What is Waste

Vyarth ko samaptkar samarth bano व्यर्थ को समाप्तकर समर्थ बनो


The list of waste is enormously long. Foremost in the list are waste thoughts. Then there are waste in words and waste in actions, waste of the treasure of this time of the confluence age, waste of energy, waste of the treasure of the wealth of knowledge, waste of the treasure of all the powers and all the virtues, waste of things in our possession, waste of physical wealth, wasteful attitude towards others, wasteful vibrations, wasteful vision and so on.

What is wasting?

When we do not use something that is valuable according to its value, it is called wasting it. Not to give something its value is called wasting.

If someone continuously repeats the things of the past, that is called wasteful.

When our thoughts words and actions are not accurate and not filled with significance and meaning it can be considered as waste.

Wasteful thoughts are those of doubt, fear, arrogance, expectations. They cause lack of peace, give sorrow, create confusion and chaos.

We have received the treasure of this time of the confluence age from the Father. One second of the confluence age is worth multimillions. If we do not use every second for the self or others as though it is worth multimillions, then we are wasting those seconds, that is, we are not accumulating them in our account according to their value.

In the same way we waste physical wealth. When we surrender to Baba, even one paisa becomes as valuable as a jewel. If we do not use such treasure to benefit ourselves or for service, then that too would be a waste.

We therefore have to pay great attention to what we waste!

What is the basis for waste thoughts in relationships and connections?

What is the solution?

The basis of waste thoughts is “Why?”, “What?” and “How?”

It is these that become instrumental for wasteful thoughts.

When I follow the Father, these words will end.

Not „How?”, but „Like this”.

The solution for such waste thoughts is to keep the mind clean!

BapDada constantly gives us the shrimat

to constantly have pure feelings and pure wishes

in the mind for every soul.

This is a clean mind; have the attitude of uplifting those who defame us.

This is a clean mind.

Having wasteful thoughts of oneself or others is not having a clean mind.

Why do we have waste thoughts?

What harm do waste thoughts cause us while making spiritual efforts?

What is the remedy?

Sanskars of the old world emerge as waste thoughts.

Waste thoughts prevent us from linking our intellect with the Father; even against our conscious wish, the intellect becomes attached to something or another.

Waste thoughts arise from the connections and atmosphere of the old world and make the attitude mischievous.

Due to waste thoughts we are not able to make as much effort as we would like to. We are not able to take a high jump.

If I am controlled by the sanskaras of the old world and I am not able to erase my own sanskars or nature, how would I erase the tamopradhan, devilish sanskars of the whole world?

How can a soul who is under the influence of his own sanskars liberate all souls who are under an external influence?

How would I remove the distress of others when I am being upset by my own sanskars?

What is the easy yukti to become free from such sanskars?

Check the thoughts if they are Bapsaman:

Instill the habit or practice of first of all checking the thoughts and seeing whether they are like those of the Father.

Before an important person accepts anything, he first of all has it checked. For example, the food of a president, an important person or a king would first be checked before being accepted by that person. Before such people accept something, they first have it checked to see that nothing impure is mixed with it

Since we are becoming the kings of kings and are called the most elevated souls of the world, the food for the intellect of the elevated souls, in the form of thoughts, should first of all be checked.

When we accept something without checking it, we are deceived. Therefore, first of all, check every thought.

Check whether the thoughts are the same as the Father’s or not.

Nipping waste thoughts in bud:
One method of finishing waste thoughts is nipping them in the bud.

Finish the waste thoughts whilst they are still in thought form.

The main thing that I have to think about is never to allow the old sanskars to emerge.

I have to finish them while they are thoughts.

If these thoughts do emerge, I do not give them space to sustain themselves.

I finish the thoughts whilst they are still in thought form then the old sanskars will not emerge even in thoughts.


In order to save the wastage of thoughts and time it is essential to



At every step, there should be attention paid to our thoughts.

Think first and then have thoughts.

Is this thought of mine accurate or not?

Thoughts and time are both special treasures of the confluence age

through which we can earn a lot of income.

Just as we use physical wealth after thinking and considering everything

so that not even one penny is wasted,

in the same way,

the time and thoughts of the confluence age should not be wasted.

We will never receive these treasures again throughout the entire kalpa.

