Chandramani's class

„When you die the whole world is then dead for you”

The medicine for finishing all weaknesses lies in this. When you become bodiless everything finishes. When someone dies if you bring food in front ofthem or if you hug them, the corpse won’t respond. You would be afraid to touch the corpse in case you became diseased. When there is stillness and stability then even if you ask thoughts to come theywon’t. Sit in Shantidham and become lost in the Ocean of Peace. Once you become lost in the ocean you cannot emerge again. As we continue to practise this nothing remains.

The custom of cremation has been created to completely finishattachment. If the body is kept, attachment to it will pull you. Thereis a custom that when a dead body sets off for the cremation groundits’ face is towards the place where it has just left. Half way to thecremation ground the body is turned around, so that the face now is in the direction of the approaching cremation ground. It is as if thisgesture is saying: „Now it is time for you to finally go and so do notturn to look back.” If the body is not cremated, then there is apossibility that the departed soul out of attachment to its’ body mayreturn and harass the souls in the household. Whilst the body is stillin the household no cooking is done because the food might absorb the vibrations of that old body. Even previously cooked food is discarded.

Once the body has left the home and has been cremated the whole house is cleaned. In this process all the old vibrations are washed away. In fact anything that has any association with the departed soul is given away, whether it is their clothes, or their bedding, their personal belongings. Nothing should remain that would remind you of that soul because if that one comes into your awareness you are blocked from having remembrance of Baba. Even the ashes are thrown in a river. So too when we come to Baba all traces of our old life and body should be finished. Old clothes, old fashions, old hair styles, our old ideas of wanting things in a certain style, old food, old customs, systems, habits, words; all these things should finish. Everything old should finish, then whatever Baba gives you, wherever Baba places you, you’ll accept that. One of the final systems before the body is cremated is to decorate and dress it very well, in the way that we would like it to finally leave. When we come to Baba also, we make ourselves, our dress, our hair etc all very simple once and for all.

If nothing of the past, nothing old remains then there will be noweakness. When there are old things that remain inside they pull you.

Then there is laziness in gyan and yoga. People don’t feel lazy whenit comes to singing, dancing or travelling. When people go out onservice they inform someone before going. If they are going elsewhere though, they quietly slip away without saying anything to anyone. If one goes somewhere and happens to get late one should at least ring to let someone know. We won’t worry or panic out of attachment but of course there be even more concern in case Maya has attacked them on the way. The soul may have stopped of to see a movie or spent wasteful time gossiping and chatting with others Brahmins about things that don’t concern them. If there is even the slightest habit of talking like this, that habit will hold onto you. There should be subtle checking and total caution in this aspect because it will interfere in gyan and yoga.

In order to do subtle service through the mind make the quality ofyour mind such that it is visible on your face. Then when people seeyour face and you speak even two words the impact of those words will be such that their hearts will be touched. They will not want to loose sight of your face because of the way in which you will have prepared your mind.

Some people say that they want newness because they have a creative intellect. They want to write books, learn to dance, become a lecturer and so on. The newness that we need to create however is to be able to have yoga with Baba instantly. Create a mind that is very pure and clean so that it works like a flying vehicle that will take you to Baba. As we continue to watch and think about Baba’s divine activity and face our activity and face will change too. The state of the face after a soul has left the body is a reflection of the quality of the life that the soul has had. At the end only Baba’s face should bevisible to me. It is Baba’s features in fact that we have love forbecause they allow us to see our future. When we see our future ourpast finishes.

* * * Om Shanti * * *

Chandramani ji