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The year of being Angel like the Father 02.09.2012

Revision of Avyakt Murli – Volcanic Yoga (A)

1) Self respect : I am a volcanic yogi

Fire symbolises symbolises power… flame gives light but
fire burns… knowledge is light and yoga is the fire which destroys all past
sins….maya also dare not go near…. this volcanic yoga would bring us close to
completeness and perfection.

2) Yoga practice :

i. I am a living divine light residing in this physical body. .. Powerful rays of
supreme light Shivbaba are falling on me… I, divine light am receiving
these rays, absorbing it in me and taking volcanic form (embodiment of
light & might)… The intense fire of this yoga is destroying all my past
sins…I am becoming pure gold…the fire and light of this yoga is spreading
everywhere and in the process empowering other souls and making five
elements of nature pure…..
ii. I am master sun of knowledge…my face is towards sun of knowledge
Shivbaba…. the powerful rays of sun of knowledge are falling on me….I
am enlightening myself through the light of the Supreme….I am becoming
an embodiment of fire i.e. volcanic yogi….my light is radiating into the
entire world…..

3) Point of inculcation: Introvertness

The first important inculcation for volcanic yoga is introvertness. Introvertness
prevents wastage/leakage of our powers and facilitates achieving depth in yoga.
Therefore, for becoming volcanic yogi, first make yourself introvert.

4) Point of churning: What is volcanic yoga?

i. In present time, need and importance of volcanic yoga?
ii. Which aspects need to be taken care of for volcanic yoga?
iii. Make a vision of volcanic yogi?

5) For effort makers :

Dear effort makers! You must have heard/read sweet Dadi Jankiji’s
letter. Dadiji reminded us that dear Bapdada has given special inspiration for
volcanic yoga and now only 1 1 months are left for Bapdada’s season to start.
So, we should finish all the homework given by Bapdada with special attention
on volcanic yoga. Therefore, as per dear Bapdada’s and Dadiji’s aspirations, we
all will, again, double underline volcanic yoga. For our group,we have made a
simple chart. You can also use the chart for your self progress.

In Baba’s Yaad