Remembering a Great Spiritualist

Jagadish bhai ji

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B.K. Ranjit Fuliya, Associate Editor

Born in the sacred city of Multan, famous for its Sufis and saints, on 10th September 1929, Bro. Jagdish Chander Hassija was a bachelor, a surrendered Brahma Kumar, totally dedicated to Godly services and he mostly resided in Delhi. Before dedicating his life for spiritual services, he had served as Principal in a Technical Training Institute in Sonipat, for a brief period. Greatly inspired by Prajapita Brahma, founder of the Brahma Kumaris organisation, he turned to spirituality and dedicated his life for this divine cause. He was a great litterateur and had the distinction of writing most of the literature of the Brahma Kumaris organization. He was also its Chief Spokesperson and Chief Editor of The World Renewal, Gyanamrit and Purity.

I would often take inspiration from him as I had opportunity to work with him, for Godly services, on many occasions. A simple and straightforward person, he took keen interest in divine service and worked very hard. He was a great visionary and contributed a lot for taking the organization to its present status and international recognition.

He was an affable person and took ample interest in developing the talents of B.K. brothers and sisters. Once, I had gone to meet him after having passed M.A. in Public Administration, in the year 1985. He enquired about the subjects we had studied during the course. In a humorous manner, he commented that we must have read about the experiments carried out on mice in connection with the theory of motivation under Management.

Brother Jagdish was particular that we should maintain quality in our publications. Once he had to present a paper at the IV International Symposium on Science and Consciousness at Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico, from 4th to 8th January, 1994. On this occasion, the paper “Nature of Consciousness in the Light of Raja Yoga, Gita and Some Other Disciplines” was presented by him. He deputed me for editing and proof-reading of it and the work was carried out to his utmost satisfaction.

When I joined Diploma in English-Hindi, Hindi-English translation conducted by Delhi University, he was greatly pleased to know about it and commented that it would be of great use in Baba’s service. During the course, we had to translate one book from English into Hindi, for which Bro. Jagdish suggested me to select a spiritual book. I selected Rajyoga: New Beginnings by B.K. Ken O’Donnel, published by the Brahma Kumaris organisation. By Baba’s grace, I topped Delhi University in the examination and then met Bro. Jagdish for his guidance. He showed deep interest and enquired in detail about the process of translation.

Those days he was engrossed in replying to one legal notice regarding spiritual tenets and beliefs of the B.K. organisation. He asked me to translate his reply in Hindi. It was his intention to circulate that reply to each B.K.centre , so that B.K. sisters could use that for explaining the spiritual concepts and Rajyoga tenets to aspirants, newcomers and the general public. The eighteen-page document translated by me in Hindi was then sent to each B.K. centre. It is rightly said that courageous persons turn even obstacles into stepping stones to success.

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya successfully completed an international peace project. The book ‘Visions for a Better World’ was published on the successful completion of the project. Rajyogini Dadi Prakashmani was keen to get the book translated in Hindi. She asked bro. Jagdish as to who could translate the book in Hindi. Bro. Jagdish recommended my name for this purpose. When I visited Mount Abu, Dadi ji called me, discussed the matter with me and enquired how much time its translation would take and how to go about it, etc. I told her that that would take about two months time, being a voluminous book. She somehow postponed the project for the time being, considering several other factors, as quality and cost of multi-colour printing etc. in India.

Once I visited Mount Abu, accompanied by B.K. Bro. Ram Nath of Vikas Puri, New Delhi. We arranged reservation in Delhi-Ahmedabad Rajdhani Express which had just been introduced. Those days I was a senior executive in National Insurance Company Limited, and used to visit Mount Abu every month for editing The World Renewal. Those days, all the trains on that route used to originate from Old Delhi Railway Station. Therefore, we presumed that Rajdhani Express would also originate from the same station. On reaching Old Delhi railway station half-an hour before the scheduled departure, we made enquiries and came to know that the train originates from New Delhi railway station. This perplexed us a lot. Though it was impossible to reach New Delhi station on time by any means, still we thought of taking a chance. Bro. Ram Nath stressed that if our services were required by Baba, the train would not leave before we reach.

We hired an auto-rickshaw and asked the driver to hurry. The driver made several manoeuvers through the congested roads and within twenty minutes took us to New Delhi Railway station. To make the matter worse, the train those days used to depart from platform number nine situated at the farthest end. Passing through the over bridge, somehow we reached the platform and to our great surprise, we found that the train was still at the platform. This was despite the fact that those days Rajdhani Express never used to be delayed.

On reaching our coach, we found Rajyogi B.K. Jagdish Chander standing at the entrance of our coach. He said smilingly, “I have been standing here like resolute and unshakeable Angad, not allowing the train to depart until my brothers reach”. In fact he had read our names on the reservation chart and was waiting for us. Unable to hold my curiosity as to how the train had been late, I immediately went to enquire from the train driver. He said, “There is no particular reason for delay; we are just going to start”. And within five minutes the train steamed off.

This was rather an extraordinary event in our life and it will remain etched forever in our memory. It proves strong determination and self-confidence of BK Jagdish Ji, which was possible due to divine intellect and positive thoughts through the constant practice of Rajyoga meditation. This incident reminded me of an anecdote associated with Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj. It is believed that Swami Ji had stopped a king’s chariot, pulled by powerful horses, just by the touch of his hand. The reason was that the king was going for some ignoble cause. Swami Ji first chided and then tried to dissuade him but the king didn’t listen; Swami Ji held the rear portion of the chariot. It is believed that the horses didn’t budge and the chariot couldn’t move an inch.
Such incidents in fact are the victory of the positive and meditative mind. Those who lead a pious and serene life, attain certain inner powers which are manifested even in mundane matters.

Mr Robin Ramsay, eminent Australian actor who participated with Bro. Jagdish in international spiritual service programmes, vividly remembers his contribution, particularly his remarkable service during the Centenary of the World Parliament of Religions, held in Chicago, U.S.A., in 1993. Mr Ramsay was impressed by intellectual acumen, dignity and sense of humour of Bro. Jagdish. Mr Ramsay further noted that though Bro. Jagdish held high position, he had great humility and worked at the grass-roots level with everybody. He was particular that things should be carried out in an appropriate and specific manner. He was a creative person and was always enthusiastic about new approaches to Godly Service.

In the year 2000, once we went to meet him at Derawal Nagar Centre, where he was recuperating those days. He advised us that whatever endeavour we make, but our life should appear a yogi life. Bro. Jagdish Chander remained unwell for some time and left his mortal coil on 11th May, 2001 at Brahma Kumaris headquarters in Mount Abu. I was those days in Mount Abu and a few minutes before he left his mortal coil, we had gone to meet him at Sukhdham where he was staying. Thousands of BKs from all over the world gathered to pay their tributes to the departed soul. He had earnest desire to reveal to the world that God had descended on earth, in the human medium of Prajapita Brahma and was re-establishing heaven on earth, once again. Lakhs of Brahma Kumaris and Brahma Kumars have been putting special endeavours to spread this Godly message throughout the world.

Our heartiest salutations to this noble soul! As a tribute to him, we have been publishing his great thoughts under the column ‘From the Mighty Pen of Sanjay’ in The World Renewal.