God is one and all the rest are human souls

The whole world knows that God is One and that He is the Almighty Authority, Janijananhar. In fact, the whole world says: We are the children of God. God is One. No matter what religion people belong to, they all say that they believe in God. They consider themselves to be messengers who have been sent by God. They bring the message and establish their own religion. For instance, Guru Nanak sang such praise of God saying that God is Ek Omkar, the Truth. Ek Omkar means that God is One. Satnaam, the name Truth, means that His name is the Truth, which means that God has a name and form, that He is imperishable. He is the Immortal Image and then He is the One who does everything, that is, although He is Akarta (One who doesn’t do anything), He becomes the One who does everything through the body of Brahma. All of this is praise of the one God. People understand all of this and still say that God is omnipresent. I, the soul, am the Supreme Soul. If all were God then whose praise is it when they say: Ek omkar. This proves that God is One.