Question & Answer on the Golden Age

Dadi Gulzar
23rd October 2013 – Diamond Hall, Shantivan

Q. We have heard about Baba’s visions. At the beginning; he saw stars descending from above and adopting a divine form on the Earth. He saw the communication between deities; as if music was playing. He saw that when they walked it was as if they were dancing… Tell us Dadi, how is the communication between deities?

All of you have lived in satyug and ruled there countless times. You are now sitting at the confluence but you can also remember how everything was at that time. You have experienced that and it is inside you. There is such great happiness there that there is no name or trace of sorrow. The sparkle of happiness is revealed in the way we meet, sit and speak – in the very way we move. Everything is wonderful there and there is no need to make effort in any aspect; everything is automatic. There happiness is natural so it feels very lovely. The impact of having all attainments is revealed through the features of the people there, and so the features appear very beautiful. Here we want our faces to appear happy but there happiness shines on every face. When something good happens here, we are happy. There, it is a life of happiness – constantly. Our lives are very natural there. You were there – you had such a life… After every 5,000 years you will be there. Whatever attainments you can think of will be emerged in the life and the form of every deity.

Q. Will there be school?

The children will study at school but each lesson will be like a game. There is no burden. They don’t make effort for silence. As is the activity, so is the form. They will play, dance, sing…

There are no complications there. Everyone’s vibration is pure so there is no effort of any type. They see each other through the relationships they have i.e. a father will see his son in that relationship. According to the relationship so is the drishti. As they see each other there is love, peace, bliss in an emerged from, and so the vibration is created accordingly.

Q. In the confluence we have to think about and make effort for the soul conscious stage, will it be the same there?

There, it is the natural form of soul conscious. They have a happy nature so they don’t even need to think about happiness.

Q. Will we see a variety of sanskaras?

There will be a difference between the king and subjects. Yet, all are happy. There is the wave of all attainments everywhere, in all parts of the kingdom. The king will have the sanskaras of rulership which won’t be present in the subjects. Laxmi and Narayan will have the same level of happiness because they are both experiencing the reward of their effort. Of course, they know they are male and female – there will be a difference in their activity. Narayan will sit on the throne at the time of rulership, as the activity of ruling the kingdom takes place. They will chit chat, play, laugh… Narayan, in fact, is number one in the kingdom – he will give Laxmi duties. Yet neither is less. Each has their own duties and powers There will be a sparkle of happiness… In the status of happiness everyone is equal.

Q. When you go to the subtle region, what kind of communication happens there? How does Baba reveal things to you?

I go into trance and I see things there in the same way as you see things here. Baba talks to me rather than touches my intellect. He tells me what the message is. I tell Him something and He tells me something. It is like a movie – I understand things as if Baba is speaking to me. There is no confusion; Baba speaks and I listen. I become transformed; I become an angel when I go there so it is natural to communicate in a subtle way. One subtle being can easily understand another subtle being. If you want this experience then sit and tour the subtle region at amrit vela. Baba will pull your intellect according to your capacity! To the extent you are bodiless, to that extent you will catch…

Q. What kind of effort should we make now?

The form of being a Brahmin is higher than that of a deity as the Supreme is meeting and speaking with us. Thus, this is the highest birth. Whenever we meet each other, this gyan should remain in my intellect; who am I meeting, what kind of soul is this, what is the future of this soul? Don’t be ordinary! When you think in an ordinary way you will see weaknesses and you cannot see the angelic form of another being.

Q. From now until tomorrow evening, what should we pay attention to before Baba comes?

To be bodiless. Baba is bodiless and adopts a subtle form. We have to remain in the form of an angel. Baba is an angel and we have to become angels to experience the meeting.

The most elevated life through the cycle is the life we are living right now. We will become deities there but this is the most elevated life through the whole cycle; the soul meets the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Soul speaks to the soul. There, the connection will be only with human souls. Even in Satyug we won’t have the chance to experience relationship with the Supreme. That happens only now. The truth that we receive from Him now, cannot be received at any other time. Sometimes we fail to appreciate this. The value of Sangam is huge – each second here is worth many, many years there…

I now meet the Supreme and I am aware He is giving me knowledge. Only now can I experience the happiness of all relationships with Him. Take as much benefit as you can from Sangamyug. It is anyway a very short age. This meeting of souls and the Supreme Soul will not happen again throughout the cycle. These moments will not return in any other age. This is the huge fortune we are receiving now.

Om Shanti

Key (by Ken O’Donell)