How to make effort?

(Answer is based on avyakt murlis 1969)

Make effort such that all leaves of the old sanskars and bodily relations of the past can easily shed, and you can stabilise yourself in the seed (karmateet) stage. None of the sanskars get stuck so that you have to struggle (due to karmic bondages). Along with five vices, renounce laziness and fear. Imbibe your original form, original religion, original home, pure actions, your aim, the qualities for that aim, and you also have to spin the discus of self-realisation. By remembering the destination and imbibing the teachings, you will remain patient and introverted, to finish the iron age. With honesty and cleanliness, the life story has to be written to settle the accounts. Whether past sanskars, past karmic bondages, mistakes of the present time, main reason for all these is your forgetfulness. Because of forgetfulness, all these wasteful things make the easy things difficult. Remembrance means being perfect. According to how much you practice the alokik drill of the intellect (becoming incorporeal from corporeal in one second), to that extent, you will attain the aim of becoming what you want. You have to stabilize yourself in the avyakt stage and then come into the corporeal world.
Two things that you have been told are:

1) to give the donation of not fluctuating and

2) to give the donation of not seeing defects.

The reason for the lack of love for effort is that the majority of you become disturbed on seeing the circumstances. You create your stage with the support of circumstances. You do not change the circumstances through your own stage. Develop the power of the original stage of the self through which the circumstances can be changed. By stabilizing yourself in the original stage of the self, you receive power. And do not stop because you have been influenced by the external circumstances. The original stage of the self has so much power that it can overcome any kind of external situation. Because of your weakness in stabilising the self in the original stage, sometimes the external circumstances become powerful.
Always think that even when you are doing something by yourself, you are in front of the world. The souls of the entire world are watching you from all four directions. Considering yourself to be a soul, you also have to come into a body and perform actions. However, whilst performing actions, you have to be loving and detached. Baba is observing you children. Even whilst observing you, Baba is loving and detached, is He not?
You have to make others like you are, and even more elevated than you are, not less. It is your own greatness when you make others more elevated than you are yourself. You should not perform such action through which the lamp of the clan is extinguished. There should not be any such activity through which the lamp of hope, which BapDada ignites in the children is extinguished. Those whose lamp is ignited cannot stay without igniting the lamps of others.

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