Sangam Yug Mein Pyare Baba – Song for the Departed Soul

Singer: Suresh Wadkar
Sangam yug mei pyaare Baba ,hume aap se behad pyaar mila…(2)
Mila…..hume aap se behad pyaar mila

In the Confluence age,Oh BABA,we got unlimited Love from you (2)

Hume aap mile,ab kya chahiye,hume aap mei sansaar mila
Mila…..hume aap se behad pyaar mila

Having found you ,we discovered the whole World in you,
What else could we ask for ?! You are our greatest attainment…

Kabhie Mann mei tha, na chit mei tha,
Bhagwan hume mil jaayeinge…(2)

It was neither in our mind nor in our heart that we would find you/meet you
( In fact BABA(the almighty authority) discovered us and made us His own,with His benevolence and abounding Love….)

Vidwaan Bade, Budhimaan Bade,Sab dhoondte hi reh jaayeinge…
Hum Bhole Bhaale Bachchon ko Shiv Bholenaath kartaar mila….hume aap se behad pyaar mila…

All great Scholars and Intellectuals wouldn’t find Him(God)
But we the fortunate ones,Blessed ones… found Him and became His legitimate children( Adhikari Bachche)!
We, His innocent children got infinite love from the benevolent one…Our sweet innocent BHOLE BABA( Shiva)!

Sangam yug mei pyaare Baba….In the Confluience age,
dearest Baba…we got abounding love from you…(2)

Uphaar mila,swargik Sukh ka…(2)
Hume jeene ka Aadhaar mila;
Aanand ki Seema kahan rahi ..
Khushyon se bhara Sansaar mila…

What a Gift we attained,in the form of Heavenly BLISS,
Having found you,we got a motive/basis of our life
Our Bliss knows no bounds ,Oh venerable one….We got a life replete with unlimited Happiness..!

Ek boond pyaar ke thei pyaase (2)
Hume pyaar ka Sindhu apaar mila;
Hume aap se behad pyaar mila…mila….
Hume aap se behad pyaar mila…
Sangam yug mei pyaare Baba…………
Hume aap mile aur kya chahiye….hume aap mei sab Sansaar mila…..hume aapse behad pyaar mila…..] (2)

We were thirsty for one drop of your Love;whereas we got an Ocean of unlimited love from you BABA…
We got abounding love from you…(2)
In the confluence age Oh dear Baba,we got abounding love from you…(2)
We found you/met you ..what else could we have asked for…?! We discovered the entire World in you BABA!
We acquired unlimited love from you, Sweet Baba…
In the Confluence Age…sweetest Baba…. we attained abounding love from you…(2)
You are our greatest Attainment……