Week of being Carefree

Year of saying ‘Your’


Self Respect: I am a Carefree Emperor

– BapDada has blessed us to remain free from worries during the Confluence Age.

What will happen to other Souls if GOD’s own children are worried? Those who have complete faith on Baba, Drama and the Self, will never be worried or disturbed. Baba’s company makes them Carefree and free from all tensions or stress.

– “Be an example of being Tension-free to those who are in tension” – Baba

Yoga Practice:

– “Baba is the one who gets things done… I am merely an instrument who does the work” – this awareness makes us free from all kinds of tensions. Hence, practice this again and again and merge it in your consciousness.

– Worries are there where there is the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’. That is why, whenever you utter the words ‘I’ or ‘Mine’, remember to practice the awareness – ‘I am a Soul’ and ‘My Baba’.

– ‘Surrender everything to the Dear Lord and things will become easier… worries will be eliminated and the mind will be happy’… surrender your worries, sorrow, and problems to Baba and increase the experience of being light.

Point of Inculcation: Being free from tension

– “These days, tension is increasing rapidly in the World. Hence your experience of being tension-free & having tension-free face and activities will become an example in front of them. Show them an example of being tension-free and thus they would find a support” – BapDada

Point of Churning:

o Why do people get tension?

o What are the losses in being in tension? What are the benefits of being tension-free?

o How to remain always free from tension?

o Why is BapDada tension-free in spite of Him having to take care of the entire World?

For the Effort Makers:

O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, dear BapDada mentioned, “BapDada is giving a special blessing to each child – each child can make the self tension-free from today onwards. Have farm commitment to be in attention from today onwards; not in tension. Who has the courage? You can easily get blessings from Baba, only thing you need to do is to have attention. Experience the blessings of Baba’s help. That time how will everyone’s face look like? It will look tensionfree, like a lotus flower or a rose in full bloom”. Hence, come, let us remember Baba’s this blessing and live a life filled with happiness and bliss.