Guidelines for actions

Dimensions of Yoga

1 Amrit yoga (Nectar Yoga) 2.00 a.m. to 5.00 a.m. – Having at least ONE hour powerful amritvela yoga

2 Murli Yoga Listening, writing or reading everyday murli with love and concentration

3 Manthan Yoga (Churning) Writing/churning some self-reflections based upon daily murli

4 Prati Pal Yoga (Every minute yoga) Observing hourly 'silence break’ everyday

5 Anushashan Yoga (Discipline Yoga) Observing traffic control yoga without missing daily

6 Kalyani Yoga (Evening Yoga) Having evening yoga daily to bring benefits to all

7 Prasad Yoga (Offering preparation) Making bhog/ brhama bhojan and offering it to Bapdada everyday. Whilst eating and drinking remembering Bapdada.

8 Pragati Yoga (Progress Chart) Writing or sharing chart to Bapdada

9 Vardaani Yoga (Blissful Yoga) Reading any avyakta murlis with utmost concentration

10 Siddhi Yoga Daily Court of mind, intellect and sanskaras (Winning Dharmaraj Himself) Holding inner court and sharing the report to Bapdada before having good night

11 Nishchay Yoga (Faith Yoga) Writing a letter of faith every week or every month to Bapdada

12 Rahasya Yoga (Secret Yoga) Sparing 15 minutes with the feelings of gratitude (Write down 10 points for being thankful to it and write 10 points of realistic goals)
Daily morning and evening reflect upon it heartily

13 Shashaktikaran Yoga (Re-enforcement Yoga) Writing the diary of empowering thoughts (One page – one thought)

14 Shukriya Yoga (Gratitude Diary) Keeping a journal of being thankful in life

15 Nirvighna Yoga (Free from Obstacles Yoga) Writing – „I am free from obstacles” for 1008 times.

16 Mansa Yoga (Service through mind yoga) Traveling/ flying at a specific place/region or upon the globe to shower light and might through the body of light

17 Mantra Yoga (Re-enforcing a specific thought in the mind) „I am victorious” – Reflecting upon the same thought during meditation

18 Svasan Yoga (Breathing discipline) Having Bapdada’s remembrance whilst inhaling and exhaling each breath (select specific time – such as 10/15 minutes in the morning)

19 Maun Yoga (Silence Yoga) Observing silence for a day during the week or whilst eating

20 Videhi Yoga (Bodiless Yoga) Having 10 minutes dead man’s posture in the morning/at night

21 Raja Yoga Having best wishes and pure feelings towards each one

22 Rudra Yoga Singing/reflecting upon the praise of Shiva whilst having meditation

23 Karuna Yoga Sharing a gift/writing a motivational letter or offering flowers

24 Suraksha Yoga (Safety Yoga) Empowering the self and decorating the self through catching light from Bapdada – Eyes, Forehead, complete body

25 Kshama Yoga (Forgiveness) Everyday or every week practicing forgiveness for the self and all

26 Jwala Yoga (Fire Yoga) Intense yoga fire purifying the self and the universe

27 Bindi Yoga (Seed Stage) Seed stage yoga to incinerate sins of the self

28 Karma Yoga Performing each karma in Bapdada’s remembrance

29 Daan Yoga (Charity Ypga) Donating time, wealth, art, skill, etc. for Bapdada’s task

30 Anubhuti Yoga (Experiencing) Experiencing each value and its depth

31 Shakti Yoga (Powers) Reflecting upon each power and empowering the self

32 Swa Darshan Chakra Yoga (Discus of self-realisation) Reflecting upon the complete cycle – stages, ages, births, arts, dynasties, specialities, etc.
Experiencing the 5 forms a) Eternal form, b) Deity form, c) Worship worthy form, D) Brahmin form, & E) Angel form.

by Sister Jyotsna Vaghela