow to always remain in the Remembrance of (connected to) the Supreme Light, the Ocean / Reservior
of all Divine Powers and Virtues….
let me invoke all His powers, the very Powers that His creations, the 9 goddesses represent, and thus contribute to world peace.

Divine respected sister RADHE ji whom Baba named Saraswati, the most remarkable and efficient student of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, affectionately known as „MAMA”, achieved the title of 'World Mother’- JAGADAMBA , by becoming the embodiment of all virtues, all powers and truly the world empress who conquered the hearts of this Divine family all over the world, with her motherly love.

1. Mama would say: „Always see God, the Father, and follow Brahma Baba. If you wish to become perfect then constantly remember Shiv Baba, follow His shrimat and emulate Brahma Baba. Hukmi hokum chala raha hai (The One giving you
orders is making you move). Never doubt Shiv Baba. Become completely viceless.”
2. Mama had unlimited power of determination. No one could influence or make her waver once she had a determined thought. Having strong faith in whatever directions Baba gave, she inspired us to carry it through. As was her
determination, so was her admirable faith in the interllect. Mama’s activities clearly proved that she was a natural Radhe, Mother of the Yagya.
3. Mama was fearless. She was a lioness, the practical embodiment of power, and equally detached and unaffected. She was not body-conscious but her intoxication of self-respect was far more than of any other individual.
4. Mama would say, one should not repeat a mistake. Mama never taught by preaching; she taught us through her actions. The personality of purity sparkled from Mama’s life. She was the living idol of divine virtues.
5. Mama was never interested in what was being cooked for the day. She accepted whatever she received with love. She never once said – Today, there is less or more salt in the food. Today the vegetable has been prepared well (or
not). Whilst having her meals, she never looked anywhere else but would sit quietly to eat and then leave. She accepted her meals as Prasad (food blessed by God). Wherever Baba said anything to Mama, she never questioned it; she
always said, „Yes, Baba, Ha Ji Baba”; she had a lot of regard for Baba.
6. Mama was absolutely royal. She never laughed loudly; she merely smiled. She could not get angry at all. She would say, „Lust, anger, ego etc. are the doorways to hell and so you children should not become angry. No matter what
happens, never get angry”.
7. If someone had made a mistake, how could they possible say it was all right? Mama would then say, „Please pay attention in future. Don’t let this mistake be repeated.” Mama never asked why this mistake occurred. What happened had happened, but she would lovingly give them the method and strength to reform themselves.
8. Mama’s instructions always had an unlimited connotation. Her motives came from the adi (original) and anadi (eternal) perspectives. She viewed every matter and person from an unlimited standpoint.
9. Mama’s unlimited drishti, attitude, and feelings were the reason she could inculcate so many divine virtues. Being the embodiment of strength, she feared no one. She was constantly stabilised in yoga. Her sense organs were always under control. She gave everyone motherly love.
10. She had 100% faith in her own future and Baba’s elevated versions. She accepted whatever Baba said, and became the embodiment. Everything about Mama was powerful – whether it was in knowledge, yoga, inculcation or service. Mama was not attracted to anyone nor did she dislike anybody. She belonged to everyone and made everyone belong to her. Mama was a Shakti, a Mother, and an extraordinary Embodiment of Attainments.
11. Mama was accurate in everything. Every task she undertook went on systematically. Mama never verbalized any teaching or how to do service; she taught by doing it herself. Mama would be the first to sit down to cut vegetables or clean grains, and others followed.
12. Mama used to say, „Our efforts should be incognito and not showy. One should not leave one’s duty in service and go and sit in meditation away from everyone else. Whilst performing all tasks and living with others, one needs to make incognito efforts.”
13. Mama used words very little but actions more. She performed the task practically and taught others the same. Mama followed all these rules of conduct herself and then taught to children. Mama never considered any of Baba’s directions or orders to be ordinary. She thought of Baba’s orders as God, the Almighty Baba’s orders.
14. Mama did not have particular liking for certain foods. She never complained or commented about yagya-prasad. Whatever she was given, no matter how much or how it was presented, she accepted it respectfully and devoid of any desire.
15. Mama was a mine of virtues, 16 celestial degrees complete, full of all virtues and the maryadas of the elevated clan.Mama’s virtues and task made her 'Mama’.
16. She became Mama due to the power with which she took care of her responsibilities, her greatness, method of instructing and teaching others, and her good behaviour towards everyone. Mama won all hearts with her power of love and sustenance and thus became Mother of the Yagya.
17. Mama had unshakeable faith in Shiva Baba as well as drama. Mama would say, „As much as you have faith in Baba, you should keep faith in the drama as well. It is only then that you can maintain a stable stage in your spiritual life. Throughout her life, Mama’s faith in drama was immovable and unshakeable, she remained stable constantly. No matter how adverse the situations or obstacles were, Mama remained immovable and unshakeable, faced them with a smile and became victorious.
18. Mama had so much faith in everything Baba said that she could not tolerate any child of the yagya passing comments on Baba’s words. She had unlimited trust and love for Baba’s elevated versions.
19. Mama was the treasure-store of virtues and powers. Mama had an avyakt and angelic form. Mama’s effort-making was natural and easy. This made her to attain complete stage easily.
20. Nothing that happened in Mama’s life ever made her faith fluctuate to the slightest degree Mama would speak unflinchingly and with complete faith. This was one of her greatest specialites.
21. Mama never speculated about the knowledge, that is, she related only what the Supreme soul has not clearly talked about, we tend to conjecture that it might be like this or mean that we attempt to blend the directions of our mind (manmat) with Godly directions (shrimat).
22. Knowledge means having theunderstand of both your powers and drawbacks. Mama was knowldegeful about both, which is why she went ahead in purusharth.
23. Mama was the complete, living Goddess of divine virtues. Her thoughts were as unshakeable as a mountain’ words were sweet and full of essence and actions, elevated and accurate.
24. Mama was yog-yukt, mature and silent that the atmosphere around her always remained peaceful and could be practically felt by everyone. One felt her to be a walking light-house and might-house. Mama walked like an angel. Residents of the ashram (Madhuban) would not even know when Mama had passed them by or when she would come and stand quietly behind them, inspecting their tasks or activities. Mama’s words were very sweet, full of love and respectful.
25. Whichever topic Mama took up, she explored its extreme depts. Along with depth, her method of teaching was very simple, easy and interesting.
26. Mama’s dharna was of the highest quality. Mama used to speak very little. She had developed the natural stage of being lost in love, in the Supreme Soul’s remembrance. The vibrations around her gave the experience of belonging and comfort. Each one of her words was merged in knowledge, or rather; knowledge was merged in every pore of her being.
27. Mama’s organising capabilities were very elevated and splendid. She was efficient in the art of making everyone work in unison. If Baba mentioned something as a example, Mama would immediately inculcate it she was number one in this aspect. Her way of instantly dedicating her life known as 'jhatku’ (sacrificed in one shot) became an ideal for numerous brothers and sisters and a source of inspiration to uplift many lives.
28. Mama repeatedly read the Supreme Soul’s elevated versions with great interest and understanding. According to her, Murli is the only method of making one’s life complete and perfect.
29. Mama’s manner of explaining any point of knowledge with full authority made the listener easily believe in its accuracy; all doubts were clarified.
30. Mama was perfect with all divine qualities or rather, she was the mother of divine virtues. She accepted the divine qualities of others; she was the living idol of introversion, maturity, steadfastness, sweetness, cheerfulness, contentment, the detached observer, purity, politeness, with an immovable, unshakeable and stable stage, and had complete faith in drama.


