Communication Skills

B.K. Usha Ben – Madhuban


I am very grateful to Dadiji for having taught me the art of communication. Her system of being clear with service companions was really phenomenal. Dadiji would directly communicate with instruments who were involved in a particular service, give them directions and then follow up to see that everything was going smoothly. This is the reason why every project became successful under Dadiji’s guidance. Dadi never said, “Dadi has done this and that” – Dadiji always said, “It’s Baba’s wonder, and He is doing everything”.

Living in Pandav Bhawan for so many decades, I was able to receive perfect training from Dadiji. The faith she had in juniors enabled them to grow and improve. Dadiji never kept anyone’s weaknesses in mind, but always merged situations like an ocean and forgave souls if they realized their mistakes.
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