meditation on love

Godly love is the love of the heart. Worldly love breaks the heart into many pieces, because it has to be distributed. Alokik spiritual love is that which brings together all the broken pieces of the heart and links them to one. If there is love for the one Father then automatically the soul becomes co-operative with all, because Baba is the seed. By giving water to a seed, every leaf receives water – there is no need to give water to each leaf individually. To be linked in love with the spiritual Father means to have love for all. This love makes every task easy, and liberates the soul from labour.

Where there is love, remembrance is automatic and easy – you don’t forget the one you love. Knowledge is accurate only when it is filled with love – dry knowledge does not give experience – it is love that gives the experience of all relationships from the heart. If there is only intellectual remembrance – remembrance with the head and not the heart – there will be labour in yoga, in service, in inculcation – the intellect will battle even with knowledge – constant questions – many waste thoughts – battle with the self. When there is love there is no battle, because the soul is lost in love, merged in love.

If there is knowledge, but remembrance is like labour, and there is no experience of bliss, power, or peace, it is because love is still lacking – knowledge has reached the head, but it is intellectual only – it has not become merged with the heart. The heart is the symbol of love. Knowledge is the seed, and love is the water – a seed without water will not bear fruit.

You have seen the world outside – with love, even a tiny gift brings pleasure – but in a selfish relationship, the greatest gift does not bring contentment, but the souls will still find fault in one way or another. Love brings closeness – lack of love creates distance. When there is love in the heart then there is no calculation involved. Love of the heart is able to settle all past accounts.
Avyakt BapDada 6.1.1988