So we should give so much value to whatever we receive only once.

We tell others that a lot of time has now gone by and that very little time is remaining. Do we apply that to ourselves?

I must make a determined promise to myself that from today,

– I will not allow waste thoughts to emerge again;

– I will never allow waste thoughts to be created again.

Only when I make such a determined promise will I receive the practical fruit of it.



Take the example of the blessing of “Earning multimillions at every second.”

Within the drama, it is only at the confluence age that we receive the blessing – earning multimillions at every second.

If we do not use this blessing by accumulating for ourselves and donating to others,

then that too is called wasting it.

We should not just think that

-we did not commit any sin or

-that we did not make any mistake, because

to not take the benefit of this time is also to waste it.

If we do not attain anything for ourselves or enable others to attain anything from this blessing that we have been given, then that too is a waste.


Kyu gives rise to queue

Kyu in Hindi means why. So kyu gives birth to a queue of WHYS of waste thoughts.

Those who have questions in the heart such as:

“Why does this one say this, or do this?”,

“This should not be like that, it should be like this”;

are called ones with questions in the heart.

One with questions in the heart cannot constantly remain content because

there is always the queue of `why’ in his mind.

This is why all the time is spent in finishing that queue, and

the queue is such that even if you wish to leave it you cannot leave it,

you have to give time to it.

Because you create the creation, you have to sustain it.

You cannot be free from having to sustain it.

No matter how desperate you become, you will have to give time and energy.

How to control this creation of why?

There has to be the birth control of this why.

[do not give birth to many creation of why]

It needs some courage.

I cannot say it is fixed in the drama.

I am a master creator of the drama.

I have to be knowledgable and let each karma I perform be elevated.

The account of sin is one thing but the account of wastage is another.

We should not only check sin but the account of wastage especially the account of waste thoughts. The effect of waste thoughts is enormous.

What is the result of wasting the treasure of thoughts?

What are the signs of waste thoughts?

The special and most elevated treasure of Brahmin life is the treasure of thoughts.

If we use the treasure of thoughts in a worthwhile way, then

-our stage and our actions throughout the day remain very good.

But what is the result when we waste our treasure of thoughts?

-We are not able to create the stage that we want to.

-waste thoughts weaken our intellect and our stage.

[The intellect of those who waste physical things is weak and confused.

They are not able to make accurate decisions.

They are constantly confused.

They are not able to clearly decide what to do and what not to do.]

What are the sign of waste thoughts?

The signs of waste thoughts are

– distress,

– loss of happiness,

– an upset mind and

– not experiencing pleasure in life.

Many of us are not even aware of why our stage has become like it has.

We look at gross factors, thinking,

“I did not perform any sinful action,

I did not make any mistake, yet why am I lacking happiness?

Why am I unhappy?

Why am I not experiencing pleasure in my life?

Why am I not able to stabilise my mind?

What is the reason for this?

We see our sinful actions, our sinful thoughts, we check our gross mistakes, but, in fact, there is a subtle mistake of wasting our treasures.

This is the account of wasting treasures.

There is not so much checking of the account of wastage.

I think,

“Today has passed by and I haven’t made such a mistake.”

But did I check whether I accumulated or whether I wasted the elevated treasure of thoughts?

If I do not accumulate, then in which account would that be?

Certainly in the account of wastage.


Why do we lose our determination?

We make very good plans for many things.

However, whilst performing actions or

even whilst just sitting idle,

our power of determination reduces.

The mind and intellect become engaged in other things around us.

Sometimes, because we are not busy in any work, waste thoughts become the greatest work and that attracts us towards itself.

We may not have any physical work, but because the power of determination is scattered, the mind and intellect, which we want to keep set, fluctuate.

To finish waste remember your self respect of being

-a special soul, a powerful soul.

Do we constantly remember that we are the special souls of the whole world?

Special souls cannot be ordinary

even for a second,

even in one thought, or

even in one word.

Constantly remember this and it will make you very powerful.

We are powerful souls, special souls.

Let there be this intoxication and happiness.

Powerful means that whatever is wasteful has been finished;

Just as the light of the sun removes the darkness and the dirt, in the same way powerful thoughts finish whatever is wasteful.

The account of wasteful finishes then the account of elevated thoughts, elevated actions, elevated words, relationships and contacts constantly increases.

