Dadi Janki – 15th October 2013 – Shantivan

The practical form of knowledge is to become loveful and peaceful

The heart and the mind have a close connection. The whole inculcation of gyan takes place through the mind, intellect, attitude and heart. What is truth? Go into silence – by coming into extroversion you will keep speaking. Go into silence and you will see how it is no difficult to become the embodiment of bliss. Become introverted and you will really enjoy your internal world.

When you go inside and think who you are you can easily go beyond the consciousness of the body. You will move into the incorporeal stage. From there you can easily create you avyakt stage. Baba has told us to be wandering yogis. We have to now go beyond this world. For this, make your mental attitude very subtle.

When there is purity there is truthfulness. For a second think about purity. In purity there is peace as well as love. Without peace there is no love. I have to learn how to take love from Baba and then I can become peaceful and loveful myself. The practical form of knowledge is to become peaceful and loveful.

Mine is Baba – drama is mother. I have to be faithful and sincere. Faithful and honest souls are called surrendered; those who surrender everything. Baba is pleased with one who has an honest heart. For one who has surrendered everything there is nothing else… no-one else. Such souls can serve the world.

Baba has given so much light – I have to now become the embodiment of that light. I have to become one who guides others because now the world is in darkness; there is corruption and all types of violence everywhere. First we speak the truth – there is power and cleanliness in truth.

It is time to become simple and a sample. There should be nothing spicy left inside. Ours path is Raja Yoga and we perform karma yoga. We are on the pilgrimage of remembrance and we know where we are going. We have to go to the land of liberation. Didi used to always keep in her intellect that it is now time to go back home. The whole day before she left the body she was in silence. She told us to make Baba our friend; to remember Him in the form of a friend. He is the Friend and the Beloved. Baba is the Teacher and in order to inculcate His teachings we have to stay in His company.

The Double Foreigners have become instruments for world service. We could never have known how Baba’s knowledge would go around the whole world. Those who got converted from other religions definitely have to come back.

So now become the embodiment of truthfulness and you will be able to become loveful and blissful. Your face will then always be happy. Others will see peace, love and happiness from your faces. They will receive that through you.

Now let there only be one Baba and none other in your awareness.

Om Shanti