How to develop the power of discrimination and what are its benefits?

In order to face any obstacles, you first need the power of discrimination. Then you need the power of making decisions. When you have decided that this is Maya, that it is not right;when you have decided whether something is of benefit or loss, whether it brings temporary attainment or permanent attainment, only after having made the decision will you be able to imbibe the power of tolerance. First, there has to be discrimination, and then a decision about it can be made. Those who have clear decision making power will never be defeated. In order to be saved from defeat, increase your power of discrimination and the power of decision making. When you must go into the world outside to do any task for which you have to maintain a relationship with the community of devilish sanskars, then through the practice of discrimination, you can become victorious in many aspects. You need the practice of the discrimination of the present and the future of any situation or of souls with any kind of thoughts. The main method to develop the power of discrimination is: The avyakt stage, remembrance or the stage of soul consciousness is the same thing. more