MAMA is the living inspiration for all of us, to imbibe all 9 specialites of the goddesses, and become Shiv Shaktis – the ones who take all powers from Shiva:

SARASWATI Goddess of Knowledge, Mama listened to the Knowledge(murli) from Shiv Baba and imbibed it and played the Sitar of Knowledge, and inspired everyone through her own inculcation(dharna), and brought realisation to all.
JAGADAMBA Goddess of Fulfilment, giving love and bestowing eternal blessing of peace and happiness.
DURGA Goddess of Shakti, who takes power from Shiva and removes all weaknesses(durgunn) within the self, and also helps to remove weaknesses of others.
KALI Goddess of Fearlessness, who is fearless and courageous and destroys all negativity, evil and devilish personality traits.
VAISHNAV Goddess of Purity, who radiates light of purity and empowers all to become divine through pure vision, pure thoughts, pure words and deeds.
UMA Goddess of Enthusiasm, who brings hope, zeal and enthusiasm(umang/utsaha).
SANTOSHI Goddess of Contentment, who brings a feeling of deep contentment.
LAXMI Goddess of Wealth, who bestows upon souls the unlimited Wealth of spiritual Knowledge and Virtues.
GAYATRI Goddess of Auspicious Omens, Mama gave importance to the elevated versions spoken by Shiv Baba and used each version as a mantra
and this is why there is importance of Gayatri mantra, which works like magic to remove all bad omens.