Although we have been defeated…

we are able to attain victory

Evil has defeated us. From being real gold and pure we have been made unreal and impure. We are now in the iron aged kingdom of Evil. Now the vices are omnipresent, so how anyone could be happy? How could be happy those who call Evil their Lord? The Lord of Evil does not exist. There is no such single soul who is Lord of Evil, Devil or Ravan / Maya, yet we are trapped in his kingdom. How it became possible?

Look, what is the condition of human souls? Souls have forgotten themselves and their Father, so this is why they enter into the ocean of sorrow. This is drama.

At present there is no such happiness which lasts longer then just short time. Imaginations and doubts became our guides. We even forgot what is good reason, lost intellect and heart. How there could be right direction when reason is based on falsehood. So, this is why, we, human souls have attained such a poor stage.

Where is goodness which we have lost? Where is our value? Our goodness and value have been stolen, so how can we are able to regain it? Is there anyone who can help us?

Wrong habits, wrong looking and foremost wrong thinking are common now, so how we would be able to regain our freedom and value? We can not do it ourselves. We all need help from outside. Until God came there was no-one who could help us. In he old world all are degraded and impure. Only One, Supreme Soul, Supreme Father can help us to renounce wrong directions, directions which brought us into such deep stage of being in illusion.

Soul is able to become real only with His light and love.

People say: May you be happy. But how one can be happy here?

We say: Good wishes, pure feelings. May you be pure and yogi. Have an elevated purpose. Remember your self-respect and remember One.

God says: Remember Me and your elevated future. Become merciful for self and the others.

So, there is an alternative for the stage of human soul from being in the iron aged kingdom of Evil.

All of that will finish. So, what we really have?

It is possible, that we will attain success or success is already guaranteed.

Do you believe in success without effort or you are sure that there is no success without effort and sacrifice?

Let us think about quality of success we would like to attain with determination.

This is time for pure actions, pure words and pure thoughts.

Let’s make elevated spiritual, good quality effort for ourselves and for others, souls of the One Supreme Father.

I have to ask myself, if I see my aim clearly. Am I organized well to accomplish my tasks on time?

Just one step. One minute. Let’s dance. Let’s be happy.