You are my first love / Tu mera pehla pyaar hai

Milim Yafot Me’eleh translated with English… by gurufabbes

God alone is the Authority to put right that which has gone wrong. You have now become His children. (SM 24.09.2013)

God is one. I am soul. He is Supreme Soul in the form of light. He has His own task and personality. The One who is beyond the fruit of action comes to reform that which has become spoilt. God comes to give His knowledge, love and energy. Nothing and noone can help us, this is why an external input of energy is required to put right that has been spoilt. This is the reason of His Divine intervention.

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1. I, the soul listen first and seek to understand, what can I use of it 1:32
2. I enter the presence of the One, Incorporeal, Almighty, Supreme and Beloved 3:22
3. Progressive meditation 15:12.
4. Experience of meditation, God’s love 7:40
5. Why do we complicate the issue of knowing God? Can we prove that we are children of God? 2:08
6. I focus my attention on the Supreme 12:40