The One who DECORATE Us With Adornments of 7 Virtues, 8 Powers & 16 Arts is God Himself

1.The Art of Administration
A good administrator may be known by everyone but he knows himself first.
A good administrator knows how to keep himself spiritually healthy and that becomes a source of inspiration for others.
2. The Art of Communication
A good communicator is completely transparent. His thoughts, words and actions are equal. A good communicator uses few words … purposeful.
3. The Art of Dealing with others
Dealing with others takes a generous heart to accept each one as they are without any expectation to totally understand them. Dealing with others requires equanimity in the face of what you like and what you don’t – Knowing that all souls have dignity in their entirety.
4. The Art of Developing
The art of developing requires an aim. Making it happen and watching it unfold is the art.
This art is about developing such a structure in your life that makes you firm in qaulity of thoughts. Developing begins from a new birth.
5. The Art of Keeping others Happy and Contented
Keeping others happy and contented is about being that yourself. It’s the most natural way.
6. The Art of Keeping Secrets
The art of keeping secrets is about letting go and letting God. To let Him show you your next step — like a director guides an actor. The secrets are in knowing the whole play, the value of the actors and of the Director.
7. The Art of Leadership
The art of leadership is about being a master over your self. It is about letting your qualities shine as invaluable things are naturally placed in front. The art of leadership needs joy, enthusiasm.
8. The Art of Learning and teaching
The art of learning is the ability to allow something new into your heart without fear of losing anything you already have. Learning is the reward for respecting life and recognising lessons. Silence reveals the lesson and, when merged into actions, the lesson becomes a habit. God is the ultimate Teacher and to be His student is the ultimate fortune, for He alone truly knows.
9. The Art of Organising
The art of organising is about creating a system that allows flow in the task and growth in those involved. A good organiser does not ask the question 'how?’.
A good organiser has a taste for the impossible, for his faith is in God and his task is truly His.
10. The Art of Reforming
The art of reforming is about bringing back into their original form, the qualities and powers that create greatness and beauty. True reforming springs from understanding what is, not from forcing what is wanted.
11. The Art of Refreshing
The art of refreshing invites you to step away from the demands of life to pause, replenish and nourish originality. The art of refreshing is about entering God’s world and let the living spirit within claim full health, wealth and happiness.
12. The Art of Remaining Contented and Happy
The art of remaining contented means to accept yourself fully. Contentment invokes neutrality but movement too, as the absence of desire does not mean the absence of purpose. It means you have become a trustee. The art of remaining happy comes when you know how to generate prosperity at every step.The keys to this art are love, generosity, simplicity and detachment.
13. The Art of Serving and Helping
The art of serving is about sharing the joy of living with all that you meet. This meeting can be in thoughts too, as thoughts can reach much further and deeper. .
The art of serving does not require resources. You need to be rich at heart and expect nothing in return, for a true server is God’s lover and faithful helper.
14. The Art of Thinking and Creating
The art of thinking is about forming thoughts that create the future we all want to live in. The right thoughts are automatically filled with God’s blessings: He gives them life…feelings. Then silence is created and something new can emerge.
15. The Art of Winning Friends
The art of winning friends is about gaining wisdom not finding support. Friends are companions who make the journey richer and more enjoyable..
16. The Art of Work and Leisure
The art of work and leisure is about finding equanimity, for when the threads of love, peace and wisdom run through your life unbroken, work and leisure are equal..
Purity, Peace, Prosperity/Happiness, Love, Power/Shakti, Joy/Bliss, Knowledge/Wisdom,
8 Powers/Shaktiyan:
Powers of Introversion, To Withdraw, To Tolerate, To Adapt, To Discern, To Decide, To Face, To Co-operate.

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