We are powerful souls? Remember this and the account of wasteful finishes.

When there is loss of this awareness, then wasteful things begin.

The consciousness automatically creates the stage.

Maya attacks by first shooting the arrow of waste thoughts.

The special arrow of maya is waste thoughts.

She uses this arrow to make the intellect weak.

How to make the intellect constantly powerful?

Maya comes in the form of janijananhar [one who knows all secrets].

She knows that the main support of all Brahmin souls is the yoga of the intellect.

She knows that it is only when our intellect is divine that we can enjoy having a meeting with the Father.

So, first of all, she attacks our intellect and makes it weak

How does she do this?

The special arrow of Maya is that of waste thoughts.

She uses this arrow to make our intellect weak.

Then, because it is weak, it is easily influenced.

When we are weak, we are unable to do what we want.

So, even though we want to do something, we are unable to do it.

We need to use the special power that the Almighty has given us.

The special power is the power of churning.

The power to churn is nourishment to keep our intellect divine.

When we don’t have proper nourishment, we become weak. Then, because we are weak, we become influenced.

How to make the intellect constantly powerful?

Become aware of even one of our titles [self respect]at amrit vela, and to continue to churn it, then by using this power of churning, the intellect would remain constantly powerful.

Maya cannot attack a powerful intellect, so our intellect would not become influenced. That is the main reason why our intellect becomes weak. Therefore, the way to cure it is to increase your power of churning.

What is the basis of waste thoughts in Gyani souls as they progress?

How can that be corrected?

1. -Arrogance[ abhimaan ]of one’s virtues or specialities, and

2.-feeling of being insulted.[apmaan]

These two are the main basis of waste thoughts in Gyani souls.

NB If there is arrogance in anything one feel insulted. In other words if one feels insulted it is arrogance.

Waste thoughts arise

In wanting name and fame, regard,

in being consulted,

in being put forward,

in being made a centre-in-charge,

in being given a special part in service

“Why did I receive so little?

I should also have this status.

I should also be put forward.”

How can that be corrected?

If you surrender these two, that is, arrogance and feeling of being insulted, then it is not difficult to become like the Father.

Carelessness of having waste thoughts is no longer acceptable:

We have a great responsibility.

Just as time is coming closer, so too, the responsibility on each soul of not wasting any thoughts is also increasing.

Now, do not consider this to be our childhood.

Whatever we did in our childhood was good.

Even the carelessness of a child is enjoyed by others.

But if an adult is careless, no one likes it.

Therefore, according to the time, we have to maintain our stage of self-respect for all timefulfill our responsibility. and continue to

Why in general do we have waste thoughts?

How can this problem of wastage be solved ?

The main reason for having waste thoughts is that we lack the treasure of knowledge which we receive from the Father every day.

-If we keep our intellect busy in playing with the jewels of knowledge,

-if we are looking at the treasures of knowledge and remembering the knowledge throughout the day, then could waste thoughts come?

First of all, I need to ask myself:

Throughout the day, is my intellect busy in churning knowledge and

making plans for world benefit?

The responsibility of the task we have been given by the Father is so great that, even now, so much still remains to be accomplished.

Such a huge task has to be accomplished as well as the task of destroying our sins!

We have to destroy the account of the sins of sixty-three births.

We have been told of three tasks:

1. the task of churning knowledge,

2. the task of destroying our sins and

3. the task of world benefit.

All these three are special and unlimited tasks.

Since the intellect has all this work, how can it remain free?

How can we spare any time?

Have we finished the task of world benefit?

Have we destroyed all our sins?

What would be said of those who are instruments for such a huge task and who yet remain idle, having waste thoughts?

-Either they don’t have knowledge of their task, or

-they don’t have knowledge of how to organise themselves; or

-they don’t have the knowledge of setting their timetable.

How can this problem of wastage be solved?

I-a master knowledge-full,

-a master almighty authority soul need to set my timetable?

Every morning at amrit vela, after celebrating a meeting with Baba or

after having a heart-to-heart conversation with Baba, I must set my timetable for the day.

Just as I fix a program for the physical things that I have to do during the day, in the same way, I also fix a program for what I have to do for God, then there will be no time for waste thoughts.

BK Kamta