Dadi Janki – 18th September 2013 – Gyan Sarovar

Still point turning world (retreat for health professionals)

Q. What can we do if we get tired of having compassion and giving love? How can we maintain compassion?

Why do we become tired? It’s because we remain body conscious. When I stay in a state of soul consciousness, I can take love and power from God and continue to have compassion and give love. If we continue to worry and hurry in life then eventually we become bitter. We need to change this habit of hurry and worry. I have to keep the consciousness of learning all the time. Keep changing the self and take whatever anyone says to you to be a signal; accept it and change. We don’t need to point out the mistakes of others. If I change, others will see me and change themselves. My duty is to be loving to all. When I am careful with my own self, others will become careful with themselves.

If my main concern is to serve humanity rather than to make money or become well known, I will never become tired. If I say something negative to anyone then the love between us is lost. I don’t need to prove that I am telling the truth. I don’t need to speak harshly. Everything depends on my voice and how I speak. My tone of voice is very important. For this I have to learn to make myself silent inside. Previously many people had wells at home. The water was very pure because it came from deep underground. So too, in meditation we have to go very deep in order to make the mind and body healthy. Become a still point and go deep. This world is like a quagmire of vices. We have to make sure not only that we don’t start drowning in it but that others don’t drown either. So be careful and cautious. Let yourself go deep in meditation and you will feel that you are being cleaned in cool and cool water.

Q. How should we be with people who are dying?

We should help people to leave the body in God’s remembrance. Brahma Baba used to come to see a patient I was looking after before amrit vela and then go and conduct meditation. I was with her when she left the body. I put her head on me and she left. I have been with many souls when they have left the body. Baba loved me for this… We have to think about what state we will leave the body in. Brahma Baba conducted class and came back to his room. He quickly and easily left his body. If I live in happiness, I will die in happiness. We have to be very easy because any movement can be our last. How will you leave the body if you feel you are always busy – in what state will you be? This is why I have to be careful to be easy rather than rushed, confused and stressed… I have to control my very breath… Dadi looks after her body. I have to also be careful that I don’t do any actions that create negative karmic accounts because that will also affect my mind and body. If someone tries to give me sorrow I should not take it. Anyone can say anything but I should not take sorrow. I should live in joy and die in joy. My hands should be always giving, always bestowing. Let this be natural.

Q. Dadi, you are Administrative Head of this organisation. What is your advice for good leadership?

I used to look at Mama. She was a very powerful and peaceful soul. She inspired me. She made very inspirational spiritual effort. She was younger in age than me but she became the mother. She was careful with everything. She considered herself an instrument and paid attention to make everyone content and happy. Everyone had their own duties. Mama was so caring and loving. I asked her how she could be like that. She said that we should always have the power of realisation within. If we do anything wrong we should accept that . Many only watch others and see what they are doing. Realise means ‘real eyes’… the eyes to see the self. When we look in a clean mirror of understanding with honesty we can realise and change.

I asked Mama how she was so silent and cool. Mama said that her mind was her child and she looked after her child very well When a child is small the mother looks after the child very well. The child then appreciates the mother when he/she is older. If the mother doesn’t look after the child then later the child will complain. In the same way, my mind is my child – why can’t I look after it well and make it behave? If I don’t, my mind will become a vagabond. I should have self respect. For this, I have to make my foundation strong. I need to have self respect and respect others. Baba gives us so much understanding and makes things very clear.

To elders give regard and equals give respect. Make younger ones enthusiastic and help them to improve. We have to know how to behave with every type of person.

Q. How do you remain free of burden whilst taking care of so many things?

Some people have the habit of doing little but showing they are doing a lot. Thus they become tired. They also become heavy When we are tired we can’t share love. If you see other’s mistakes you will become heavy. You will make others distant from you. If we give respect and regard to everyone then we receive a lot of co-operation. If someone is a true yogi they will receive co-operation without asking for it. If you become an instrument to benefit others you will see how you receive help even if obstacles come. We need truthfulness , love and faith. These things make everything easy .For this one needs practice over a long period of time. I have to keep a chart of my yoga very honestly. I should not let my yoga wander anywhere else. Nothing should attract me, nor should I be repulsed by anything. When there is attraction there will be a pull towards that thing. When there is repulsion, I will push the thing away. I should not spoil my record. One is my behavior with people and the other is my connection with God. I have to make sure that both are very good. For this have to check myself. We have to communicate with souls and we also have to communicate with God. In an instant keep going to the Father and coming back. Your relationships with souls will then become good. I don’t have to comment on what others are doing. My task is to make the atmosphere good. We have to give others good company. Others should feel that I have something to give. How does someone person reach a top position? It takes time, it happens step by step gradually. We have to make sure we don’t develop ego while we are climbing up. I have to become a good person, without ego so that when I reach the top people will continue to love and respect me.

Q. How can we free ourselves from asking the questions, ‘why, how, who, what, when?
Don’t say ‘how’ say ‘now’. When you say ‘now’ then all these ‘w’ questions finish. We need introversion, the power of concentration and realisation. Realise that you can leave the body at any moment so finish all these questions now. If you have the aim to bring all you hear into practice then it becomes possible.

Om Shanti