Of what quality are my thoughts?

Dadi Janki, 25th September 2013 (pm), Shantivan

The first lesson Baba teaches is ‘I am a soul and my original religion is peace’. If one stays in the consciousness of the body one cannot stay in one’s original religion of peace. It is by staying in one’s original religion of peace that one can experience and accumulate power. How does the soul receive power from Baba? When the soul is peaceful, Baba can fill the soul with power.

We have learned that our original religion is peace. Baba is telling us that in order to experience that original state of the soul we have to forget the body and bodily relations and remember Him alone. The Supreme Soul is one. Souls are many. All are the family of one God. Some follow Baba’s Shrimat. Others are co-operative but may not follow everything. Others are in connection whilst others still have no recognition of the Father. Now we have to do service of all four types of souls.

Every day we hear news of calamities. However, we can’t do anything about that. What I can do is to recognise what I have to do right now. We have the recognition of time and so we have to value time. We have to now take full benefit of the time by having fewer thoughts, yet good quality thoughts. Baba has told us to do service through our thoughts, words and actions. Doing service through the mind means to do service with pure feelings. It means to have spiritual, loving feelings whilst doing actions and whilst coming into relationship with others. Another level of service is to do service with subtle desires. So I have to check to what state my mind is in; what quality my thoughts are. Baba has made us understand and thus He can give us teachings. He tells us to maintain good company. He teaches us with a great deal of love.

No-one can say that they don’t have time to read the Murli. I once ask Baba the method to uplift the self. Baba told me to read the Murli 10 times a day. Dadi keeps the Murli near here and often picks it up to look at the points. Through knowledge we get connected to the Father and can have yoga. If we don’t have knowledge, how can I connect the yoga of my intellect to the Father? If I don’t pay attention to yoga how can I burn my sins?

For some time everyone was speaking of volcanic yoga. Now we don’t hear this expression! What is volcanic yoga? When a volcano erupts, it can be seen from a distance. When we have volcanic yoga we are easily able to destroy our sins. But this can only happen when there is an interest in sitting and meditating. If not now then when? We have to do what we get the thought to do right now. Many BK’s do pay attention to themselves but often don’t carry out what they have the inspiration to do. Don’t now make excuses or give reasons. Baba has given us the foundation and told us clearly what we have to do. I have to now do it without making excuses.

We now have to make such effort for yoga that souls who are sitting far away receive the vibrations. This will only happen when I remove desires from my mind and become altruistic. Some become well known and then become slack in their spiritual effort. Having name and fame can be a very big maya. This name and fame issue only occurs after coming onto the path of knowledge. If you don’t make spiritual effort now you will get left behind. Don’t think that you will be able to do it in the future.

Do you still waste time in petty things; thinking that this one is doing this, that one is doing that? This shouldn’t have been done, that should have been done. Your feelings will be visible on your face if you continue to get caught up in pettiness. Think about bhavna… with great love Shiv Baba entered the body of Brahma and created the Yagya. The Yagya has now become huge so take your chance and do as much service as you want through your body, mind and wealth. Do everything with the highest feelings. Don’t leave anything that you have the thought to do undone. Create an angelic stage and do unlimited service as Father Brahma is doing. At amrit vela I am Baba’s baby, His companion. In the evening I am an angel. At amrit vela Baba is in the form of Baba… after that He becomes the Teacher. It is my task then to churn knowledge the whole day. The points that touch my heart will automatically allow me to serve. If you allow your mind to wander there will be a lack of power in your service.

Om Shanti